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Hi Tableau Community!

Welcome to a brand new edition of the Tableau Community Digest! This week we have some excellent content for the music and data lovers out there. Music has been a huge part of my life, from playing percussion all throughout my primary schooling to continuing to dabble in music production, constantly seeing live shows and involving myself in local music festivals. I find a lot, if not all, of my spare time spent outside of the fun world of data, is lost in the world of music.


Luckily my two passions of the world of data and music actually collide quite often as seen in some of the amazing Tableau vizzes! Some of these amazing music vizzes were shared in the following blog about Data + Music!


One of the vizzes is about one of my all-time favorite bands Fleetwood Mac. This phenomenal band was highlighted in this viz(pictured to the right) by Ken Flerlage is quite a beautiful piece that shows the history of this great band. Check out the full viz on Tableau Public. Login to "Favorite" the viz.




#ThinkDataThursday is happening this week, June 27th at 8 AM PT, with the phenomenal Ken Flerlage. This #TDT we will be looking at data densification in Tableau.


Register for this webinar today: Think Data Thursday: An Introduction to Data Densification - June 27th, 8AM PT


Tableau Ambassador nominations are open! Nominate the data heroes in your life that you want to lead the Tableau Community Forums!


Check out all the details on the Tableau blog here: Nominations are now open for 2019 Tableau Ambassadors, Introducing Student Ambassadors! | Tableau Software





There are some big achievements to celebrate in the Tableau Community Forums this week. Stephen Rizzo has achieved the coveted "Help one, help all!" badge and Manoj Lobo has achieved the "Helpful is my middle name" badge! Thank you for your amazing contributions to the community forums. These are what make the community such a great place for learning and development!


If you would like to learn more about forum badges and how to earn them, check out this page: Points, Levels & Badges



Top-Voted Idea


The most popular idea in the Community Forums Ideas space this week comes from Rebecca Sundquist and was originally posted in 2012 and is about limiting the measure names presented in Tableau quick filters. Check out the idea which received 8 new votes last week, bringing the total to 403 for this feature! Keep sharing and voting for ideas that you want to see added to the Tableau products.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about thread this week comes from Community Forums member Thoa Nguyen who posted this thread first June 24th at 1:42 AM and has had a whopping 24 replies! There has been a ton of great examples shared on this thread about the Difference between Marks and Rows in Tableau.

Note: To mark a comment helpful or correct you will need to be logged in to the Community Forums.



Community Highlights


+ Zen Masters Merlijn Buit and Klaus Schulte are continuing the fun vibe brought at the Data Village at TC to the web with Data Village Online. Play an interactive multiplayer online game built with Tableau Desktop and the Extensions API. Check it out here:


+ Mentoring Meetup has Katie Wagner hosting a roundtable for anyone interested in the HR analytics space. The discussion will take place on July 16 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Grab a calendar event and save the date:


+ The Data + Women are partnering with Viz for Social Good in an upcoming event taking place this Thursday, June 27th at 18:30.

     "In this mini-hackaton, we hope to introduce you to the #VizForSocialGood project. We welcome all visualisers. Seasoned vizzers, those that are completely new to visualising data and are looking for a      meaningful way to start. We welcome any visualisation platform, whatever tool you feel comfortable using to bring a message across."

     RSVP for this event here.


+ Anya A'hearn has a new post up about the design of Tableau Mobile Dashboards. These are some truly visually appealing mobile designs and definitely, a must-read for anyone leveraging Tableau Mobile within their organization.


If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at us @tableausupport


Tweet at me personally at @Data_Diplomat_


Happy vizzing!


Patrick Byrne

Greetings Tableau Community and #DataFam,


Welcome back for another installment of the Tableau Community Digest! Big announcements today from Tableau today:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.13.32 AM.png

Please read more about the Tableau Community from our CPO Francois Ajenstat: Tableau Community, Meet Salesforce and the Trailblazers | Tableau Software

A note from Adam Selipsky: Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Tableau

See the press release here: Salesforce to Acquire Tableau




+ Release of the ODBC connection for Tableau Prep, this was Community submitted idea that has been released to the world check out the released idea here:


+ #ThinkDataThursday is coming up on June 20th! Get excited for Ken Flerlage and his first #TDT. More details to come soon!


Check out the recorded webinars at the Tableau playlist - Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube



Top-Voted Idea


With 9 votes this last week, we have our currently trending and the top-voted idea of the week, Proper string function - Proper(). This idea comes from Minh Nguyen and has received 445 votes. Our team has brought this to the attention of the Tableau Product Managers and will request they add any updates directly to the idea:


Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread this week in the Tableau Community Forums for this week's digest comes from a new user in the Tableau Community Forums charith madhuranga about filtering a view within a respected month.

Check out this amazing thread: Filter respected month value only without any aggregation


Community Highlights

+ Going to TCE? Sarah Bartlett has a brand new blog post out with her "Top Tips for Tableau Conference Europe #Data19". Check out the full blog post here: Top Tips for Tableau Conference Europe #Data19


+ Jonathan Drummey is yet again dropping some knowledge on the team with an update to a Tab Wiki document originally created by Patrick Van Der Hyde in the Tableau Community Forums going into the differences of Windows_Sum() vs Total() in Tableau. Check out the document here: TOTAL() vs WINDOW_SUM()


+ David Pires sits down with Jonathan Drummey and talks about his work in Zambia and Tableau. Check out the full interview here:


+ Come on down for a chat with the team about release with Craig Bloodworth and Jonathan MacDonald to talk about the stand out features of Tableau 2019.2! Check out the recording of the chat:


+ Chart Chat, Round 6: Two data viz experts duke it out, live (June 11) with Jeffrey Shaffer and Steve Wexler who are coming together for the battle over the good, bad, and ugly of data visualizations. Do not miss this awesome opportunity to see two titans tango in this webinar. Register today:


+ Jeffrey Shaffer also posted a new blog on mapping styles and vector maps. The amazing Allan Walker assisted with reviewing this blog post as well. This is definitely not one to sleep on!


+ With yet another amazing contribution, Jeffrey, also has released Volume 15 of Quick Tips for Tableau:


+ Do you like sports? Do you like to make vizzes? (Of course, you do!) So why not combine them both with Sports Viz Sunday? A great way to combine the power of data with the passion of sports. The most recent data set helps focus on the upcoming Women's World Cup! Check out the data set and share your creations:


+ Take a dive into 2019.2 with Bridget Cogley in the new blog about minimalist maps with Mapbox in Tableau! Check out the blog post here:


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy analyzing!



