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Erin Gehn

Within 7 Days

Posted by Erin Gehn Jun 11, 2014

Within 7 days of being a Tableau Forum member, I have...

  • made connections with many amazingly supportive people
  • learned how to package a workbook...and then what data not to include within those workbooks
  • learned the limits of the software so as to seek other outlets within Tableau for my issues
  • read many posts with issues similar to mine and not
  • discovered multiple outside resources for problem investigation
  • come to more logical and efficient conclusions in transferring information into Tableau
  • explored and got to know the support and customer service system
  • solved problems within my code and transferring that I have been toggling with alone for the last four month


It has been an awesome experience thus far!

Thank you volunteers/supporters/data enthusiasts for all you have done for myself and for others!