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Hello Tableau Community and #DataFam!


Welcome to another amazing week in the Tableau Community! This is such a vibrant and diverse community that it is truly a pleasure to be a part of and I love to see the continuous development and improvement. Recently, two of my loves combined, Tableau and my love for the one ring to rule them all! I am talking about the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) of course. This was one of the few books I read completely through that was not either mandated by schooling or was not focused on historical events or self-development. I rarely get engrossed by a fantasy book, But LOTR was a different story and kept me engaged the entire time. So what does this have to do with Tableau? Well, in my recent professed love of LOTR over Twitter, I was shared a couple awesome vizzes that I knew I needed to include them in my Tableau Community Digest. From James Smith, better known in the Twitter-verse as @sportschord shared the "The Lord of the Rings Story Line" viz. Another great LOTR viz is the takes a different route through vizzing middle earth and our favorite trio of hobbits. Creating what Ken Flerlage calls the Middle Earth Facebook. Both amazing vizzes! Check them out below:







Top-Voted Idea


An old one, but a good one, the top voted Community idea this week is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. This is to allow users to format their text used inside a calculated field in Tabeau. An example of this would allow users to modify the given format of a view depending on a parameter selection.


Your votes and comments are welcome on all Ideas so be sure to visit Ideas. Want more votes for your idea? Promote internally within your company to other Tableau Users. They will need to sign in or sign up to the Tableau  Community Forums.


Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread comes from EKENE ODIGBOH about Urgent Not actually, this was merely a title as Ekene needed some quick assistance on reproducing a heat map. The Community Forums was quick to help to provide examples of the desired heatmap using the packaged workbook attached in the original post. Don Wise was very helpful working through some iterations with Ekene, helping provide an understanding and achieve the desired results.


Have you helped out in the Tableau Community Forums? Check out the Tableau Crow's Nest for unanswered posts in the Community Forums: Crow's Nest



Community Highlights


+ Tableau Ambassador Mark Bradbourne has an amazing new blog out that looks at how sometimes we need to take a step back and bust out the old fashioned pen and paper. Check it out here.


+ Next level storytelling with the Tableau Extensions API written by Zen Master Merlijn Buit has just been released! Definitely, do not want to miss out on this amazing blog found here.


+ Pablo Gomez, a Tableau Ambassador, has a new webinar out for our Spanish speaking Tableau enthusiasts and aspiring data rockstars! The webinar can be found here.


+ Our Think Data Thursday occurred last Thursday! Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley gave an amazing talk about dashboard designing for your end user! Check out the #ThinkDataThursday playlist on YouTube with the latest Think Data Thursday from Bridget and all past #TDTs!


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy analyzing!



- Byrne


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Hi Tableau Community,


Welcome to the weekly Community Digest! The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend. Check out this visualization about the highest grossing Actors of All Time while you wait to see who gets this year's golden statues. Samuel L. Jackson with 108 movies throughout his career is the real deal.  Thanks to Ryan Sleeper Twitter:@ryanvizzes.  See his blog and related post here:


+  It was a big week here at Tableau 2019.1.1 with Ask Data and the much requested Tableau Prep Conductor.   Amanda Boyle has a post with links to all the information you need to get up and going with these new features.  Read here: Natural language and data prep at scale arrive with Tableau 2019.1


+ Speaking of 2019.1.1 - Zen Master David Murphy has a video showing what Ask Data is and it's benefits.  What is Ask Data in Tableau? #Tableau #AskData - YouTube


+ Our next Think Data Thursday is this Thursday, February 21st with Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley titled Think Data Thursday: The Logic of Dashboards - Designing for the Whole Picture - February 21st, 2019 8:00 AM Pacific . Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom


Top-Voted Idea

The top voted idea in the Community this week is one the request to "Show SQL".  This idea does have a few different solutions to utilize for finding the SQL sent to data sources so be sure to read the comments on page two and visit this KB article:      Your votes and comments are welcome on all Ideas so be sure to visit Ideas.


Woot! Did you notice that an idea created way back in 2012 by Shawn Wallwork has a status change to "Planned".  The idea Ability to Disable the One-Click Sort is now in planning.  Persistence and 771 upvotes votes are making this request a reality. Thank you for your votes and comments. Keep your eyes out for this hitting Beta soon.  


