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Hello Tableau Community,


Wow so only 2 weeks until Tableau Conference.  Will you be attending?  The Tableau Conference App is now available for download.  Download now and start planning your #TC18 experience.


Speaking of #TC18.  Have you earned a badge in the community for helping other members of the community? Be sure to pick up a sticker version of your badges to show off your accomplishments.   Not sure which badges you have earned, go check them out by selecting View Profile next to your name and then from the Profile screen, select the "More" drop down on the profile screen to get to "Your Reputation" where the Missions options will appear.  Missions will show you every badge that you have completed in the Forums.


There are still a very small number of spots left for Conference so if you have not registered to attend, do it today: Register for Tableau Conference!


You can keep up on all things Tableau Conference by following the #TC18 hashtag on Twitter.




+  Tableau's own Andy Cotgreave has posted a recap of the best of the last 6 months of what the Internet has to offer about Tableau. Best of the Tableau Web: Steam graphs, visualzing music, string calculations, and more.


+  Tableau Prep has some new tricks to share.  Product Manager Maraki Ketema shares whats new in the article: 2018.3.1 release in New in Tableau Prep: Cleaning improvements, database wildcard union and PDF connector.


+  Multi-table extracts are coming with the 2018.3 Tableau release.  What does this mean for you? Learn more from Steven Safreno in his blog post: You can now choose multiple table storage for extracts


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread in the forums this week was Year over Year Bar Chart w/ dual axis line chart posted on October 4th by Randy Colanta 18th.  Tableau Forum Ambassador Shinichiro Murakami helps Randy through some back and forth with a sample workbook to create bar charts to parse his data by month and then compare over time.  Finally Shin helps Randy with a bit of formatting for his view in a dual axis chart with lines and bars.


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea this week is to Change datasource on one worksheet and not others.   Shawn Wallwork provided a fairly quick  solution for this request last year by  doing the following:  Here's a slightly easier workaround:

1. Right-click worksheet tab and click 'Export'

2. Open Exported workbook and rename data source

3. Import the workbook into the original workbook


Do you have a vote or comment for this idea?  if so, be sure to vote*.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Community Highlights

Tableau Conference has something for everyone and the whole community is excited for #TC18.  Don't wait for conference to follow along and prepare.  Take Jeremy Poole's Survey here #TC18 New Orleans - Attendee Info  and then jump over and see how you compare to the rest of the community.


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at


Have a safe travel to New Orleans.  See you soon.