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Hi everyone, and welcome to another Tableau Community Digest


Tableau 2019.2 was released on May 21st, with lots of fantastic new features. Here in the Community team we love when new releases are rolled out as it allows us to flip some of the Community Ideas to 'Released'.  More on that later!

Meanwhile if you'd like to catch up on some of the new features, I'd recommend taking a look at the following...

Snapshot of the 2019.2 features.jpg



Want to connect with like-minded Data Rock-stars like you? There are over 250 Tableau User Groups split out by either locality, industry or topic; check them out here: .You're also welcome to start a brand new group! Simply fill in the inquiry form to register your interest:


Our next Think Data Thursday session is coming up on May 30th (8am-9am PST), this time it will be hosted by Tableau Ambassador David Pires and the topic is 2019.2 Bring the action to Parameters. Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

As always the event will be live-streamed, but if you miss it you can always catch it again on our YouTube channel.



It's great to see lots of folks are earning points and badges in the Community. Congratulations to recent recipients of the 'Help one, help all' badge, which is awarded when 100 of your answers are marked Helpful (Nick Parsons Maneesh Gaddam  Esther Aller). Shout outs also to our Frequent Visitors, who have logged in 10 times over the last 30 days (recently awarded to Jyoti Singh  Marius Ulrich  Florent Sroka  Rainer Bernhardt)

If you'd like to learn more about badges and points, check out Points, Levels & Badges


Top Voted Idea

This week I thought I'd share some of the ideas that were flipped to Released with the roll-out of 2019.2. Thank you to everyone that voted and commented on these ideas. Your inputs have helped inform the product roadmap!

  • Replace worksheet in a dashboard (Feature 103170)

  • Show / Hide sort controls (Feature 103010)

  • Show / hide dashboard containers (Feature 103008)

  • Customizable reference line tooltips (Feature 103001)

  • PostgreSQL + PostGIS spatial support (Feature 103007)

  • Action Filters via Parameters Menu

  • Simpler routing for geomaps

  • Force Server users to reset passwords

  • Tableau Server Enterprise deployments - additional password policy controls

  • Initial SQL Tableau Prep

  • Tableau Prep: Allow formula text to be copied, and/or allow duplication of calculated fields

  • Tableau Prep: Enable flow items to be moved manually

  • Tableau Prep -Add Amazon Athena connector (Feature 109102)

  • Alt-text for images

  • Create and save private custom views as a Viewer (Feature 102944)

  • Site start page (Feature 102970)

  • Vector maps (Feature 103002)

  • New product languages; Traditional Chinese (Feature 102967)

  • ODBC connection for Tableau Prep (Feature 109802)


Tableau Online Admin Insights (Feature 96497)


Create and edit parameters in the browser (Feature 102943)


Most Talked about Thread

With over 900 views, our most viewed thread this week is Sorting with multiple column. The query isn't resolved as of yet, so feel free to respond with further suggestions


Community Highlights

Time and date formatting in Tableau can be tricky at times. Some great reference points are this post by Jonathan Drummey, plus the Think Data Thursday session by Rody Zakovich. The Tableau Fringe Festival LATAM is coming up in July. Lots more info available here 


Finally if you have any feedback you'd like to share with the Community Forums team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Til next time


Ciara Brennan (@Ciara_B_27) | Twitter

Hi Tableau Community!


The Community Digest comes a day later than usual as I was unfortunately out sick yesterday, but I am back today and bringing you this jam-packed digest! First, we have our results for the firs Iron Viz global qualifier, the Iron Viz 2019 Agriculture Results! The winner is Joshua Smith who really went deep into the analysis of farmland in the United States. My father's family is originally from a small town in South Dakota, which besides being the home to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, is mostly a flat farming state. It made this Iron Viz


Dashboard 1 (2).pngThe viz created by Josh is extensive, to say the least, but one of the most interesting pieces is showing the land that is used for both pasture and crops(pictured to the right). Having some knowledge of the area from my family I definitely knew that there was a lot of double use of the land in South Dakota which this data confirmed this theory. Nothing better than confirming long-held thoughts or theories with data! Have you ever confirmed a theory or thought of yours using data?




+ Ever wanted to be apart of how Tableau's internationalization team is making the product better? Creating a more accessible Tableau product suite for all Tableau users across the globe no matter their locale or language. Join the conversation on product internationalization in the community here. Meet the team that helps monitor the space: Karla Wagner, Miyuki Bishop, and Carmen Hernando are all active members and helped start this space!