- Byrne


Stay up to date on my thoughts about data: Patrick Byrne (@Data_Diplomat_) | Twitter

Hi Tableau Community!


The Community Digest comes a day later than usual as I was unfortunately out sick yesterday, but I am back today and bringing you this jam-packed digest! First, we have our results for the firs Iron Viz global qualifier, the Iron Viz 2019 Agriculture Results! The winner is Joshua Smith who really went deep into the analysis of farmland in the United States. My father's family is originally from a small town in South Dakota, which besides being the home to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, is mostly a flat farming state. It made this Iron Viz


Dashboard 1 (2).pngThe viz created by Josh is extensive, to say the least, but one of the most interesting pieces is showing the land that is used for both pasture and crops(pictured to the right). Having some knowledge of the area from my family I definitely knew that there was a lot of double use of the land in South Dakota which this data confirmed this theory. Nothing better than confirming long-held thoughts or theories with data! Have you ever confirmed a theory or thought of yours using data?




+ Ever wanted to be apart of how Tableau's internationalization team is making the product better? Creating a more accessible Tableau product suite for all Tableau users across the globe no matter their locale or language. Join the conversation on product internationalization in the community here. Meet the team that helps monitor the space: Karla Wagner, Miyuki Bishop, and Carmen Hernando are all active members and helped start this space!


+ Our Tableau Senior Product Manager Harveen Kathuria is still looking for your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take her survey: Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations


Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week is from Stephen Smirl. Originally posted in 2012: 'IN' Operator equivalent has received 10 votes in the last week and 739 total votes showing support of this feature to be added to Tableau! As mentioned in the idea itself, the new edition of the 'Set Actions' feature does resolve a few use cases of the 'IN' Operator equivalent. Click for more information on Set Actions.


Thank you to all those who have voted for this idea! Please continue to share and encourage others to vote to show support for this feature.



* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread

The most talked about thread this week already has 12 replies, several coming from Joe Oppelt and being marked helpful by the poster.  In Shafi Hadimani's they asked the following(quoted below): * Link to the original post found here.


Hello All,

   I have a data set in which there  is a list of trainings which the engineers have to do.

All, the engineers have not done all the trainings. For example, if there are 10 trainings then Engineer A has done only 3 and Engineer B has done 6.

I would like to know which are the 7 trainings which Engineer A has not done, similarly the 4 trainings which has not be done by Engineer B.

Attached is the excel sheet

Welcome to the Tableau Community Forum, Shafi and as always, thank you, Joe, for being so helpful!


Community Highlights

+ Tableau Zen Master Ken Flerlage has a new blog post out An Introduction to Data Densification. This a great way to get your feet wet in data densification which can be, you guessed it, a fairly dense subject.


+ Zen Master Anya A'hearn shared there is an upcoming SF TUG featuring the IBM Weather Company! Register today to save a virtual seat for yourself or your team. Do you have an internal group of people working with Tableau? Book a conference room and watch the webinar together!


+ Zen Master Klaus Schulte posted a new blog about creating Step Area Charts in Tableau that is definitely one that you will want to read. Check out the post here:


+ When are two maps better than one? Found out, with this fresh blog post from Zen Master Neil Richards about tile maps.


+ Zen MasterJeffrey Shaffer has a couple of new blogs for us this week, Sankey Diagrams: Why I Used the Sigmoid Function and Why You Probably Shouldn’t and Mapping Paths in Tableau 2019.2. Starring on the Datasaurus Rex podcast, Jeffrey Shaffer, also talks about the contributions made to Sankey diagrams he has made and their history within Tableau.

Note: 2019.2 is still in Beta and available through the Tableau Pre-Release program.


There is always a ton to share or highlight, it can be hard to capture it all! If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at us @tableausupport


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


Patrick Byrne

Twitter: @Data_Diplomat_

Hi Tableau Community!


We have another week of an amazing digest with some phenomenal content from the Tableau Community. I decided that I wanted to share a viz that shows you how to create a highly requested chart type, Create a Hub & Spoke Diagram, which can be used to show many different types of data. The most common and data that interests me due to my love of traveling, is flight data! Create a hub and spoke diagram of your own with the embedded example video created by Andy Kriebel within the Tableau Public viz. Check the full viz here.


If you use this viz and video to make your own hub and spoke, upload it to Tableau Public and share it as a comment to this digest. I want to see what data everyone dives into using this chart type.





+ Our team has a new video that will guide you through the updated process for a Tableau Server 2018.1 or earlier to a TSM version of Tableau Server. Definitely watch this before upgrading Tableau Server! Full video can be found here: Video: Upgrading from Tableau Server 2018.1 or earlier


+ Ewald Hofman, Tableau Product Manager, wants your feedback on the following Tableau Community Idea: "'Excel Like' Sorting". Ewald is looking for some screenshots and examples of your use cases.


+ Our customer speaker applications are open for Tableau Conference 2019!
Here's why you should apply to speak at #data19: Applications are open! Why you should apply today to speak at TC19


+ Don't miss out on your chance to join #data19 in Berlin at a discounted rate. Register today! TC Europe Tickets.


+ Check out the 2019.2 beta before it is too late! Vector maps, parameter actions, new Ask Data functionalist and more! Check out the blog with all the exciting details from Tableau Product Marketing Specialist Emily Chen here: Now in beta: Vector maps, parameter actions, and new Ask Data functionality | Tableau Software .


Top-Voted Idea


This week our top-voted idea is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field which was posted by Russell Lamb and has received 7 votes over the last week. Bringing the total for the Community Forums Idea to 779 total votes! There are no current updates for the idea, but please show your support for the feature by sharing, up-voting and adding additional comments!


*To participate with a vote, or comment on the idea you will need to log in with your Tableau Community Forums account.


Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about tread comes from Dheeraj I who posted April 4th was quickly engaged by Naveen B who was able to provide an outside the box solution leveraging the Contains() function in Tableau Desktop. The initial suggestion that Naveen had was to leverage REGEXP (Regular Expressions) within Tableau, but this was not able to be accomplished due to the data types in use. Thanks for the awesome assistance Naveen and thanks for posting in the Community Dheerja!


