• Split 'publish' permissions into 'publish workbooks' and 'publish data sources'

    24 votes
    I have lots of users who I want to publish their workbooks, but most of them should not be publishing data sources... unfortunately, it's all or nothing at the moment.  I'd love to have two options here - allow u...
    Catherine Denmeade
    last modified by Catherine Denmeade
  • New Calculated Field Option - FIELDNAME()

    5 votes
    There are many times where I have to write complicated formulas that all do the same thing, but due to current constraints, it has to be done. For example: Updating values in a viz IF [Parameter] = 'Sales' THEN SUM([S...
    Will Perkins
    last modified by Will Perkins
  • Set Alerts Without Axis Visible

    2 votes
    When designing dashboards using best practices, we instruct our designers to remove as much digital ink as possible which includes axis labels/headers.   The idea is the end user should be able to click on the ...
    Will Perkins
    last modified by Will Perkins
  • Update Parameter value list with every refresh

    10 votes
    It would be a relief to have a parameter value list (or range) auto updated when the data refreshes. When creating a parameter of Data type string with a value list, you can now fill it with values from a field, this...
    Hugo van der Flier
    last modified by Hugo van der Flier
  • Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep with ability to write SOQL

    70 votes
    It would be helpful to add SalesForce connector to Tableau Prep. Also it will be good to provide ability to extract data using SOQL.
    Shriniwas Perle
    last modified by Shriniwas Perle
  • Ability to Subscribe to an Excel (DATA/CROSSTAB) format

    98 votes
    I know we can subscribe tableau viz, sheets, workbook at certain schedules to email. Yet, it is just like a snapshot of the viz and when you click it, it will bring you to the viz,workbook itself..   Would it be...
    Rodell Basalo
    last modified by Rodell Basalo
  • Proper string function - Proper()

    532 votes
    Hi,   It would be great if the developers can add a easily function - proper() function to capitalize the first letter of words. This is a basic function in almost all applications.   Many thanks, Minh &#...
    Minh Nguyen
    last modified by Minh Nguyen
  • Dimension Names pill (or All Fields pill)

    23 votes
    What: Provide Dimension Name Pill to be able to filter Dimensions in our report. It can behave just like a Measure Names pill. Or even better, give a new pill All Fields and this pill should be able to select/desele...
    Rahul Upadhye
    last modified by Rahul Upadhye
  • Groupings / Venn diagram

    192 votes
    A venn diagram viz type would be fantastic!   Also, if you could use the venn diagram categories (i.e. category A, category A+B, category C) available so you could use them in calculations.  This would be&#...
    Hannah Moore
    last modified by Hannah Moore
  • Odoo ERP connection

    3 votes
    Odoo  is a widely extended corporate ERP, of course is based in a huge database with tons of interesting data, it has of course it's own dashboards, but for Tableau users are very limited. To work with tableau we...
    Enrique Rivera
    last modified by Enrique Rivera
  • Improve Web page element / Action URL / Data URI / JavaScript (D3, Data URI)

    41 votes
    Hi Friends,   This idea based on experiments with Tableau, D3js and Data URI and this demo workbook Tableau Data URI D3 JavaScript. It works nice on Reader or Desktop  (on Mac OS). For Tableau Server need ...
    Yuriy Gavrilov
    last modified by Yuriy Gavrilov
  • Allow Access to Salesforce Text Area Fields

    18 votes
    Currently the Salesforce connector does not allow access to long text area fields (wich can hold text greater than 4,096 characters).  This means that certain fields, such as Chatter posts, aren't accessible in T...
    Matthew Burlew
    last modified by Matthew Burlew
  • Tableau connect to Hubspot Software CRM and Marketing

    8 votes
    it is very important connect to hubspot software for  connect and analize information.
    Bryan Medrano
    last modified by Bryan Medrano
  • Ability to join Tableau Server data sources

    978 votes
    I would love the ability to join Tableau Server Data sources.   Use case: I published a SQL view containing transaction information to Tableau and another containing account information.  Right now if I wa...
    Elan Sofer
    last modified by Elan Sofer
  • Relative Paths for Data Sources

    128 votes
    Say there is a Tableau workbook at /Users/me/myworkbook.twb, connected to a csv data source at /Users/me/mydata.csv. Currently, data sources are specified in .twb files as full paths (e.g. /Users/me/mydata.csv). This ...
    Aloysius Lim
    last modified by Aloysius Lim
  • Quantile Function

    12 votes
    A dedicated function for calculating the quantile group (quarter, decile, etc) based on a ranked measure. Similar to the SQL NTILE function. For example, NTILE(10, [Revenue], 'Desc') would provide 10 values (1-10), di...
    Andrew Valentine
    last modified by Andrew Valentine
  • Snowflake - Login using Azure AD

    39 votes
    Federated authentication enables to connect to Snowflake using secure SSO (single sign-on). With SSO enabled on Snowflake side, users authenticate through an external, SAML 2.0-compliant identity provider (IdP). E.g. ...
    Volodymyr Sorokoumov
    last modified by Volodymyr Sorokoumov
  • Allow download of summary but not underlying data

    88 votes
    Currently, to allow a user to download the aggregated/crosstabbed/otherwise summarized data I must also allow them to download the underlying data. That doesn't work, at least for educational institutions, as the unde...
    Jeff Johnson
    last modified by Jeff Johnson
  • Totals and subtotals over displayed marks instead of separate calc (aka make subtotals work like Excel)

    648 votes
    [added 2015-01-25] In Tableau 8.1 two-pass totals were added, however they don't cover all situations, they only work for regular aggregate measures coming from a single data source (primary or secondary). What remain...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Adding a freeze row, pane, or column functionality

    246 votes
    I think that a very good idea for the next version of Tableau would be to have the option to freeze a row, a pane, or a column, similar to the way it is done in excel. I would especially like this functionality to be ...
    Saken Kulkarni
    created by Saken Kulkarni