+ Our Tableau Senior Product Manager Harveen Kathuria is still looking for your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take her survey: Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations


Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week is from Stephen Smirl. Originally posted in 2012: 'IN' Operator equivalent has received 10 votes in the last week and 739 total votes showing support of this feature to be added to Tableau! As mentioned in the idea itself, the new edition of the 'Set Actions' feature does resolve a few use cases of the 'IN' Operator equivalent. Click for more information on Set Actions.


Thank you to all those who have voted for this idea! Please continue to share and encourage others to vote to show support for this feature.



* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread

The most talked about thread this week already has 12 replies, several coming from Joe Oppelt and being marked helpful by the poster.  In Shafi Hadimani's they asked the following(quoted below): * Link to the original post found here.


Hello All,

   I have a data set in which there  is a list of trainings which the engineers have to do.

All, the engineers have not done all the trainings. For example, if there are 10 trainings then Engineer A has done only 3 and Engineer B has done 6.

I would like to know which are the 7 trainings which Engineer A has not done, similarly the 4 trainings which has not be done by Engineer B.

Attached is the excel sheet

Welcome to the Tableau Community Forum, Shafi and as always, thank you, Joe, for being so helpful!


Community Highlights

+ Tableau Zen Master Ken Flerlage has a new blog post out An Introduction to Data Densification. This a great way to get your feet wet in data densification which can be, you guessed it, a fairly dense subject.


+ Zen Master Anya A'hearn shared there is an upcoming SF TUG featuring the IBM Weather Company! Register today to save a virtual seat for yourself or your team. Do you have an internal group of people working with Tableau? Book a conference room and watch the webinar together!


+ Zen Master Klaus Schulte posted a new blog about creating Step Area Charts in Tableau that is definitely one that you will want to read. Check out the post here:


+ When are two maps better than one? Found out, with this fresh blog post from Zen Master Neil Richards about tile maps.


+ Zen MasterJeffrey Shaffer has a couple of new blogs for us this week, Sankey Diagrams: Why I Used the Sigmoid Function and Why You Probably Shouldn’t and Mapping Paths in Tableau 2019.2. Starring on the Datasaurus Rex podcast, Jeffrey Shaffer, also talks about the contributions made to Sankey diagrams he has made and their history within Tableau.

Note: 2019.2 is still in Beta and available through the Tableau Pre-Release program.


There is always a ton to share or highlight, it can be hard to capture it all! If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at us @tableausupport


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


Patrick Byrne

Twitter: @Data_Diplomat_

Hi Tableau Community!


Welcome to a new edition of the weekly digest! This week we are celebrating all the mind-blowing entries we have seen for the Iron Viz First Round Global Qualifier on agriculture data. Seriously, you are all amazing! There were a total of 75 entries all highlighted on this blog: Explore the 2019 Iron Viz entries on agriculture data | Tableau Public


I'm not involved in the judging and am only highlighting this viz to the right from Jessica Minton because of 1. I think it's really unique, and 2. I like the story that it tells on regional identity:

I encourage everyone to check out all the incredible submissions and participate in the next two global qualifiers before Data19 - Tableau's Annual Conference - in Las Vegas! Congratulations to everyone who participated! I do not envy the judges, you are all brilliant


Iron Viz is a data visualization contest, giving you the opportunity to compete with data rockstars from around the world. The winners of a series of qualifier contests advance to the championship, a live competition at either Tableau Conference Europe or Tableau Conference. Want to learn more about Iron Viz? Check this out: Iron Viz | Win or learn—you can’t lose



+ Tableau Senior Product Manager Harveen Kathuria is keen to hear your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take her survey: Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations


+ 2019.2 is in its second beta! Vector maps, parameter actions, new Ask Data functionalist and more! Check out the blog with all the exciting details here: Now in beta: Vector maps, parameter actions, and new Ask Data functionality | Tableau Software


+ Our customer speaker applications are open for Tableau Conference 2019 through Sunday, May 19th! Here's why you should apply to speak at #data19: Applications are open! Why you should apply today to speak at TC19


Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week is from Joseph Pirraglia. Originally posted in 2012: Ability To Export Whole Workbook To Excel Similar To The PDF Function.


A notable update was shared from Tableau Principal Product Manager and frequent forum contributor Sean Boon: "Just want to add that this is possible now using a Tableau Dashboard Extension that you can find here: The .csv scenario is a bit more complicated since it would have to produce a .zip file as a .csv file can only have a single structure in terms of its fields.  Packaging them up into a zip would solve this, but also create a bit more complexity for users as they wouldn't be able to just click on the zip and open that in Excel if that is the desired workflow." This is free to download and use!