As we will continue to share, in the Tableau Forums, we frequently request those who post questions to attach a packaged workbook. This document is to help you understand when a packaged workbook helps, why we ask for it, and how to include one: Packaged workbooks: when, why, how . Please bookmark this resource!

Community Highlights



+ The Tableau Mobile deployment with Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune guide is a great resource for users attempting to manage the Tableau Mobile deployments. Check the guide out from Rahul Motwani found here.


+ Why Do Bar Charts Work? and Interesting Bar Chart Variations you and Could Be Using! The phenomenal Eva Murray has two amazing articles in Forbes about bar charts. Explore the reasoning behind why these charts are successful in conveying your point with data. Then take a turn to the design of your charts by checking the interesting variations of bar charts that are out there.


+ Explore the thought behind beauty within a viz through in the newest blog post from Bridget Cogley. Check the new blog post as well as the rest of Bridget's awesome blog here.


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at or Tweet at me @Data_Diplomat


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


Hi #DataFam,


This week I wanted to share a viz created by David Velleca about the rise and fall (based on dollars of revenue) of the various formats that we consume music in. Starting back with 8-track and vinyl back in 1973 and taking us to modern day with streaming services and other platforms. One interesting takeaway and something that helps support my theory about vinyl regaining popularity increasing over the last decade is how the sales revenue of vinyl declined all the way through 2007 until 2008 when it began its climb back up! Having collected vinyl all my life I had noticed a trend in its popularity but it is something I have neglected to prove with data. But luckily David has done it for me!


Check out the viz below and the rest of David's awesome gallery on Tableau Public: Tableau Public | David Velleca




+ Our Think Data Thursday with long-time Tableau Forum Ambassador Joe Oppelt took place last week! Joe discussed how to utilize sheet swapping to make your dashboards pop! Check out this link in the forum for details Think Data Thursday: How to utilize Sheet Swapping to make your Dashboards Pop - March 14, 2019 A recording of the webinar will be uploaded to our playlist here: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


+ Tableau Conference 2019 site is up! Check out the site and get excited for the biggest #DataFam party out there. It will be my 4th year attending the conference, and each year is bigger than the last! There is no other event out there quite like Tableau Conference. It is part music festival and part business conference. Where you can get down with a Tableau training, talk or workshop and then get down on the dance floor with some awesome artists at the Data Night Out! Check out the site: Share your conference journey or excitement with the hashtag #Data19!


+ 2019.2 is in beta! Vector maps, parameter actions, new Ask Data functionalist and more! Check out the blog with all the exciting details from Tableau Product Marketing Specialist Emily Chen here: Now in beta: Vector maps, parameter actions, and new Ask Data functionality | Tableau Software.


We’re working hard to get Tableau 2019.2 out the door, but we need your input first! We invite you to give us feedback so we can identify any issues and ensure the highest quality for these new features. Features included in beta and in the final version of Tableau 2019.2 may change over time as we complete beta testing. Join the Tableau pre-release community today! Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software



Most Talked About Thread

+ Our most talked about thread this week had 18 replies has a solution posted! Jon rios asked for some assistance on the use of KPI labels in Tableau, KPI labels for colors only shows 1 option, we have several replies from our phenomenal Tableau Community Forums members and some potential solutions shared by Robert Breen. Thanks for helping out your #DataFam Robert and thank you for posting in the Community Forums Jon!


Remember to mark replies has helpful, or correct if they help resolve the issue or answer your discussion question. It is a great way to say thanks for their contributions to our amazing Community Forums. Also, don't forget a workbook when you are posting! Users who post questions to attach a packaged workbook. This document is to help you understand when a packaged workbook helps, why we ask for it, and how to include one: Packaged workbooks: when, why, how. Definitely bookmark this resource!

Top Voted Idea


+ The top voted idea this week is Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users, created in 2016 and has 395 votes! The idea was created with the thought of being able to evaluate user permissions throughout an organization. Do you like the idea? Sign into the Tableau Community and up-vote it to show support! Don't forget to share the idea with other #DataFam who would also love this feature.


Join the conversation and share your ideas with the Tableau Community.


Community Highlights



+ Ken Flerlage, Tableau Zen Master, has a new blog post up about teaching you how to make radar charts in Tableau! Ken is a true Tableau Viz Wiz and has tons of awesome posts on his blog. Check out the latest about Radar Charts here:


+ Want some reasons to enter the Iron Viz competition? Check out the new blog post by Sarah Bartlett on her blog Sarah Loves Data and check out some of her other amazing posts. Share your reasons for entering Iron Viz in the comments!

+ New episode of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast is up! This episode is featuring Chantilly Jaggenauth a Tableau Zen Master! Listen to her talk about how she first started with Tableau and the amazing #MAD program. More information on MAD can be found here: Millennials and Data | Program Benefits  Listen here: The Tableau Wannabe Podcast: 192 - Chantilly Jaggernauth


+ The #LondonTUG has a new blog post up highlighting some amazing things from their last meeting. Watch the presentation by Mark Jewett, head of Product Marketing at Tableau.


+ Lorna Eden 's #WorkOutWednesday's challenge to add a custom sort control spired a new blog post from Klaus Schulte showing how he created his custom sort control. Check out the awesome blog from Klaus here: Custom Sort Controls in Tableau!


+ Don't miss your chance to respond! Courtney Jacobson on Tableau's Customer Solutions team has shared a poll in the forums to help improve and evolve the certification program. This survey is limited to those who have already completed their Tableau Desktop Qualifies Associate exam. If that is you - we would love to head from you. Please contribute here: Planning to level up? If you are new to Tableau or you would like to learn more about our certification exams you can read all about the process, the exams, take training, and register for your exams here: Certification | Tableau Software


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy prepping, vizzing, analyzing, and discovering!


Patrick Byrne


Follow my thoughts on data at @Data_Diplomat_

Hello Tableau Community and #DataFam!


