Hi everyone, and welcome to another Tableau Community Digest


Tableau 2019.2 was released on May 21st, with lots of fantastic new features. Here in the Community team we love when new releases are rolled out as it allows us to flip some of the Community Ideas to 'Released'.  More on that later!

Meanwhile if you'd like to catch up on some of the new features, I'd recommend taking a look at the following...

Snapshot of the 2019.2 features.jpg



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Our next Think Data Thursday session is coming up on May 30th (8am-9am PST), this time it will be hosted by Tableau Ambassador David Pires and the topic is 2019.2 Bring the action to Parameters. Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

As always the event will be live-streamed, but if you miss it you can always catch it again on our YouTube channel.



It's great to see lots of folks are earning points and badges in the Community. Congratulations to recent recipients of the 'Help one, help all' badge, which is awarded when 100 of your answers are marked Helpful (Nick Parsons Maneesh Gaddam  Esther Aller). Shout outs also to our Frequent Visitors, who have logged in 10 times over the last 30 days (recently awarded to Jyoti Singh  Marius Ulrich  Florent Sroka  Rainer Bernhardt)

If you'd like to learn more about badges and points, check out Points, Levels & Badges


Top Voted Idea

This week I thought I'd share some of the ideas that were flipped to Released with the roll-out of 2019.2. Thank you to everyone that voted and commented on these ideas. Your inputs have helped inform the product roadmap!

  • Replace worksheet in a dashboard (Feature 103170)




  • Show / Hide sort controls (Feature 103010)


  • Show / hide dashboard containers (Feature 103008)


  • Customizable reference line tooltips (Feature 103001)


  • PostgreSQL + PostGIS spatial support (Feature 103007)


  • Action Filters via Parameters Menu


  • Simpler routing for geomaps


  • Force Server users to reset passwords


  • Tableau Server Enterprise deployments - additional password policy controls


  • Initial SQL Tableau Prep


  • Tableau Prep: Allow formula text to be copied, and/or allow duplication of calculated fields


  • Tableau Prep: Enable flow items to be moved manually


  • Tableau Prep -Add Amazon Athena connector (Feature 109102)


  • Alt-text for images


  • Create and save private custom views as a Viewer (Feature 102944)



  • Site start page (Feature 102970)




  • Vector maps (Feature 103002)


  • New product languages; Traditional Chinese (Feature 102967)


  • ODBC connection for Tableau Prep (Feature 109802)



Tableau Online Admin Insights (Feature 96497)


Create and edit parameters in the browser (Feature 102943)


Most Talked about Thread

With over 900 views, our most viewed thread this week is Sorting with multiple column. The query isn't resolved as of yet, so feel free to respond with further suggestions


Community Highlights

Time and date formatting in Tableau can be tricky at times. Some great reference points are this post by Jonathan Drummey, plus the Think Data Thursday session by Rody Zakovich. The Tableau Fringe Festival LATAM is coming up in July. Lots more info available here https://www.thefringefestival.rocks/blog/latam-speaker-applications 


Finally if you have any feedback you'd like to share with the Community Forums team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at community@tableau.com


Til next time


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