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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Tableau Community Digest


Lots of excitement with the release this month of 2019.3! From Explain Data to Tableau Catalog to the Tableau Server Management Add-on, there is plenty to sink your teeth into. Check out some of the new features at Tableau 2019.3 Features | Tableau Software







Zen Master Klaus Schulte has a great blog on visualizing P&L statements, check it out at


The Thailand User Group team recently ran their first hackathon. The topic they selected was the mismanagement of waste and the winners were Chatchai Chatterak and Ramet Sungsuwan. Have a look at the winning viz on Tableau Public Tableau Public

Thailand TUG.JPG


Are you studying for your Tableau Certification? If so I would recommend reading up on these fantastic tips kindly by Christine Reitmann (a student from the Munster School of Business) and Marie Le Bars (Senior Technical Support Engineer in Tableau)

Pass the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Like A Boss


If you missed the webinar by Joshua Milligan on September 19th ("I Can Do That With Tableau Prep!?"), you can watch it back here Teknion Webinar: I Can Do That With Tableau Prep!?


Top-Voted Idea


With the availability of 2019.3, there were a number of Community Ideas that were flipped from 'Active' to 'Released'. This include the following (which had over 2,200 votes combined!)


Tableau Prep: Connect to a Tableau Data Source

Python/R custom script for Prep

Fix PowerPoint export to include all pages in a story

PDF attachment to subscriptions

Localize Tableau in Italian

Use context filters in server web edit

Add Google BigQuery for Tableau Prep Connections

Be able to kill a database refresh task on Tableau Server

ISO8601 WeekDate rules applied in Tableau

Tableau Prep. Zoom in/out

Ability to change the way flows are viewed in Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep - Copy a part of a workflow and paste it in a different workflow

Copy Paste Nodes Between Prep Files

Tableau Data Catalog for Tableau Online


The idea with the most votes this week is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field   If this is a feature you would like to see in Tableau, then please add your votes and comments.



Most Talked About Thread


Our most popular thread this week is LOD sum with CASE doesn't work Many thanks to Forum Ambassador Deepak Rai for providing the Correct Answer.


Speaking of Correct Answers, if a response solves your query on the forums here is a quick reminder for how to mark the response as Correct.



Lastly, what do you think are the 30 most important resources for Tableau Desktop beginners? Andy Cotgreave would love to hear from you! What are the 30 most important resources for Desktop beginners?


If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly Digest, you can reach out to the team at


Happy vizzing!


Welcome to the Tableau Community Digest


Lets talk about Iron Quest Sports Viz Sunday!

For September, the #IronQuest challenge is joining forces with #SportsVizSunday. Over at Sarah Bartlett's amazing website you'll find two datasets that have been provided (NFL and Women's Golf Solheim Cup). You'll also see that this month the theme is broadened, and submissions will be accepted from ANY sports or sports related dataset!


#SportVizSunday provides a platform for those interested in sports to come together and explore the world of sports data and visualization. Follow Simon Beaumont, Spencer Baucke and James Smith on social to learn more. Note that the deadline for submissions is Sunday 6th October.

IronQuest Sports (     Source:





Are you planning to attend Tableau Conference this year (November 12-15, Las Vegas)? With just two months to go, you might want to check out this great blog courtesy of Karen Mahardy


"We've reached out to Tableau Community members across different industries and roles to find out how attending Tableau Conference (TC) is valuable, educational, and inspiring to them. These industry peers share their aha moments, major takeaways, special connections, and solutions learned at Tableau Conference. You can also attend and discover innovative solutions to apply at your own organization—which is one of many compelling reasons you can use to help you make the case to attend TC19 from November 12 – 15, 2019. Take the industry-relevant sessions and advice found here and add it to the justification letter we've created for you to make the case for attending with your manager."

Specialized learning at TC19 for government, financial services, healthcare, and more | Tableau Software


Karen has provided links to the TC19 session catalog (over 370 sessions in total), so whether you're in Healthcare, Education or the Public Sector - and everything in between! - you're sure to find the sessions to suit you.