Welcome to another amazing week in the Tableau Community! This is such a vibrant and diverse community that it is truly a pleasure to be a part of and I love to see the continuous development and improvement. Recently, two of my loves combined, Tableau and my love for the one ring to rule them all! I am talking about the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) of course. This was one of the few books I read completely through that was not either mandated by schooling or was not focused on historical events or self-development. I rarely get engrossed by a fantasy book, But LOTR was a different story and kept me engaged the entire time. So what does this have to do with Tableau? Well, in my recent professed love of LOTR over Twitter, I was shared a couple awesome vizzes that I knew I needed to include them in my Tableau Community Digest. From James Smith, better known in the Twitter-verse as @sportschord shared the "The Lord of the Rings Story Line" viz. Another great LOTR viz is the takes a different route through vizzing middle earth and our favorite trio of hobbits. Creating what Ken Flerlage calls the Middle Earth Facebook. Both amazing vizzes! Check them out below:







Top-Voted Idea


An old one, but a good one, the top voted Community idea this week is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. This is to allow users to format their text used inside a calculated field in Tabeau. An example of this would allow users to modify the given format of a view depending on a parameter selection.


Your votes and comments are welcome on all Ideas so be sure to visit Ideas. Want more votes for your idea? Promote internally within your company to other Tableau Users. They will need to sign in or sign up to the Tableau  Community Forums.


Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread comes from EKENE ODIGBOH about Urgent Not actually, this was merely a title as Ekene needed some quick assistance on reproducing a heat map. The Community Forums was quick to help to provide examples of the desired heatmap using the packaged workbook attached in the original post. Don Wise was very helpful working through some iterations with Ekene, helping provide an understanding and achieve the desired results.


Have you helped out in the Tableau Community Forums? Check out the Tableau Crow's Nest for unanswered posts in the Community Forums: Crow's Nest



Community Highlights


+ Tableau Ambassador Mark Bradbourne has an amazing new blog out that looks at how sometimes we need to take a step back and bust out the old fashioned pen and paper. Check it out here.


+ Next level storytelling with the Tableau Extensions API written by Zen Master Merlijn Buit has just been released! Definitely, do not want to miss out on this amazing blog found here.


+ Pablo Gomez, a Tableau Ambassador, has a new webinar out for our Spanish speaking Tableau enthusiasts and aspiring data rockstars! The webinar can be found here.


+ Our Think Data Thursday occurred last Thursday! Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley gave an amazing talk about dashboard designing for your end user! Check out the #ThinkDataThursday playlist on YouTube with the latest Think Data Thursday from Bridget and all past #TDTs!


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy analyzing!



- Byrne


Stay up to date on my thoughts about data: Patrick Byrne (@Data_Diplomat_) | Twitter

Greetings Tableau Community and #DataFam,


Welcome back for another installment of the Tableau Community Digest! The Tableau Community is consistently coming up with awesome new vizzes, creative courses, and engaging webinars. Let us take a look at some of the great things that we have to offer across the Tableau Community this week!


First, I would love to highlight the below viz shared to the Tableau Community via Twitter by James Smith. (@sportschord). It is first and foremost a quite beautiful viz, next, James did something we can all take note of. This is an iteration of a viz James already created! This is an excellent way to start the task of trying a new chart type. This allows you to work with familiar data, with familiar results, allowing you to truly invest all your energy in the design!




+ Steve Wexler held the first #ThinkDataThursday of the year last week. For more information and to register, check out this link: Data Art, Infographics, and Business Dashboards: What You Can Show vs. What You Should Show | Tableau Software

Check out the recorded webinar at the Tableau YouTube Channel - Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


+ There is still time to get in on the 2019.1 in beta, available now at our pre-release site Tell us what you think about Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. Lots of amazing new features to check out and prepare for.  Download today.


Top-Voted Idea

This week, we have a popular idea coming to the top of the charts again, we have the ability to change or replace data sources on a worksheet specific basis and not the entire workbook. For those with large workbooks and many sheets. I could see this being a very useful feature of Tableau! Do you think so as well? VOTE for the idea:


Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread that we have in the Tableau Community for this week's digest comes from a new user in the Tableau Community Forums Sonam Jha about creating a view with a single date filtering across 2 measures.

Check out this amazing thread and the process undertaken to achieve the desired result: 2 different measure cal using single date filter for Side by Side Bar graph


Community Highlights

+ Have you checked out the new Mentoring Meetup site? This site aims to connect mentors with mentees for expanding their Tableau skills. Monday, February 4th, at 10 am Eastern. Please note the timezone for this event and register below!

Registration and event details found:


+ There is an upcoming event with some true Tableau Titans, Zen Masters Jeffrey Shaffer, and Steve Wexler delve into what is happening in the data visualization world.

"Watch as best-selling authors Jeffrey Shaffer and Steve Wexler debate the good, the bad, and the “screaming cats” of data visualization." Register for Chart Talk today: Chart Chat: Two data viz experts duke it out, live (February 19) Tickets, Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite Hey! That is a great date! (The 19th is my birthday )


+ New blog post from @Adam E McCann (@adamemccann) about Dueling Data: 5 Types of Dashboards. Understanding how and when to visualize data can be difficult. One thing that is needed is not only a good chart type, to convey your message, but what will the whole visualization look like? Check out the 5 types of dashboards as broken down by Adam Crahen.


+ Webinar: New Year-New Topics hosted by Zen Masters Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan in this webinar the "Audience" decide the topics. Join this fun interactive webinar occurring on Wednesday, January 30th, 12-1 CDT Webinar: New Year-New Topics


+ Zen Master Ann Jackson and Social Media Ambassador Sarah Bartlett have teamed up this year to share a data postcard each week!  It is never to late to get started! Join them Week 2 and begin your journey - Dear Data 2019 – Week 2, Transportation – Jackson Two and here:


+ Tableau Zen Master Eva Murray has a new blog on Forbes about the power of a using a viz to really drive home your points. Find the post here: How Data Visualization Supports Communication


+ Tableau Ambassador, Rosario Gauna, has a new blog about using #SetActions in Tableau to create a hierarchical drill down. Check out the great blog here:


+ Speaking of Think Data Thursday's - Zen Master Steve Wexler is presenting this Thursday (see above under highlights) but he also has a new blog post about why a chart that is "good enough" is in fact "good enough". Read more here:


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy analyzing!



- Byrne


Stay up to date on my thoughts about data: Patrick Byrne (@Data_Diplomat_) | Twitter

Hello Tableau Community,


Image result for happy new year seattle

Wow! What a year it has been in the Tableau Community Forums! It is hard to believe this will be the last digest of 2018. This year was full of amazing vizzes, learning of Tableau, and teamwork to create some amazing projects across the globe. Our Zen Master's have continued to push the envelope of what is possible with the Tableau Ambassadors continuing to engage and inspire our global community. I am beyond excited to see what the new year has to bring and all the amazing vizzes that are to come!


