• Be able to kill a database refresh task on the Tableau Server

    643 votes
    Sometimes for a variety of reasons, a refresh database query on the server may be running for too long and there is no easy way to gracefully kill the process. If Tableau server is to truly serve as an enterprise data...
    . Tdeane
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  • Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep with ability to write SOQL

    60 votes
    It would be helpful to add SalesForce connector to Tableau Prep. Also it will be good to provide ability to extract data using SOQL.
    Shriniwas Perle
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  • OR condition in join

    14 votes
    Similar to SQL assistant I should be able to create the following join condition when I am creating a data source -   Select * from TableA A inner join TableB B on (A.fieldA = B.fieldA OR A.fieldB = B.fieldB)
    Gowtham Pavuluri
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  • TABLEAU PREP: Append / Incremental Update from Data Source

    77 votes
    Would be nice to see a feature added to Tableau Prep that allowed for an incremental update from the data source similar to what is available in Tableau Desktop.  I know this can be achieved through some clever f...
    Joshua Irish
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  • Shared DataSource Site within Tableau Server

    119 votes
    Within Tableau Server, a data source in one site can only be used by workbooks within that site. If there are multiple sites created, each needing access to the same data source, an Admin would need to place a copy of...
    Andy Piper
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  • Snowflake Data Source with OAuth should support Role selection

    8 votes
    The Snowflake data connector in Tableau does not support Role selection when using OAuth authentication even though the GUI seems to have a spot for it. Given users in Snowflake often have multiple roles it would be ...
    Ian Mathieson
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  • Replace data source for selected worksheets in a workbook

    3 votes
    Currently you can replace one data source for another data source, where it replaces the data source across every worksheet in the entire workbook that is using that original data source.   In some cases you may...
    TIm Garstin
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  • Hierarchy Filter

    533 votes
    What Allow hierarchies in single and multiple values quick filters.   Why Having options ordered by categories reduces the cognitive load for users when they choose what to filter. It also reduces the number ...
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  • Ability to join Tableau Server data sources

    937 votes
    I would love the ability to join Tableau Server Data sources.   Use case: I published a SQL view containing transaction information to Tableau and another containing account information.  Right now if I wa...
    Elan Sofer
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  • Control what displays in View Data

    1376 votes
    Users like the visualizations to find what's important and when they do they want to be able to see the record(s) to understand the issue.  The view data option works great for this, however it is filled with col...
    Darrin Schulte
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  • Easy Document Printing in Server - Enable "Set Print Area" of a Dashboard

    27 votes
    Often Tableau designers struggle to achieve two objectives - publishing an interactive, self-service dashboard, but also design it in such a way it can be easily converted/printed into a document. This is especially t...
    David Raphael
    created by David Raphael
  • Show SQL

    488 votes
    What Please let us see the Tableau generated SQL sent to the database engine, including option to copy the code, so we quickly can debug it in the source database.   Why It makes it easier to learn, debug, tu...
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  • Map - Zoom Level Selector - Needed

    12 votes
    It would be extremely helpful if Tableau had a way for users to control the map zoom level via a Zoom Level Selector.   This is needed because clicking with the magnifying glass or lasso isn't exact and there ar...
    . Tableautester
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  • Allow Incremental Refresh to Modify Rows

    355 votes
    Currently the incremental refresh adds new rows but does not alter rows that have changed since the last update. This doesn't work well for many situations where a full refresh is expensive but some of the most recent...
    Sean Mullane
    created by Sean Mullane
  • Add display-only attributes from BW

    11 votes
    Currently, BEx queries expose navigational attributes, but not display-only attributes of those navigational attributes.  It would be helpful if these attributes could also be accessed without having to go back a...
    Bruce Davidson
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  • Tableau Server needs a Search Function for data

    54 votes
    Users need to be able to not only view published data sources on Tableau Server but they need a search function that allows them to search for specific data elements across different data sources. In our world a user ...
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  • Transfer Aliases and Color Settings with Replace Data Source

    434 votes
    Replacing a data source in Tableau retains calculated fields and all that goodness, but loses some elements of the original, in particular aliased dimensions and assigned colors. I'd like Tableau to appropriately tran...
    Jonathan Drummey
    created by Jonathan Drummey
  • Cross Database Unions

    124 votes
    Expand the functionality that allows cross database joins to also allow unions within a single data source.   I would like to write custom sql against two different databases, ensuring they have matching columns...
    Jeremy Real
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  • Data blending: Support non-additive aggregates (COUNTD, MEDIAN, RAWSQLAGG_xxx) when linking dimensions are not in the view

    616 votes
    Tableau v8 added a new style of data blending (DB2) where the linking field does not have to be in the view. However, when the linking dimension is not in the view, non-additive aggregates from the secondary like COUN...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Allow export to crosstab by URL parameter

    22 votes
    Right now adding a ".csv" to the view name on Tableau Server triggers a CSV download, but this is the same as selecting "Export Data" from the context menu.   It would be really helpful if data could also be dow...
    Oliver Stock
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