Top-Voted Idea


Our top-voted idea this week is #1395 Proper string function - Proper (). This idea now has almost 500 votes. If it's a feature you'd like see in one of the future releases, please add your votes and comments (cc'ing Thomas Nhan as fyi)

Speaking about the Community ideas, I thought I'd share some of the ideas that were flipped to Released when we rolled out 2019.2 back in May. In total we flipped over 30 ideas with combined votes of over 3,300. Check out the full list here: Community Digest - May 28th 2019

If you have suggestions for new product features, we encourage you to add it to the Ideas board (don't forget you can vote on your own Idea Ideas



Most Talked About Thread


This week the most popular thread is  LOD sum with CASE doesn't work .Many thanks to our amazing Tableau Ambassador Deepak Rai for providing the Correct Answer here.




Community Highlights


Shout out to John Sarantos to say a big thank you for your recent contributions to the Tableau Community Forums. John is a member of the Forums since July this year and has already garnered over 3,800 points and reached 'Legend Maker' status. Fantastic stuff, thank you John!


Ken Flerlage has a pretty cool blog on how to create a hexbin scatterplot. He has included a plug and play template, so go check it out at


Sticking with the Flerlage fam , kevin flerlage recently posted a blog to show a dozen use cases for collapsible containers.


Klaus Schulte and Rosario Gauna collaborated on this blog on Internal Data Densification (a technique to densify data without adding extra points)


Lastly, Bridget Cogley wrote about how data collection needs to affect our analysis. Bridget brings in some practical questions and some ethical considerations over at



If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly Digest, you can reach out to the team at


Happy vizzing!




Hi folks, and welcome to this week's Tableau Community Digest


To kick off, Ken Flerlage has a guest post on his website by Alexander Varlamov . Here Alexander describes the techniques he uses to create data driven pictures in Tableau. I'd also recommend checking out this 'Tableau in Motion' session from #TC18.

For those interested in animations, you might want to sign up for the pre-release at the Get Beta site Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software

   pre release.JPG


Next up is a fun activity to see how well can YOU can estimate the size of circles and the length of bars! Take this super quick survey from Steve Wexler and compare your results with the other respondents.

Estimating circles and bars




Speaking of pre-releases, Harveen Kathuria is keen to hear feedback from folks that would like to see enhancements to table visualizations. In this pre-release, the column limit has been raised from 16 to 50, plus some improvements have been made to the horizontal scrollbar and also to sorting. Sign up now for our upcoming Pre-Release for Tableau Desktop!

Tableau Animation pre release.JPG



Top-Voted Idea


Our top-voted idea this week is #1156 Change datasource on one worksheet and not others. This idea now has over 600 votes, and if it's a feature you'd like to see in future release please don't hesitate to add your votes and comments. Our Dev team regularly reviews the Community ideas to help inform the product road-map, and we welcome your inputs on the Ideas  board.


You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile:Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread


This week the most popular thread is Sig Testing at Respondent level instead of Aggregate level. I always love to hear nice compliments for the folks that help answer Community questions, so kudos to you Zhouyi Zhang

yinting wong.JPG

yinting wong



Community Highlights


+ If you're in Cork (Ireland) on September 18th, myself and Pauline Le Corvec are presenting at the Cork TUG. More details here:


+ Quick reminder about the latest batch of Ambassadors for 2019 Introducing the new 2019 Tableau Ambassadors! | Tableau Software


+ Steve Wexler has a workshop in Atlanta (Georgia) on October 3rd. The topic is Building World-Class Business Dashboards.


+ Are you attending Tableau Conference this year? If so, join the conversation at the TC board here Tableau Conference



If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly Digest, you can reach out to the team at


Happy vizzing!


Welcome to another edition of the Tableau Community Digest!


To kick off I thought I'd share this blog from Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer where he shares how to create a map zoom with radial distance and increasing mark size. Check it out at Data + Science

On the topic of maps and spatial calculations, there are a few features rolled out in Tableau 2019.2 that are worth trying out. Vector maps | Feature 103002, MakePoint | Feature 103004, MakeLine | Feature 103005.

data plus science.JPG

If you haven't come across some of the cool Data + Music vizzes yet, I would highly recommend taking a peek Data + Music Stories | Tableau Software . I particularly loved 50 Years of Fleetwood Mac by Ken Flerlage




Our new inductees to the 2019 Tableau Ambassador program has just been announced, read all about it in Amanda Boyle' s blog Introducing the new 2019 Tableau Ambassadors! | Tableau Software We are really excited to welcome everyone on board Our new Tableau Forum Ambassadors include

Vikram Gokhale  Naveen B  KALPIT GOYAL shuhei saito Ritesh Bisht  Peter Fakan  Paul Wachtler Michael Ye  Don Wise  Mahfooj Khan  Hari Ankem  Eugenia Kis  Ken Flerlage Diego Parker


Did you know you can save $200 off the cost of a ticket to Tableau Conference if you purchase a ticket before August 16th? To join the conversation about all things TC and #data19, come visit the forums board Tableau Conference

TC ticket.JPG




Shout outs to the following folks for their recent contributions to the Community Forums   We really appreciate how you've helped answer questions from fellow Community members, kudos to you!

