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+ We all have them: data sets that are dragons – from the cute but messy, to the most terrifying malformed monster.  But they can be tamed with Tableau Prep!  Join Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan to learn some techniques, from simple to advanced, to get your data under control in our next Think Data Thursday:  How to train your data dragon Thursday, May 31st.  This presentation will be recorded and may be watched on our YouTube channel if you are unable to attend.


+ TC18 in New Orleans is coming up fast! Join us in the Big Easy! Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link: https://tabsoft.co/2qozvrl


+ Do you utilize static IP address values for accessing the Tableau Maps?  This is common if your company has a proxy setup for all internet requests.  On June 15th, Tableau will be updating the value for these IP addresses and you will want to prepare now.  Read how to prepare and test for this change now here: Important: Action Required to Continue Using Maps Proxy in Tableau


+ Are you a Tableau Server Administrator? Be sure to keep informed of Security Bulletins by "Following" the page. We have several new bulletins this week.


Community Tips and Tricks

Did you know you can create new "Streams" to follow in the community from the page - https://community.tableau.com/news.  Each Stream can be set up for unique communication options under your User Preferences page in the community. 



Congratulations to Eric Hammond this week.  Eric picked up both the "Helpful is my middle name" badge (50 helpful posts) and the "Questions for Breakfast!" (25 replies marked correct) badge this week.  Cathy Bridges and Mavis Liu picked up the "I Know Stuff!!" badges this week for 10 correct marked replies.  Thank you to each of you for being rock stars in the community and helping make this the best Community in DATA.


Most Talked about Thread

The thread How can one choose to include or exclude data with certain condition on a calculated field? was the most discussed thread this week with 16 replies.  Bryce Larsen supplied the answer in detail with examples of using a Join rather than data blending to arrive at the solution.   Several members of the community contributed ideas to the thread and helped here.


Top Voted Idea

The idea Apply number formatting inside a calculated field is the most voted on idea for the last week with 7 more additional votes. This idea of controlling formatting across the values in a single field is originally created in 2012 and can be worked around with string


Community Highlights

+ Reminder -  From Zen Master Eva Murray: There is a Zen Master panel at the upcoming London TUG on 31 May, 2018. There will be a Q&A session along with presentations. To learn more and to register please visit this page: London Tableau User Group - May 2018 Tickets, Thu, May 31, 2018 at 6:30 PM


+ Zen Masters Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan will be presenting a webinar on Tableau Prep on 30 May, 2018. Check out more details and register here: Webinar: Tableau Prep


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