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Wasn’t it great to see Tiger Woods winning his fifth Masters at Augusta yesterday? He is just the second ever player to win a Masters in three different decades (the first being Jack Niklaus). In honor of the win, I thought I’d share some golf vizzes that caught my eye.


First up is Becoming Golf’s Number One by Rody Zakovich, which shows how both Tiger and Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman dominated during their prime.


Next up, our friends at Interworks compiled a viz showing the impact of age in professional golf, and it turns out the sweet spot is the 32-33 age bracket


~~ Let us know if you come across any other great golf vizzes! ~~


There are some really impressive submissions for the 2019 Iron Viz Europe qualifier contest. The theme is 'Energy and Sustainability' and you can check out the 33 electrifying submissions at the gallery. Feel free to favorite your preferences and follow the authors --> See how the 2019 Iron Viz Europe entries visualize energy and sustainability | Tableau Public


My personal favorite is Breaking Bag Habits by Sarah Bartlett.

The dark background and creative design really makes the data pop, and I was particularly drawn to the Bag for Life section. I know I’m guilty of forgetting my Bags for Life in the boot of car and buying more during the next shop. So for me, seeing that Tesco sold a whopping 430M bags between 2017-2018 is an eye opener, and I will definitely be more mindful in the future.



If you have previously voted on Idea #2767, or are interested in seeing ‘excel like’ sorting in Tableau then our Dev team would love to hear from you. One of our Senior PMs in Dev (Ewald Hofman) is actively looking for further feedback and use cases, so please reach out to him at ehofman@tableau.com to share twbx files/screenshots on this topic.


A quick reminder about this video, which was created to help guide you through upgrading Tableau Server from 2018.1 (or earlier) to 2018.2



Top Voted Idea:

Our most popular Idea last week was #1215 [Desktop Edition should remember db server passwords]. This one has 362 votes to date, and if it’s something you would like to see in a future release please add your votes & comments. https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1215


One of the things we love most about new releases is the opportunity to flip ‘Active’ ideas to ‘Released’. Here is a quick snapshot of just some of the ideas we flipped with the roll out of 2019.1.


Most Talked About Thread:

The most popular thread last week was around calculated fields, which can often prove tricky. Kudos to Deepak Rai and Don Wise for jumping in with their suggestions.

Don’t forget that if you would like to help the Community you can always pop in to the Crow’s Nest to find the unanswered questions.


Community Highlights:

I suppose I cannot fail to mention #GameOfThrones, which - I’m reliably told by Jonni Walker – is “not really like Eastenders” (! )

So for the GoT fans in the house, I’m sure you’ll love Adam McCann's viz – Game of Thrones in words .


Before we wrap up, I'd like to a minute to recognize some folks for their recent involvement in the Forums. A big THANK YOU for the answers they have provided and the contributions they have made to the Community. We really do appreciate your efforts folks, thanks a million.

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