Heyward Drummond  Anuj yadav  Nick Jastrzebski



Top-Voted Idea


This week the top voted idea is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. This idea now has over 830 votes. If this is a feature you'd like to see in Tableau, please vote and add your comments (remember, you need to be logged in to the forums to do so)

If there are any new features you would like to see in Tableau, you are welcome to submit an idea to the Ideas board. Our Dev team regularly reviews the content here to help inform product roadmap decisions, so your feedback is most welcome.


Most Talked About Thread


Our top viewed thread is Optional map after filtering in a dashboard by Jiaqi Zhang. Many thanks to Diego Parker for providing the correct answer. Adding screenshots is always a useful way to show the approach taken, so thanks for that Diego.


If you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see in our weekly Digest, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to the team (myself, Patrick Byrne Amanda Boyle Stephen Munoz ) or drop us an email at


Til next time




Welcome to the latest Tableau Community Digest!


It's pretty exciting to see all of the new features to try out with the Tableau 2019.3 beta. From 'Explain Data', to 'Tableau Catalog' to 'Project McKinley', there really is plenty to keep you busy! Check out the blog courtesy of Ryan McShane to learn more: Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Project McKinley now in beta | Tableau Software


You are welcome to download the beta version today. Our Dev team are keen to hear your feedback! Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software






David Murphy (aka Datasaurus-Rex) has a fantastic podcast with Mark Jewett (our VP of Product Marketing). They cover the recent Salesforce announcement and what makes the Tableau product and community so awesome!


Interested in mapping spatial data? Then why not check out the Pluralsight course by Zen Master Adam Crahen

Note: for those that don't have a Pluralsight account, you can use a free 10 day trial here:  


Don't forget the closing date for the 2019 Tableau Ambassador nominations is coming up July 12th at 5pm PST. Check out the blog courtesy of Amanda Boyle : Nominations are now open for 2019 Tableau Ambassadors, Introducing Student Ambassadors! | Tableau Software





Time to recognize some members of the Tableau Community for their recent contributions to the Forums. First up is Maneesh Gaddam, now up to Viz Virtuoso level. A recent thank you to Maneesh is on this thread "Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, something like that is exactly what I had in mind. Thanks!"


Next up for is Kelly McGrady , who recently earned badges for 'Helping' and 'I Know Stuff!'.


To learn more about earning points and badges in the Forums, drop by this page Points, Levels & Badges



Top-Voted Idea


The top-voted Idea this week is #2747 'Only Relevant Values on Secondary Data Source'.  This idea was first created back in 2013 and has 447 votes to date. If this is a feature you'd like to see implemented, please add your votes & comments to the idea.



Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about thread this week is 'How to created nested IF statement in Calculation field'. Kudos to Naveen B for providing the correct answer here



Community Highlights


If you missed TC19 in Berlin, you can catch the highlights here: Tableau Conference Europe 2019 - YouTube


To keep up to date on the latest events and User Group meetups, check out Events and Conferences

events and conferences.jpg


If you have any suggestions for future editions of the Digest, please drop us a mail at


Til next time



Ciara Brennan (@Ciara_B_27) | Twitter


Hi everyone, and welcome to another Tableau Community Digest


Tableau 2019.2 was released on May 21st, with lots of fantastic new features. Here in the Community team we love when new releases are rolled out as it allows us to flip some of the Community Ideas to 'Released'.  More on that later!

Meanwhile if you'd like to catch up on some of the new features, I'd recommend taking a look at the following...

Snapshot of the 2019.2 features.jpg



Want to connect with like-minded Data Rock-stars like you? There are over 250 Tableau User Groups split out by either locality, industry or topic; check them out here: .You're also welcome to start a brand new group! Simply fill in the inquiry form to register your interest:


Our next Think Data Thursday session is coming up on May 30th (8am-9am PST), this time it will be hosted by Tableau Ambassador David Pires and the topic is 2019.2 Bring the action to Parameters. Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

As always the event will be live-streamed, but if you miss it you can always catch it again on our YouTube channel.