Most Talked About Thread


Community member Caitlyn Garger brings us this weeks most viewed thread on the topic of Normalization/Standardization.  Caitlyn's question is about normaling two different lines to better understand the relationship of the values when the axis minimizes the value/impacts of one of the lines.  Aurélien Vautier contributes a reply suggesting the use of a dual axis to better show the two lines and user Tim Dines shares a more detailed view utilizing a few other aggregation models and the use of shapes with commentary in the visualization.  Finally, Michael Hesser suggest even a few more options to compare the lines as well as methods to swap between different views.  The community provided all of these replies within a couple hours of the original post.  Thank you Aurelien, Tim and Michael.


Community Highlights

+ Zen Master Eva Murray authored a blog article about the top 7 skills for data analysts that you can read here: Top 7 Skills You Need To Have As A Data Analyst


+ Zen Master Ken Flerlage has created a new blog article on how to create gradient effects  on bar and area charts.  Ken loves taking Tableau to the next level so be sure to check out his blog.


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Keep vizzing everyone!



Hi Tableau Community,


Welcome to the weekly Community Digest! We have a number of announcements and things to highlight this week, but I wanted to lead off with a diagram and an excerpt from a blog I recently read from Ben Jones - former Senior Evangelist and head of Tableau Public and founder of Data Literacy. The blog titled On Giving and Receiving Critique in DataViz Communities opens with a simple question, "When, if ever, is it okay to give unsolicited, constructive feedback in public to someone who shares something they’ve made broadly online?"

Ben's blog.png


This is something our team thinks about a lot as we support our growing global community. We strive to support the full spectrum of skills and abilities in data viz, from novice and those just exploring the field to Zen Masters. I often wonder, How do you show support, while also building capacity and helping people build confidence? When is it your place to do so - and how do you approach this professionally and positively? How can we do more - and where are we falling short? How can we nurture a culture that continues to do this as well - and what can we learn from our community? These are rhetorical questions and they do not have one clear answer. I encourage you to read Ben's blog and think about how this may apply to your work and your professional and social circles. I enjoyed Ben's thoughts on this topic, and the blog was supported by many leaders in data viz that I greatly respect. If his writing resonated with you please let him know If you would like to discuss this, or any other topics about the Tableau community with me, please don't hesitate to reach out! I can be found here or on Twitter @ettaboyle. Thank you for being a part of the Tableau Community and continuing to support each other and our mission to help people see and understand data.



+ Last week we announced the 2019 Tableau Zen Masters! Here is a link to the blog with all the details: Introducing our 2019 Tableau Zen Masters | Tableau Software . If you would like to follow the group on Twitter check out this list: @tableau/Tableau Zen Masters on Twitter.


+ Follow all the Zen Masters in the forums! Here is the full list with links to their profiles: New 2019 Zen Masters: Simon Beaumont Ken Black  Merlijn Buit Rosario Gauna Chantilly Jaggernauth Yukari Nagata Klaus Schulte Luke Stanke &Mark Wu. Returning Zen Masters: Anya A'hearn Paul Banoub Mike Cisneros Bridget Cogley  Christopher DeMartini Ken Flerlage Tamas Foldi Yvan Fornes Ann Jackson Yoshihito Kimura Chris Love Lilach Manheim Adam McCann Joshua Milligan David Murphy Eva Murray   Shinichiro Murakami Rob Radburn Jeffrey Shaffer Ryan Sleeper & Emma Whyte


+ Our next Think Data Thursday is scheduled for Thursday, February 21st with Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley titled Think Data Thursday: The Logic of Dashboards - Designing for the Whole Picture - February 21st, 2019 8:00 AM Pacific . Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom


Top-Voted Idea

Two ideas in the forums received top marks for engagement; 'IN' Operator equivalent from Stephen Smirl and Ability To Select All Filters First Before Applying - Desktop & Server from Joseph Pirraglia. Joseph's idea has some valid comments asking how this is different than pausing live updates, and Stephen's has a number of workarounds showcased, and feedback shared from various Tableau employees. If you agree that these are needed features on the platform, or if you have more thoughts to add to the conversation, please log in to your community forum account to vote and connect with others.


