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Welcome to the Community Digest, #DataFam!


Coming right out the gate after being named a Tableau Public Ambassador, kevin flerlage has released a Tableau Chart Catalog - with examples created in Tableau by the Tableau Community! From the blog, "Have you ever wanted a single resource that showed the different types of charts possible in Tableau?  Personally, I have...many…many times.  I have tried to use my favorites for this purpose, but the fact is, I am missing many charts and I now have so many favorites, it is difficult to work through them." He continues, "The goal of the Tableau Chart Catalog is to provide you with one source of reference for the dozens and dozens of charts that can be created within Tableau.  It should allow you to better understand these charts, their use cases, and what they represent, but more importantly, this should act as inspiration for your next visualization."


This is a bookmark-worthy resource if I ever saw one! I've included a link to the viz on the right. It's mall here but available in full size on Kevin's Tableau Public profile. Check out his blog and dig in & enjoy!




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+ Have you had a chance to check out the 2019.3 Beta yet? Tableau Product Marketing Senior Manager Ryan McShane put together a great blog breaking down the leading new features. Check it out here: Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Project McKinley now in beta | Tableau Software.


If you want to connect with our developers directly we encourage you to get involved with the Tableau Pre-Release + User Research Community! This site fosters direct collaboration between the Tableau Development team and our customers and partners throughout the product development lifecycle. Tableau Pre- Release + User Research programs let you evaluate, experience and provide feedback on emerging ideas and new product capabilities. Again here is the link:


Top-Voted Idea


Our top-voted idea this week as Change datasource on one worksheet and not others. This idea, originally posted back in 2012, received 8 new votes this week. The comments are great and we are flagging this for review with the dev team. If you have anything to ad, please feel free to comment and vote.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about thread this week was How to show a diagram only if the n is bigger 5 f.i.? from Tobias Ganowski. The thread had 24 replies and was answered by Lena Boehnke! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped Tobias find a solution.



Community Highlights


+ Tableau Public Ambassador Ravi Mistry added his latest blog on Project Griffon to this forum doc: Project Griffon: Beyond Custom Administrative Views Check it out!


+ Hall of Fame Zen Master Craig Bloodworth has a new blog post & command line app that was just released using the new Hyper API: Extracting before you can say Comma Separated Variable


+ For back to school season Zen Master Bridget Cogley put together a new blog: Tableau + Schools = Opportunity. This is a must-read for all our community members in higher ed. While you're at it check out the Student Resource Page & the Instructor Resource Page


If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at us @tableausupport


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!