It's great to see lots of folks are earning points and badges in the Community. Congratulations to recent recipients of the 'Help one, help all' badge, which is awarded when 100 of your answers are marked Helpful (Nick Parsons Maneesh Gaddam  Esther Aller). Shout outs also to our Frequent Visitors, who have logged in 10 times over the last 30 days (recently awarded to Jyoti Singh  Marius Ulrich  Florent Sroka  Rainer Bernhardt)

If you'd like to learn more about badges and points, check out Points, Levels & Badges


Top Voted Idea

This week I thought I'd share some of the ideas that were flipped to Released with the roll-out of 2019.2. Thank you to everyone that voted and commented on these ideas. Your inputs have helped inform the product roadmap!

  • Replace worksheet in a dashboard (Feature 103170)

  • Show / Hide sort controls (Feature 103010)

  • Show / hide dashboard containers (Feature 103008)

  • Customizable reference line tooltips (Feature 103001)

  • PostgreSQL + PostGIS spatial support (Feature 103007)

  • Action Filters via Parameters Menu

  • Simpler routing for geomaps

  • Force Server users to reset passwords

  • Tableau Server Enterprise deployments - additional password policy controls

  • Initial SQL Tableau Prep

  • Tableau Prep: Allow formula text to be copied, and/or allow duplication of calculated fields

  • Tableau Prep: Enable flow items to be moved manually

  • Tableau Prep -Add Amazon Athena connector (Feature 109102)

  • Alt-text for images

  • Create and save private custom views as a Viewer (Feature 102944)

  • Site start page (Feature 102970)

  • Vector maps (Feature 103002)

  • New product languages; Traditional Chinese (Feature 102967)

  • ODBC connection for Tableau Prep (Feature 109802)


Tableau Online Admin Insights (Feature 96497)


Create and edit parameters in the browser (Feature 102943)


Most Talked about Thread

With over 900 views, our most viewed thread this week is Sorting with multiple column. The query isn't resolved as of yet, so feel free to respond with further suggestions


Community Highlights

Time and date formatting in Tableau can be tricky at times. Some great reference points are this post by Jonathan Drummey, plus the Think Data Thursday session by Rody Zakovich. The Tableau Fringe Festival LATAM is coming up in July. Lots more info available here 


Finally if you have any feedback you'd like to share with the Community Forums team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Til next time


Ciara Brennan (@Ciara_B_27) | Twitter

Hi Tableau Community,


Welcome to the weekly Community Digest! I know many of you are avid users of Tableau Public, so if you're looking for ideas from a variety of data-sets why not check out this blog by Jacob Olsufka (Data Visualization Specialist at Spotify). How to find the best sources for free, public data sets | Tableau Software


You may remember at the last Tableau Conference, one of the topics of conversation was attribution in Tableau Public. The good news is you can now capture your sources of inspiration!

May 7th (updated).JPG

Speaking of Tableau Conference, don't forget we have a board for all things #TC. Feel free to drop by Tableau Conference and join the conversation. Maybe you'd like to tell us about your past experiences or perhaps vote on one of the #TC related ideas?

With only 41 days left, the countdown is on for TC Europe in Berlin. To register, check out

If you would like to apply to be a customer speaker at #TC in Las Vegas you can apply via the website HERE -->



In other news, Part II of the blog on Porting Tableau Server to Linux is now available, courtesy of Jeff Solomon




+ Harveen Kathuria in our Dev team is keen to hear your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take the survey HERE --> Survey - Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations

Keeping with the Excel theme, if you have previously voted on Idea #2767 Ewald Hofman would love to hear from you!

excel (pixabay).jpg


Top-Viewed Thread


Our most viewed thread this week is Calculation for year over year performance   If you'd like to learn more about how Level of Detail Expressions work in Tableau, it's worth referencing the online help section Overview: Level of Detail Expressions - Tableau


Top-Voted Idea


One of the most popular ideas is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. If this is a feature you'd like to see in a future release please add your votes and comments


If you spot any ideas that require a status change (eg: from 'Active' to 'Released'), please reach out to me Ciara Brennan (

Don't forget if you want to submit an idea or vote on an existing idea, you first need to log on to the Community Forums.



Community Highlights

+ For the maps fans out there, we welcome you to try out the latest Beta so that you get a chance to play with new vector tiles, may styles and background layers. Find out more in the blog by Ashwin Kumar.

