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Hi Tableau Community,


It is with a heavy heart that I would like to dedicate this post to Michael Cristiani, honoring his legacy and sharing sincere condolences with his family and everyone he touched in the Tableau community. I have only been a part of the team here for a year, and never had the pleasure to meet Michael, or even work with him, but he sounds like a remarkable man with a kind heart and generous character. I feel like I could have learned a lot from him, and he is someone I would have liked to have known. We have felt and witnessed this sad news spread through the community, and I know Elissa and some other Tableau leaders have shared notes on Twitter. We know that this does very little at this difficult time, but thought it important to let you know our thoughts are with his family as well as all of you who knew him.


Our former colleague Dustin Smith shared fond memories of early days with Mike, how he was honored as a leading community member on our 10th birthday, and this brilliant viz that was widely distributed years back: Pimp My Thanksgiving Meal.

Michael's legacy and impact lives on in this community and with all those who he touched. Thank you for all you shared with us. You will be greatly missed.





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+ Do you utilize static IP address values for accessing the Tableau Maps?  This is common if your company has a proxy setup for all internet requests.  On June 15th, Tableau will be updating the value for these IP addresses and you will want to prepare now.  Read how to prepare and test for this change now here: Important: Action Required to Continue Using Maps Proxy in Tableau


+ Are you a Tableau Server Administrator? Be sure to keep informed of Security Bulletins by "Following" the page. We have several new bulletins this week.




Cheers and congratulations to two community leaders for their notable achievements this week! Over 900 badges were awarded over the week, but the two stand out: Mavis Liu received the "Helpful is my middle name" badge for 50 "helpful" posts, and suman kumar is on their was earning the "Help Desk" badge for 5 answers being marked as helpful.


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread for last week from Renee Coker on Chronic Conditions Count Help gets back to where many of us started. The post opens with a note on how overwhelmed she has been with a project and an ask for help - We have all been there! Thank you Michel Caissie for rising to the challenge and working with Renee step-by-step to solve this problem! There were 26 replies on this thread over 48 hours - with Michael taking the time to explain nested calculations and the intricacies of pivot field values. It is a quality dialogue worth the read. * Kudos to Marc-Anthony Di Biase for sharing the Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing guide as well! Threads like this and support from community members is humbling and grounding! We are so lucky to get to support all of you.


Top Voted Idea


This idea, Control what displays in View Data from Darrin Schulte from 2012 is back on top this week with another 4 votes to get it up to 1113 votes. As Patrick Byrne shared last week, this is actively being looked at by the Tableau Product Management and Development teams for implementation to a future release. Keep voting and sharing your ideas for the Tableau product management team!


Community Highlights


Joshua Milligan & Bridget Cogley have an upcoming webinar on Tableau Tips and Tricks Round 2 on Wednesday, June 27th! Click on this link to register.


+ Lorena Vazquez just put out an amazing blog about how the SLDC process does not work for analytics.  It requires a team approach of devs and users: It Takes a Village


+ Here are the recordings from the recent London TUG shared on Twitter by Pablo Gomez: Pablo Gomez on Twitter: "If you missed last night’s #LondonTUG special with @Tableau Zen Masters, here are the recording…


+ Zen Master Christopher DeMartini shared this blog: Small Multiple Flows in Tableau including two Small Multiple Flow visualizations, built in Tableau, as part of this write up.


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley shared this article from her blog: That First Link. Bridget shared, "Humans are social creatures.  It’s how we survived.  We’re wired to find tribes, to prize a sense of belonging.  It’s why community – however it’s defined by the group…"


+ Zen Master Ken Flerlage sent over musings about analytics and data visualization: 3 Ways to Pivot Data for Tableau. Enjoy!



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Thank you all so much!