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Hi folks, and welcome to this week's Tableau Community Digest


To kick off, Ken Flerlage has a guest post on his website by Alexander Varlamov . Here Alexander describes the techniques he uses to create data driven pictures in Tableau. I'd also recommend checking out this 'Tableau in Motion' session from #TC18.

For those interested in animations, you might want to sign up for the pre-release at the Get Beta site Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software

   pre release.JPG


Next up is a fun activity to see how well can YOU can estimate the size of circles and the length of bars! Take this super quick survey from Steve Wexler and compare your results with the other respondents.

Estimating circles and bars




Speaking of pre-releases, Harveen Kathuria is keen to hear feedback from folks that would like to see enhancements to table visualizations. In this pre-release, the column limit has been raised from 16 to 50, plus some improvements have been made to the horizontal scrollbar and also to sorting. Sign up now for our upcoming Pre-Release for Tableau Desktop!

Tableau Animation pre release.JPG



Top-Voted Idea


Our top-voted idea this week is #1156 Change datasource on one worksheet and not others. This idea now has over 600 votes, and if it's a feature you'd like to see in future release please don't hesitate to add your votes and comments. Our Dev team regularly reviews the Community ideas to help inform the product road-map, and we welcome your inputs on the Ideas  board.


You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile:Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread


This week the most popular thread is Sig Testing at Respondent level instead of Aggregate level. I always love to hear nice compliments for the folks that help answer Community questions, so kudos to you Zhouyi Zhang

yinting wong.JPG

yinting wong



Community Highlights


+ If you're in Cork (Ireland) on September 18th, myself and Pauline Le Corvec are presenting at the Cork TUG. More details here:


+ Quick reminder about the latest batch of Ambassadors for 2019 Introducing the new 2019 Tableau Ambassadors! | Tableau Software


+ Steve Wexler has a workshop in Atlanta (Georgia) on October 3rd. The topic is Building World-Class Business Dashboards.


+ Are you attending Tableau Conference this year? If so, join the conversation at the TC board here Tableau Conference



If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly Digest, you can reach out to the team at


Happy vizzing!