Rev up mapping with new vector tiles, map styles, and background layers now in beta | Tableau Software


+  A new home experience is coming to Tableau Online! This will help you to quickly locate the most relevant data. It will be easier to see what's most important to you with dedicated sections for favorites and 'recents'.

Check out more in this post by Greg Bennett  A new home experience coming to Tableau Online


+ Shout out to Zach Leber and Michel Caissie to thank them for their recent contributions to the Forums! Nice work, thank you!


"Well-explained. Thank you once more." Post

"Hi Michel, Thank you so much for a quick response with a wonderful solution. This is exactly what I wanted. You are a genius! Nagendra" Post



If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in future Digests, feel free to reach out to the team. We would love to hear from you!


Til next time



Hi everyone, and welcome to another Community Digest


Wasn’t it great to see Tiger Woods winning his fifth Masters at Augusta yesterday? He is just the second ever player to win a Masters in three different decades (the first being Jack Niklaus). In honor of the win, I thought I’d share some golf vizzes that caught my eye.


First up is Becoming Golf’s Number One by Rody Zakovich, which shows how both Tiger and Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman dominated during their prime.


Next up, our friends at Interworks compiled a viz showing the impact of age in professional golf, and it turns out the sweet spot is the 32-33 age bracket


~~ Let us know if you come across any other great golf vizzes! ~~


There are some really impressive submissions for the 2019 Iron Viz Europe qualifier contest. The theme is 'Energy and Sustainability' and you can check out the 33 electrifying submissions at the gallery. Feel free to favorite your preferences and follow the authors --> See how the 2019 Iron Viz Europe entries visualize energy and sustainability | Tableau Public


My personal favorite is Breaking Bag Habits by Sarah Bartlett.

The dark background and creative design really makes the data pop, and I was particularly drawn to the Bag for Life section. I know I’m guilty of forgetting my Bags for Life in the boot of car and buying more during the next shop. So for me, seeing that Tesco sold a whopping 430M bags between 2017-2018 is an eye opener, and I will definitely be more mindful in the future.



If you have previously voted on Idea #2767, or are interested in seeing ‘excel like’ sorting in Tableau then our Dev team would love to hear from you. One of our Senior PMs in Dev (Ewald Hofman) is actively looking for further feedback and use cases, so please reach out to him at to share twbx files/screenshots on this topic.


A quick reminder about this video, which was created to help guide you through upgrading Tableau Server from 2018.1 (or earlier) to 2018.2



Top Voted Idea:

Our most popular Idea last week was #1215 [Desktop Edition should remember db server passwords]. This one has 362 votes to date, and if it’s something you would like to see in a future release please add your votes & comments.


One of the things we love most about new releases is the opportunity to flip ‘Active’ ideas to ‘Released’. Here is a quick snapshot of just some of the ideas we flipped with the roll out of 2019.1.


Most Talked About Thread:

The most popular thread last week was around calculated fields, which can often prove tricky. Kudos to Deepak Rai and Don Wise for jumping in with their suggestions.

Don’t forget that if you would like to help the Community you can always pop in to the Crow’s Nest to find the unanswered questions.


Community Highlights:

I suppose I cannot fail to mention #GameOfThrones, which - I’m reliably told by Jonni Walker – is “not really like Eastenders” (! )

So for the GoT fans in the house, I’m sure you’ll love Adam McCann's viz – Game of Thrones in words .


Before we wrap up, I'd like to a minute to recognize some folks for their recent involvement in the Forums. A big THANK YOU for the answers they have provided and the contributions they have made to the Community. We really do appreciate your efforts folks, thanks a million.

Avinash Pallapotu Sankarmagesh Rajan  Naveen B  Ame Tso  Nick Parsons  Kelly Bellinghausen  Jeff Strauss  Lei Chen


Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact the team at , or reach out to myself, Patrick Byrne or Amanda Boyle


Til next time




Greetings Tableau Community,


First off I'd like to share a really interesting article published by Eva Murray in Forbes on the importance of color in data visualizations. Eva talks about how colors sets the tone and reinforces a message for the underlying visual display. The article made me think a bit more about the color design within Tableau, and the different color palettes used. If you're interested to learn more about the science behind color and visual design principles, there is on-demand webinar that you can access HERE.