Check out the Tableau Public blog post on the 2018 #VizInReview. It takes a look at vizzes that were shared throughout 2019! 2018 #VizInReview: The year in Viz of the Days | Tableau Public


What is your resolution for Tableau in the new year? Get a Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server certification? Attend #TC19 in Las Vegas? Attend a Tableau User Group meetup? Start participating in #MakeOverMonday or #WorkoutWednesday? Maybe get sporty with a #SportsVizSunday? Strive to become an ambassador or Zen Master for Tableau?


Share your Tableau Resolution with the Tableau Community!





+  It's that time of year where we open the door to new Zen Master nominations for 2019.  Want to learn more about what it takes to be a Zen Master or have someone to nominate?  Nominations will remain open until January 11th at 10 PM PST.  Want to learn more?  Please check out this post by our own Amanda BoyleWho should be in the next class of Tableau Zen Masters? | Tableau Software


Most Talked about Thread


The most viewed and talked about thread this week was a posted by Daniel Lawrence on Dashboard Formatting Conundrums regarding moving an axis to the top of the viz vs. the bottom . The question was promptly answered by ShivaRam Chennapragada who was able to provide a workaround for Daniel. ShivaRam also provided the proper idea from the Tableau Community Forums Idea space that asks for better support for this type of formatting. The idea can be found here if you would like to vote it up:


+ Packaged workbooks: when, why, how and Resolving Issues in the Tableau Community . Join the conversation on this thread and let us know if these resources are helpful - or if there are any more we should highlight.


Top-Voted Idea

The top voted idea in the forums is being held down by our most frequent top voted idea of all 2018: Control what displays in View Data. Thank you to everyone who commented and voted on this idea this year! Our development team is very much aware of the engagement - and appreciates all the thoughtful feedback and suggestions. If you want to share more thoughts, or create an idea of your own please visit the Ideas Forum!


      * You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


+ Quick tip: Many individuals new to the Tableau forums might miss this great resource: Getting Started in the Forums . Check out our 'Required Reading' section first and let us know if you have any further questions.


Community Highlights


Check out the hashtag #VizInReview on Twitter for some awesome insights into the vizzes created over 2018! Check out your own Tableau Public profile using the following Viz!  #VizInReview |Tableau Public


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at


Have a happy and safe New Year of prepping, vizzing and analyzing!


Byrne, Patrick

Follow me on Twitter: @Data_Diplomat_

Control what displays in View Data.

Hello Tableau Community,


State of Unions 2.png

Welcome to an exciting week in all things Tableau! This week we have Joshua Milligan ((@VizPainter) | Twitter ) presenting State of the Unions 2! A phenomenal webinar that will be hosted by yours truly this Thursday December 6th at 8 AM PT. Do not miss out on the last #ThinkDataThursday of the year! Did you miss the first State of the Unions? Check out the video on our YouTube playlist for all prior Think Data Thursday webinars. States of the Unions: Think Data Thursday: State of the Unions - YouTube


Register today to save the date and your seat: Think Data Thursday - State of the Unions 2! With Joshua Milligan December 6, 2018 - 8AM PT




+ Singapore's next generation of data talent is getting ready with Tableau. David Murphy is worked with future Data Rockstars, presenting, and demonstrating how you can  gain new insights into your data.


+ There is no better way to learn than by doing! The #MakeOverMonday challenge is a great way to get your hands dirty, well mouse, and start gaining experience building vizzes. They have a great system of feedback that can be received on the vizzes that you create. Join the conversation on Twitter. Continuing to grow and expand this awesome program, Eva Murray has a updated a section of the blog that contains the schedule for upcoming webinars. Register today to save your seat!


+ To help our Spanish speaking Data Rockstars we have a brand new blog written by our Tableau Ambassador Pablo Gomez has new blog up about Tableau Public in Spanish.

Read and share it with all your Spanish speaking friends: Puede Tableau Public ayudarte a conseguir tu nuevo trabajo? (Spanish) | POINTS OF VIZ


Most Talked about Thread


This week most talked about thread comes from a new user, Agil Visaakan , who posted Null values in text table. This post was made on November 27th and had Soham Wadekar engaging with some suggested solutions within minutes of it being posted!


When asking for help in the forums include a detailed description of the unexpected behavior that is occurring. Please review our amazing document on why to include a packaged workbook Packaged workbooks: when, why, how.


Got sensitive data? Anonymize the data for sharing in the Tableau Community Forums with this additional document from the Tableau Community team. Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


Top Voted Idea

Back again! The Most Voted Ideas from the previous week we have Control what displays in View Data from 2012 we are now up to 1222 votes on this idea! Join the voters today by signing into your Tableau Community Forums account and up-voting all the things that you want to see in the Tableau products.


When creating a new idea in the Tableau Community do not forget to up-vote it after creation for it does not automatically add your vote to ideas that you create. The Ideas space is what our Tableau Product Managers use to create road maps for future releases.


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Community Forum Highlights


Got some excellent members of the Tableau Community Forums that deserve to be highlighted this week!


+Amit Narkar achieved the coveted Help one, help all! badge for having 100+ replies marked as helpful by other users in the Forums.


+ Achieving the Helpful is my middle name badge, Paul Wachtler, has assisted hundreds of users and received 50+ replies for his contributions to the Tableau Community. But Paul is not stopping there! He also was awarded the Questions for Breakfast! badge for having 25+ questions marked as correct answers in the Tableau Community Forums. 


Thank you for all the contributions to the Tableau Community Forums! They are what makes this such a special place to lean and grow your Tableau knowledge.


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Byrne, Patrick

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Hello Tableau Community my #DataFam,


Satoshi Ganeko created this amazing viz which allows you to draw a spirograph in Tableau. It is amazing to see how Tableau users continue to innovate and push the limits of a viz. Not only in the amazing data analysis and story telling done with the product. But the literal art that is now being created. Do you have a favorite piece of Tableau art? Comment on it below! We want to see what people are creating!