Thank you to everyone who has voted - and to Sean for sharing the update! There are a couple of related ideas in the forum we have highlighted: Export All sheets to excel & Download Dashboards To Excel


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Top-Viewed Thread

The top-viewed thread this week already has 20 replies but remains unsolved. In Difference between dates "Day" fields new community member JASON SYLVIA asks,


"I have 2 date time fields 4/19/2019 7:49 and 4/18/2019 23:59.  Using my Datediff function of datediff ('hour', 4/18/2019 23:59. 4/19/2019 7:49)/24 I end up with a difference of .125.  I simply want to distinguish the number of days between the day fields and if the difference is greater than 0.  I was using Datediff "day" initially but when I had used that function and ran into data like 4/10/2019 7:17 and 4/9/2019 23:59 it counts it as 0 when I would want that calculated as 1 (I assume because it is not a full 24 hours). " There are a number of people contributing to the conversation, and it looks like the last step was asking Jason to recreate the calculations to help others better understand how to help. There hasn't been any further activity on this thread since the 9th so hopefully, this can be solved soon. If you want to join the conversation and try end help click on the link above.


Welcome to the Tableau Community Forum, Jason! We're excited to have you and hope we can help you find your solution


Community Highlights

+ Tableau Social Ambassador Mark Bradbourne has made an Escape Room on Tableau Public! It's a learning tool to get people to explore vizzes. Check it out here: Can You Escape? Tableau Escape Room by Mark Bradbourne


+ Zen Master Anya A'hearn shared: DataBlick Blog Dashboard Drama  - from Flat to Fabulous.  Using lighting to draw attention to what is critical: Dashboard Drama - From Flat to Fabulous! — DataBlick - there is a pretty fantastic .gif in the blog that we can't share here but you should definitely check out!


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley wrote a long-form read on data literacy examining through a linguistics and educator's lens: A Linguistics-Centric Take on Data Literacy


+ Tableau Public Ambassador Pablo Gomez shared,  Last Thursday’s Tableau DataVizDebate at LondonTUG between Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk was epic and if you didn’t see it, here is your chance to catch up and relive the moment! - Watch the full debate here:


There were numerous things to share this week, so apologies if we didn't feature your content. If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at us @tableausupport


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


Hi Tableau Community,


Welcome to the weekly Community Digest! I know many of you are avid users of Tableau Public, so if you're looking for ideas from a variety of data-sets why not check out this blog by Jacob Olsufka (Data Visualization Specialist at Spotify). How to find the best sources for free, public data sets | Tableau Software


You may remember at the last Tableau Conference, one of the topics of conversation was attribution in Tableau Public. The good news is you can now capture your sources of inspiration!

May 7th (updated).JPG

Speaking of Tableau Conference, don't forget we have a board for all things #TC. Feel free to drop by Tableau Conference and join the conversation. Maybe you'd like to tell us about your past experiences or perhaps vote on one of the #TC related ideas?

With only 41 days left, the countdown is on for TC Europe in Berlin. To register, check out

If you would like to apply to be a customer speaker at #TC in Las Vegas you can apply via the website HERE -->



In other news, Part II of the blog on Porting Tableau Server to Linux is now available, courtesy of Jeff Solomon




+ Harveen Kathuria in our Dev team is keen to hear your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take the survey HERE --> Survey - Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations

Keeping with the Excel theme, if you have previously voted on Idea #2767 Ewald Hofman would love to hear from you!

excel (pixabay).jpg


Top-Viewed Thread


Our most viewed thread this week is Calculation for year over year performance   If you'd like to learn more about how Level of Detail Expressions work in Tableau, it's worth referencing the online help section Overview: Level of Detail Expressions - Tableau


Top-Voted Idea


One of the most popular ideas is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. If this is a feature you'd like to see in a future release please add your votes and comments


If you spot any ideas that require a status change (eg: from 'Active' to 'Released'), please reach out to me Ciara Brennan (

Don't forget if you want to submit an idea or vote on an existing idea, you first need to log on to the Community Forums.



Community Highlights

+ For the maps fans out there, we welcome you to try out the latest Beta so that you get a chance to play with new vector tiles, may styles and background layers. Find out more in the blog by Ashwin Kumar.

Rev up mapping with new vector tiles, map styles, and background layers now in beta | Tableau Software


+  A new home experience is coming to Tableau Online! This will help you to quickly locate the most relevant data. It will be easier to see what's most important to you with dedicated sections for favorites and 'recents'.

Check out more in this post by Greg Bennett  A new home experience coming to Tableau Online


+ Shout out to Zach Leber and Michel Caissie to thank them for their recent contributions to the Forums! Nice work, thank you!


"Well-explained. Thank you once more." Post

"Hi Michel, Thank you so much for a quick response with a wonderful solution. This is exactly what I wanted. You are a genius! Nagendra" Post



If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in future Digests, feel free to reach out to the team. We would love to hear from you!


Til next time