Mar 25th 2019.JPG webinar_.JPG


Next up, congratulations and thank yous are in order for some of our top contributors over the last week! Thanks to Naveen B for 30 answers being marked as Helpful, to Ken Flerlage for 18 answers marked Correct. To Zhouyi Zhang and Mahfooj Khan for crafting Responses that garnered 3+ Likes. Well done folks, thank you so much for everything you do in the Forums

thankyou talking (pixabay).JPG


One of the more popular Ideas recently is #6100 Allow Server Administrators to View As Other Users. This idea was created three years ago and now has 400 Votes. You'll notice that Michael Hesser has kindly provided a workaround for this topic. However if this Idea is of interest to you, please add your votes and comments. 


Now that the 2019.2 Beta is available, we're excited to switch the status on a number of Ideas, such as ....


#1370  Force Server users to reset passwords

#1528  Tableau Server Enterprise deployments - Additional Password Policy controls

#7197  Tableau ONLINE Usage Stats

#4123  Traditional Chinese User Interface (Desktop, Prep and Server)


Our top viewed thread this week - with over 1500 views - is a question from Rachel Nichols re. Calculation help. Fantastic contributions on this thread from Ewald Hofman, Robert Breen and Kaz Shakir.


A quick reminder that if you'd like to help tackle our Unanswered Questions, please check out the Crow's Nest. You're welcome to search for specific topics you are an expert in and help answer questions from fellow Tableau Community members! Crow's Nest

questions feedback (pixabay).JPG



Lastly if you have any questions or suggestions for the Community Forums team, we would love for you to reach out - we're all ears!

Ciara Brennan  Patrick Byrne  Amanda Boyle  , or you can email us at



Til next time, Ciara

Greetings Tableau Community,


Welcome to the first Digest of March - the month that brings us Spring daffodils, March Madness and of course St. Patrick's Day

This week I'd like to share a fantastic post by Jim Cox, our Product Manager for Tableau Mobile. Tableau Mobile:  Redesigned App Coming Soon The redesigned app brings lots of welcome improvements to the browsing experience and offline access.

for digest.jpg


Our CTO Andrew Beers recently announced a new Engineering blog for R&D. Check it out here: Announcing our new Engineering Blog for research and development | Tableau Software I particularly liked the blog by Mia Dubose on how to make Sprint reviews more visual.


Why not visit the Community's one-stop-shop for all things Tableau Public , feel free to jump in to answer questions, share tips on how you created your Vizzes and vote on the Ideas.

Tableau Public logo.JPG


Most Talked About Thread

One of our most viewed threads this week is a question from Yun Jing on making Gantt bars for financial data. Some great inputs by Zhouyi Zhang and Robert Breen to help address this. This thread is worth a read as its always nice to see great collaboration between Community members How to make Gantt Bar for Financial data?


Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea from last week is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. Good news is that Idea #7197 is now marked Beta, so if you'd like to try out Tableau Online Admin Insights for yourself, check it out here - we welcome your feedback

admin insights.JPG


Community Highlights

Some of our members that have joined within the last few months are really moving through the ranks and providing great contributions. So big thanks and shout outs to Manoj Lobo (Data Cowboy level), Claire Smith (Data Wrangler level) and Tatiana Hernandez (Got Data level).


As a reminder, the actions to receive points are outlined on this page Points, Levels & Badges


TC Europe is coming up soon (17-19 June), and if you'd like to hear more about it why not dial in to the live webinar on March 7th (10-10.30 GMT)


As always if you have any feedback or suggestions for the Tableau Community Forums team, please email us at


Cheers, Ciara

Ciara Brennan (@Ciara_B_27) | Twitter

Welcome to the Tableau Community Digest!


This week we're happy to share the latest blog on the power of Set Actions by the amazing Bethany Lyons. Speaking of set actions, check out Ken Flerlage's guide on zoomable charts. Tableau Zen Master Eva Murray has a great article on Forbes online that talks about how simple visual design can aid in communication.

  Feb 4th (second).jpg   Feb 4th (updated).JPG

Steve Wexler (aka VizBizWiz) has done quite a bit of pro-bono work for You can check out the interactive dashboards at




Save a date in your diary for our next #ThinkDataThursday on February 21st (8am PST). We're looking forward to Bridget Cogley bringing us 'The logic of dashboards - designing for the whole picture' Register. now!

Michelle Kosterich, one of our researchers here at Tableau, is interested to hear how you find content about Tableau Online and Tableau Server, and how that experience could be improved. We would love to hear your feedback so please take Michelle's survey.