Want to learn how to make a similar visualization? Check out this blog from Ryan Rowland: Spirographs in Tableau: Parametric Equations | Ryan K Rowland























Some amazing new blogs from the Tableau Community:


     +  Zen Master Pooja Gandhi wrote a new blog on Embed a Gateway Dashboard on Salesforce

     +  Tableau Public Ambassador ryan.sleeper has new blog: How to Use Tableau’s Parameter Actions Extension to Change Date Parts

     +  SQL for Tableau Part 5 is out! Written by Robert Crocker and featured on Tableau Zen Master Ken Flerlage's blog.

     +  Paul Banoub has a recent blog about the use of Tableau Extensions.


Think Data Thursday #thinkdatathursday


     +  Think Data Thursday with Joshua Milligan is coming! Joshua will be presenting a part 2 to his Think Data Thursday: State of the Unions presented a while back. Stay tuned for           more information.

     +  Check out all the past Think Data Thursdays on the playlist: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube



Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread in the forums this week was Exclude   posted on November 9th  by Shaquelle Jacobs. Shaquelle is wanting assistance on how to exclude a portion of data when nulls exist in the data set. Maneesh Gaddam has been assisting with the inquiry and to reach a usable state. They are still working on tackling the issue at hand, if you have any thoughts on how to help, feel free to join the discussion!



Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea title this week goes to . This idea was created by kettan and relates to having hierarchies within quick filters. Kettan even provides screen-shots to demonstrate what exactly is the intention of the idea. If you think hierarchies should be displayed in quick filters this way, upvote the idea!


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Community Highlights

Shout out to the below individuals for their contributions to the Tableau Community:


Jen Shepherd and Ombir Rathee both achieved the I love helping! badge for having 25 replies marked helpful in the Tableau Community Forums.


Achieving the Helpful is my middle name badge this week is Sasha Hanna for having 50 replies marked as helpful!


Last, but certainly not least, achieving the Help one, help all! badge is ShivaRam Chennapragada for having 100 replies, yes 100 replies, marked helpful!


You all are data rockstars. Have a great week.



Hello Tableau Community,


Tableau Conference is in full swing. Thousands of Tabloids are gathering together to talk data! For those that could not attend Tableau Conference in-person? Check out Tableau Live! Register to see the Tableau Conference keynotes and a curated list of sesssions.



Register now and watch now!



Want to follow the conversation and all the buzz around #TC18? Follow the Tableau Public viz below to watch how the #TC18 is used around the world! See the tops users that are Tweeting with #TC18! Do you recognize any of those names? Do you want to contribute to this viz? Tweet #TC18 and share your awesome experience with the world!




+ David Pires has an awesome new podcast on #TC18. Check it out on the interworks site:


+ Definitely check out TC Live! (linked above)


+ Think Data Thursday will be starting again soon! Check out all the past Think Data Thursdays on the playlist: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread in the forums this week was Calculated Field Not Working Properly  posted on October 21st by Kashish Bhola. Mahfooj Khan was able to provide some information anda correct answer to the question about the calculated fied.


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea this week is to This idea was created by Russell Lamb and the idea has now being tracked by our Internationalization Development team. Karla Wagner is one of the members heading up the new Internationalization space!


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Community Highlights

Shout out to the below individuals for their contributions to the Tableau Community:


+ Mavis Liu has been awarded the Answer Wizard badge for having 100 replies marked as Correct by other members of the Community Forums.


+ The Help one, help all! badge was achieved by Don Wise for having a 100 replies marked as Hepful!


+ Achieving the Helpful is my middle name for having 50 replies marked as Helpful we have Suraj Kumar!


Are you in New Orleans? Come say hi at the Tableau Community booth in the Data Village and meet the authors of the Community digest. Patrick Van Der Hyde, Amanda Boyle and myself (Patrick Byrne)



Byrne, Patrick

Hello Tableau Community,


Welcome to the Community Digest!


If you have read my past digests you might have noticed that I love music, especially music Vizzes! This week I have seen a ton of amazing music inspired creations shared on Twitter and Tableau Public. My musical tastes vary widely from the Beatles to metal bands to well... I could list genres until my fingers fall off. I love all types, and forms of music. Although the way we consume, share, and buy music has greatly changed over the years; from Napster and Lime Wire to having every song at your fingertips (albeit with an internet connection). One thing that has persisted throughout the years is visual art in music. The creation of album art work, clothing, and posters for shows all have stood the test of time and continue to be staples of any band, DJ or performance group. This week I am featuring a blog by Bridget Cogley that analyzes the work of one of the greats from this part of the music industry, Paula Scher, and how her design process aligns with that of a Viz author's process.


Inspired to visualize music now? Neil Richards is here to help with his blog on How do we visualize music? That takes the Iron Viz theme of "water" a different route than most. Neil explored Handel's Water Music. This is an amazing blog with some very artistic and beautfiul Vizzes that analyze this amazing music. Want to know the greatest of all time (GOAT) of the music industry? Check out this Viz: G.O.A.T Music | Tableau Public




+ Tableau is excited to announce Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune for Tableau Mobile using the AppConfig approach. Check the blog post from Rahul Motwani found here.


+ The 2018 Vizzies awards are here! As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to recognize the awesomeness of the Tableau community, beyond those who have been recognized by Tableau as Zen Masters. So without further ado, we present the 4th Annual Vizzies. We also have a new category for this year; Favorite Viz of the Year. This is you favorite among favorites. Perhaps it's informative and beautifully designed or resonated with you because of the story it told. Provide the link to the visualization and we'll award someone with the Favorite Viz of the Year. Nominations are open through September 30th, please submit award nominations here.


+  In addition, on October 6th, the Tableau Licensing Server utilized during the activation, deactivation, and renewal process of Tableau products will be moving to a new data center.  If you rely on custom configurations of your proxy server or firewall, please verify they utilize a configuration that will not be impacted by this move.  Learn more here: Important: Tableau Licensing Server is Moving


+ The Tableau Self Service team would like to hear from you about improving the landing experience for Tableau Server and Tableau Online.  #HelpUsHelpYou by visiting their online survey and answering a few questions.




Congratulations to Maneesh Gaddam for achieving his I love helping! badge. Which is awarded for having 25 questions marked as helpful by other users! Thank you Maneesh Gaddam for your contributions. If you receive help in the forums remember to mark answers helpful, or correct to give credit to contributors and those assisting in the forums.


