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The holidays are near and the community has many gifts to share.  A great starting place is with the Tableau Advent Calendar presented by Matt Francis to get you in the holiday spirit.  You can follow along with Matt's unveiling each day by following his Twitter feed here: Matt Francis (@Matt_Francis) | Twitter





+  It's that time of year where we open the door to new Zen Master nominations for 2019.  Want to learn more about what it takes to be a Zen Master or have someone to nominate?  Nominations will remain open until January 11th at 10 PM PST.  Want to learn more?  Please check out this post by our own Amanda BoyleWho should be in the next class of Tableau Zen Masters? | Tableau Software


+ Zen Master Eva Murray will be delivering the second webinar in the 'stats for dataviz' this Thursday at 4PM GMT/11 am ET with Anna Foard:  Interpreting Tableau's p-value for Linear Regression. You can register for this free event today here: Stats for Dataviz: Interpreting Tableau’s p-value for Linear Regression



Most Talked about Thread


The most viewed thread this week started off a few weeks back with a post by Wilfred Eze titled Help on mapping population census blocks using dynamic radius filter .  It's worth a great read to see a long time Tableau Community legend Richard Leeke and Tableau Employee, Sarah Battersby, and brain of all things maps come together to assist Wilfred.  If you missed this post, you will want to check it out.  This post exemplifies about how the community will not let you fail.  Thank you to Richard, Sarah and all that have contributed on this very challenging question.


Many new to the forums might miss this great resource: Getting Started in the Forums . Check out our 'Required Reading' section + Packaged workbooks: when, why, how and Resolving Issues in the Tableau Community . Join the conversation on this thread and let us know if these resources are helpful - or if there are any more we should highlight.


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea in the forums this week remains Control what displays in View Data.  Thank you for the feedback and votes on this one. The second top voted idea this week is Timezone personalization for Tableau Online subscriptions - please add your comments on this one for any clarification as we are engaged to update the idea this week.

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Community Highlights


+ In case you missed it, Zen Masters  Bridget Cooley and Joshua Milligan presented a webinar covering Set Actions and Transparency.  The recording of this great presentation may be found here:

Webinar: Tableau Stocking Stuffers, Set Actions, Transparency & More

Tableau Stocking Stuffers.gif


+  Zen master and Ambassador, Shinichiro Murakami , has joined forces with several Tableau Zen Masters and Ambassadors to encourage the community to create visualizations to introduce Japan to the rest of the world on Tableau Public with a project titled #vizitJapan.

We have a large community of Tableau users in Japan but we have very few posts on Tableau Public from this group of users.  This effort is focused on addressing the need for more posts on Tableau Public with a request to build visualizations to encourage more people to consider visiting Japan.  Japan will be hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games so this effort will provide a starting place for out community to learn more and prepare for visiting this amazing country.  Visit the blog post to learn more - 2020東京オリンピック・パラリンピックに向けて、日本の良さを世界に紹介するビジュアリゼーションを作成しましょう!(#vizitJapan) or come visit Shin's post here in the community: Launching Project #vizitJapan


+ With a bit of focus on our great international community of Tableau users this week, I also want to share a webinar entitled "Découvrez quelles visualisations choisir pour répondre à vos questions analytiques."  or  " How to build convincing dashboards" that was delivered in French by Tableau Zen Master, Yvan Fornes .  You can watch this here:  Concevoir des tableaux de bord convaincants | Tableau Software


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


Happy prepping, vizzing and analyzing!


Patrick VDH