Top Voted Idea


Our top voted Idea this week is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. To vote and comment on product ideas, please visit the Ideas space. If you spot any Ideas that should be marked as Duplicate, or indeed have any feedback you'd like to give on the Ideas process, please feel free to reach out to me directly at


Most Talked About Thread


The most popular thread this week, with over 440 views, is a post kindly put together by Bryan Fernandez with detailed steps on upgrading Tableau Server.


Community Highlights


This week I'd like to congratulate the following members on rising through the ranks and contributing to the Forums - Diego Parker (now at 'Data Connector' level), Christian Binderkrantz ('Data Wrangler') and ShivaRam Chennapragada ('Analytics Ace') 



That's a wrap for this week. As always, if you need to contact the team please feel free to drop us a line at




Greetings Tableau Community,


Welcome to the first Digest of 2019! To kick things off for the New Year, why not try out the latest 2019.1 Beta version, available now at our pre-release site


2019.1 Beta is here.JPG      2019.1 features.jpg

We welcome your valuable feedback on the new features that the 2019.1 Beta brings - tell us what you think about Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. Speaking of the New Year, how are those fitness resolutions going?! If - like me -  you've only just dusted off the Fitbit and dragged yourself back to the gym, then get inspiration from the latest blog by  Yvan Fornes on Tableau Public.



   Don't forget there are only a few days left to get your voice heard for the 2019 Zen Master nominations. If you know someone that has a great understanding of Tableau, is happy to help others at all levels and is an awesome collaborator on the Community Forums, then we would love to hear it!  Amanda Boyle has written a blog with all of the details. Get those nominations in before 10.00pm PST Friday January 11th 2019



  In other news, on January 18th Tableau Online will be removing support for TLS 1.0/1.1 in favor of the more secure TLS 1.2. For full details, please refer to the post by John Blackie



Most Talked about Thread

   One of our most talked about threads this week was around sitting exams for Tableau Certifications. If you would like to become #CertifiablyTableau, then why not visit our Tableau Certification homepage to find out more. http://

certifiably tableau.JPG


Top-Voted Idea

   Last week, an additional 3 Votes were given to ['Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users']. We welcome your continued engagement in the Ideas space, and please feel free to reach out to me directly if you spot any Ideas that require a status update (

   A great resource to bear in mind when submitting new Ideas is this article by Tracy Rodgers How to write an Idea that Tableau Program Managers will look at


Community Highlights

   If you missed the last #ThinkDataThursday with Joshua Milligan, then fear not! Joshua has put together an easy to follow blog post at, so check it out to learn more about 'State of the Unions' in Tableau Prep.

  Ever heard of #IronViz? Sarah Bartlett has written an amazing blog over at SarahLovesData to fill you in on this community-led project. Sarah is passionate about helping people become more confident in sourcing their own data to prepare for the #IronViz feeders later on this year. Go check it out!



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As we approach the end of the year it seems timely to consider the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2019. Its exciting to think about Ask Data - Tableau's new natural language capability. Why not try it for yourself with the 2019.1 beta, available here .

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2019.JPG


We are excited to bring you a session of Dev Office Hours on Tableau Prep Conductor [Dec 11, 2018 8.30 AM PST]. This is an add-on product to Tableau Online and Tableau Server that will be released with 2019.1, and is currently available in beta version through our pre-release site. During tomorrow's session there will be a demo of Tableau Prep Conductor in action along with time for feedback and questions. Register now!

webinar registration.jpg

Most Talked about Thread

Our most talked about thread is around upgrading Tableau Server 2018.1 by Bryan Fernandez. Bryan has put together some great information and screenshots to show how to upgrade successfully and there are over 100 replies to the thread so far.

Another popular thread this week is A Place for Small Fixes (UI and others) by Alex Kerin. Check it out and post your suggestions!


Top Voted Idea

For the second week running the Top Voted Idea is #1123 Control what displays in View Data. Feel free to add your comments and votes to Ideas suggested on our Ideas board


Community Highlights

We recently moved some additional content in to the Tableau Public space in the Community, so feel free to check it out and join the conversations! Speaking of Tableau Public, there are lots of great vizzes out there to help inspire you. This one by Chee Ann is pretty fun! How to tell if I'm dating the right guy. Another one that caught my eye was by Will Perkins on Lego and how brick diversity changed over time.



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