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread this week was posted by Manuel Ramos and is about a calculation error being experienced in Tableau Desktop. Expected type string, found integer.  Comparison in 'CASE' expression must be string type. The answer was provided by just under an hour after being posted to the Tableau Community Forums by Anisha Jhamb, thank you for supplying a quick response Anisha!


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea for this week's digest which was originally created by Ketta n is Hierarchy Filter which is the ability of having mulitple value selection filters carry over their hierarchy structure from the data into the filter. (i.e. products would be broken down by their category etc...)




+ The first Tableau User Group is coming to Lisbon! David Pires and Nisa are helping start off the first ever TUG in Lisbon, do not miss this awesome chance to be on the ground floor, Tableau User Group - Lisboa Tickets, Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite


+ Ken Flerlage released the Part 2 of his blog series on SQL for Tableau. This blog post foucuses on combining data with SQL for analysis with Tableau. Do not miss this blog post SQL for Tableau Part 2: Combining Data - Ken Flerlage: Analytics Architecture, Strategy, & Visualization. Did you miss out on Part 1? Check it out now SQL for Tableau Part 1: The Basics - Ken Flerlage: Analytics Architecture, Strategy, & Visualization


+ If you have not seen it, check out the article from Marie at the Medium about her experiences with Iron Viz in Europe and Makeover Monday.  We encourage you to check out this great article here.


+ Recently Tableau released a brand new API, Tableau Extensions, many were excited to sink their teeth into this brand new and shiny tool. Toan Hoang has been experimenting with the Extensions API ever since it got added to our pre-release. To assist users with this new tool Toan has begun writing a 4 part series for creating a Tableau Extension. Creating a Tableau Extension / Part One - Tableau Magic


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley has published part 2 of her data ethics series article here:


+ There is still time to contribute to the conversation.   In advance of Lorna Eden & Sarah Bartlett's TC18 talk "The A-Z of the Tableau Community", they are asking for input from Tableau Community members on what the community means to you & how you first got involved. Link to survey: Tableau Community Survey.  Please consider taking part and sharing your thoughts.


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, Vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at


Happy Vizzing, posting, learning and Tweeting!




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Hello Tableau Community


Are you ready for Tableau Conference? It is one of my favorite events of the year where a thousands of data nerds, enthuasiasist and rockstars get together to discuss the latest in Tableau! As many are planning to stay in New Orleans for Tableau Conference 2018, some will be using the opportunity to stay a little extra time in the Big Easy and relax after the week of learning and networking. After staying in a hotel for a few days it is quite nice to change up their scenery and check into a cozy AirBnB. Possibly in the French Quarter or  Lakewood neighborhoods? Reed Boyden has put together this amazing Viz that has a ton of great information on all the different pricing in the various neighborhoods in New Orleans. Check it out below:


Do you have your ticket to Tableau Conference yet? Do not miss out on this chance to join thousands of data rockstars in this great city! Get your tickets now.





+ We are very excited to announce a new member of our Support Programs' Community and Social team, Ciara Brennan! Recently joining the team you should see her answering posts and assiting in the Community Forums. Here is a little about Ciara from her...


Bootcamp photobooth_1.jpg

My name is Ciara Brennan, and I started in Tableau at the end of July as a Program Manager for the Community. Previously I worked in Hewlett Packard in a variety of roles from Failure Analysis to Engineering to Customer Insights & Analytics. My initial background is in Chemistry, and then later, Technology Management. Earlier this year I completed a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, which I loved as I’m particularly interested in customer support through online and social.I started using Tableau when I was a Program Manager in HP, and I loved how with just a few dashboards it could really bring to life the key customer insights I wanted to articulate from my datasets.


I live in Leixlip, which is only 12 miles or so from Dublin (for any pop quiz fans out there, Leixlip is the original home of Guinness!). I’d love to say I’m super sporty running 5K’s and hiking mountains, but I’m more of a gym twice a week type of person! I enjoy gardening, interior design and cooking (having said that though I probably enjoy eating out more given some of the results I’ve had from following along with Jamie Oliver recipes!!)

I’m excited to be part of the Tableau team and I really look forward to getting involved in the Community.


Feel free to get in touch to say hi!


- Ciara




+ Our very own Community Ambassador, Simon Runc, will be presenting at our next Think Data Thursday about Actions, one of the most powerful  features in Tableau.  Learn more and register here: Think Data Thursday - Lights, Camera...Action! with Simon Runc - September 6, 2018 - 8 AM PDT


Speaking of #makeovermonday, Andy and Eva will be running a Tableau careers webinar series starting September 6th.  This series starts off with a webinar about how Tableau Conference can be used as a career springboard.  There will be 6 weekly webinars with two presenters each, talking about their Tableau jobs, what they love about their work, how they got there and what they recommend to the audience from their own experiences.  Check this out here - Webinars | Makeover Monday


+ Has your local Tablaeu User Group participated in the Tableau Viz Games? This year we challenge our user groups to build a Viz that showcases the magic of New Orleans. Contact your local user group to participate and make sure to get the entry in by September 28th at 3PM PT! Find out more about the Viz Gamse here.




This week we would like to recognize three shining stars of the Tableau Community for their contributions. Andrew Bickert achieved the "Helpful is my middle name" badge for having 50 of his answers marked as helpful by other Communtiy Forums users. Both Ankit Bansal and Srinidhi Narayan both achieved "Questions for Breakfast!" badge for having 25 questions marked as Correct! Thank you all for your amazing contributions!


Most Talked about Thread


Carolina de Mello e Souza is a user experience designer at Tableau and took the "Most Talked about Thread" title by storm this week. Asking for feedback on the way customers are using dashboard containers in workbooks. There is some amazing back and forth that can give somwe insight into the future of dashboard containers. Read up on thread and add your comments!


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea this week in the Tableau Community Forums Ideas space. The idea is an old one that the development is taking very seriously, Control what displays in View Data, the team is still working on this. The idaea was submitted on February 22nd, 2012 and has been our top voted idea for several weeks.


Community Highlights


+ Rodrigo Calloni recently released a guide for Tableau in Portuguese! Share with your counterparts in your Brazillian office so they can leverage the power of Tableau. Check out the new guide here.


+ David Turley created this amazing new blog post on Interworks about Transforming Data in Tableau Prep, do not miss this awesome post. Another amazing post from Interworks comes from Robert Rouse about Making a Packed Circle Grid in Tableau


+ A new Interworks blog on Making a Packed Circle Grid in Tableau was written by Robert Rouse.