Most Talked About Thread


This week we are showcasing a thread from Rogier Koning : Date is randomly changing format form DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY  where he shared, "I have an Excel sheet as data source. One column is a date in dd/mm/yyyy format. If I read the data into Tableau it changes the dates. Days with lower numbers get switched with the month while those with higher day-number (more than 12) day in the correct order." The issue was resolved when the contributors to the thread determined that OpenOffice was the source of the issue. If you have run into similar problems please read through the thread and continue to use the forums to look for solutions and to help others across the community!


Community Highlights


+ Singapore based Zen Master David Murphy recently updated his Find-A-Zen Tableau Public dashboard with the 2019 cohort. Check it out to see where the whole group is based and more quality info!


+ Thailand based Ambassador Siroros Roongdonsai shared that they are having their second Tableau User Group in Bangkok on February 18th. We don't always highlight Tableau User Group meetings here - but we are incredibly excited to see the increase in engagement across APAC and very excited to support Siroros! Thank you for all your hard work.


+ Zen Master Eva Murray 's latest Forbes blog looks at using data visualization to drive (and be) change in organizations and beyond. The piece features vizzes from the community, including Operation Fistula who are supported by the Tableau Foundation. Read more here: Data Visualization And The Power Of Persuasion


+ Ambassador Amanda Patist shared that Data + Women Amsterdam is having a meet-up next week, Tuesday February 19th. For more info and to register follow this link: Data + Women Amsterdam


+ Zen Master Ken Flerlage hosted a guest post on his blog by Kasia Gasiewska-Holc in which she talks about how to create custom animations and integrate them into your Tableau visualizations. The viz and the write up is brilliant! Check it out here: Creating Custom Animations for Use in Tableau (Guest Post)


+ Five-time Zen Master Anya A'hearn shared a blog on hosting a "Building off the Grid Dashboards" workshop based on the first Tableau "Kenya Day for Data" in Nairobi in November. "Off the Grid" - building Lo-Fi dashboards to create use and value outlines the activity + all the nitty gritty details so you can hold a similar workshop at your local Tableau User Group or office


+ Ambassador and #IronQuest Founder Sarah Bartlett published the summary of month 1 of #IronQuest last week. This post: Iron Quest - Analyzing Crime Data, includes all 27 crime-themed entries & the links to view the vizzes on Tableau Public. Iron Quest is a monthly community-led data visualization project that follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions. Participants have a calendar month to source a suitable data set and then design, build and submit a data visualization. To read more and learn how to get involved check out Sarah's post: Introducing Iron Quest


+ Our first Danish Tableau Zen Master Merlijn Buit shared this Tableau Tip: How to hide user prompts for extensions on Tableau Server. If you are developing features with the extensions API you should definitely follow and get to know Merijn's work. You can follow him on Twitter along with all the other Zen Masters with this list: Tableau Zen Masters



If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


Welcome to the Tableau Community Digest!


This week we're happy to share the latest blog on the power of Set Actions by the amazing Bethany Lyons. Speaking of set actions, check out Ken Flerlage's guide on zoomable charts. Tableau Zen Master Eva Murray has a great article on Forbes online that talks about how simple visual design can aid in communication.

  Feb 4th (second).jpg   Feb 4th (updated).JPG

Steve Wexler (aka VizBizWiz) has done quite a bit of pro-bono work for You can check out the interactive dashboards at




Save a date in your diary for our next #ThinkDataThursday on February 21st (8am PST). We're looking forward to Bridget Cogley bringing us 'The logic of dashboards - designing for the whole picture' Register. now!

Michelle Kosterich, one of our researchers here at Tableau, is interested to hear how you find content about Tableau Online and Tableau Server, and how that experience could be improved. We would love to hear your feedback so please take Michelle's survey.


Top Voted Idea


Our top voted Idea this week is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. To vote and comment on product ideas, please visit the Ideas space. If you spot any Ideas that should be marked as Duplicate, or indeed have any feedback you'd like to give on the Ideas process, please feel free to reach out to me directly at


Most Talked About Thread


The most popular thread this week, with over 440 views, is a post kindly put together by Bryan Fernandez with detailed steps on upgrading Tableau Server.


Community Highlights


This week I'd like to congratulate the following members on rising through the ranks and contributing to the Forums - Diego Parker (now at 'Data Connector' level), Christian Binderkrantz ('Data Wrangler') and ShivaRam Chennapragada ('Analytics Ace') 



That's a wrap for this week. As always, if you need to contact the team please feel free to drop us a line at