That is all I have for this week folks! Do you have ideas, Vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at


Happy posting!


Byrne, Patrick


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Hi Tableau Community,


Welcome to the Community Digest for the week of August 6th!


This upcoming week(8/8-8/15) I will be attending a music festival, Shambhala Music Festival, on a farm on the east side of British Columbia, Canada. Music is one of my life long passions. Going ot concerts, from small bands in dive bars, to WaMu Theatre in Seattle, to festivals with tens of thousands of people is where I spend most my money. One of my other passion is charitable work.


5 guys, Will, Ben, Joachim and Ollie, from the UK combined there passion for music and promoting mental health in The Song Cyclists fundraiser for the UK based charity for mental health, Mind. Traveling over a 1000 miles and up 55,000 feet of elavation. This was quite a journey!



Viz created by Ollie Clarke. More by Ollie and to see the interactive version of the Viz above please go here.




+ Are you excited about Tableau Extensions! To provide the best support for our users using Tableau Extensions we have create a new space in the Community Forums just for you. Check out the Extensions API here.


+ Have you heard of Tableau Doctor? Come work with Tableau Experts face to face on technical issues at Tableau Conference in New Orleans, LA. Register and learn more on the #TC18 site.


+ Excited about 2018.2 but cannot wait for even more awesome features to come out! The Tableau Prerelease Program is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Take advantage and join today! Coming Soon: New features in Tableau




+ This week we would like to recognize meenu choudhary for achieving the Helpful is my middel name badge for having 50 posts on the Tableau Community Forums marked as helpful! A huge congrats to Naveen B who achieved the Help one, help all! badge for having 100 of his posts marked as helpful! Thank you both for your contributions!


Most Talked about Thread


+ This week's most viewed thread covers how to ignore duplicate values in calculation , which is a fairly common topic, as many people deal with duplicate data in their workbooks. It was posted by priyesh acharya on Aug 1st at 6:06 AM, John Sobczak was able to provide an answer on the 1st at 6:13 AM! Wow! That is some quick assistance. Thanks John! For other users that are running into a similar I would check out the KB article on removing Removing Duplicate Data with LOD Calculations


Top Voted Idea


+ The top voted ideas for this week is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field originally posted by Russell Lamb and continuing to gain traction. Currently the idea has 629 votes. Please continue to vote on the idea to show support for this feature.


Community Highlights


+ The Data Duo, Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen, are at it again with another Duo Dare. This time they are exploring one of my all time favorite shows, Seinfeld! Check out their Vizzes and vote for your favorite! #DuoDare 11 | Seinfeld – The Data Duo


+ Zen Master Neil Richards has a written several new blog posts about Iron Viz and gaining Viz inspiration. Feel free to check them out at the below links and the rest of the Neil's blog, Questions in Data Viz.

- How do you go about competitive data visualising

- Haven’t I seen this somewhere before


+  Do not miss your chance to compete in the third and final feeder for Iron Viz! Entries are closed on August 28th. Check out this link for details!


Got something to add or that you want feature in the Tableau Community Diget? Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to



Happy Analyzing!


Byrne, Patrick

Hello Tableau Community,



This week I would like take a moment to recognize an amazing contributor to the Tableau Community. Shinichiro Murakami became the first member of the Tableau Community to reach 100,000 points. No, that is not a typo, 100,000 points! We cannot thank Shinichiro enough for his continued contribution in the Tableau Forums each week. Thank you Shin!


Want to be the next user to reach 100k points?! A great place to find unanswered questions is the Crow's Nest ! This is a Viz hosted by the Tableau Community team that shows all the unanswered posts in the Forums. Check it out today and start earning those points! Who will be the next to join the 100k Club?




+ Time is runnning out! Speaking of TC - Iron Viz Global Feeder #2 is accepting submissions!

The second feeder of the 2018 Iron Viz Global competition remains open. The theme is: Health and Well-being.

Submissions are accepted until 15th July 2018 (11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time).

See the FAQ page for details on how to participate, and for eligible countries of residence.


+ TC18 is coming up fast and we hope you can join us in the Big Easy! Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link:


@datachloe announced applications are open for the Data Plus Women Grant to attend TC18. The grant will include a ticket to #TC18 as well as $2000 towards travel and lodging.  Learn more about this opportunity here:


+ The Community Founders Award nominations are still open!—inspired by individuals like Michael Cristiani who embody the spirit of the Tableau community will be awarded an all-inclusive trip to #TC18. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, July 27, 2018 at 12:00 PST.


Most Talked about Thread


+ Our most talked about thread in the community this week comes from Alexandre Borges on the 3rd of July. Deepak Rai was able to help Alexandre come up with a usable solution. Even with a language barrier between them. Using screenshots and a translation tool can really go a long way to bridging this gap. Always feel free to ask your questions in the language you are most comfortable with!

+ Please remember to always mark answers as "Helpful" or "Correct" as that truly helps the rest of the Community


Top Voted Idea


+ This week's top Idea for votes is for Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. This idea was added back in 2012 and has gained some significant traction. Please continue to share and vote up the Idea as the Tableau Product Management team considers these when creating the roadmap for future releases.


Community Highlights


+ #TCEurope18 was a huge success and we are seeing a lot of buzz in the Tableau world. Want to analyze what is happening in the Twittersphere? Check out this Vi, #TCEurope18 Tweets Analysis | Tableau Public, by Dilyana Suleymanova.

+ With everyone focused on one of the World's biggest sporting events, the Fifa World Cup, let's take a look at those playing on this stage in this excellent Viz, 200 Most Valuable Football Players Around the World by LaDataCuenta.


+ Brand new Best of the Web is out! Best of the Tableau Web: Mathematics, poetry, and video games


+ The World Cup is nearing the quarter finals and Tableau has you covered on the history, the teams, the players and the matches.  Find anything you ever wanted to know in the blog post 4 ways the Tableau Community visualizes World Cup data.


Want daily tips and tricks? Articles that other users find helpful? Tabeau Online outages? Quick how-to support? Our @TableauSupport twitter Tweets all of these things and more! Follow us today!


Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to


This community of highly supportive and creative individuals is what helps make Tableau an amazing product. We could not do this without you! Thank you!


Happy Analyzing!


Byrne, Patrick