The Winter Games wrapped up yesterday! Relive the highs and lows of the women's halfpipe finals in this Winter Games Viz

What are your preferred sports during the Olympics? I love Figure skating and Alpine skiing!

A viz from Florian Ramseger

Snowboard Halfpipe Results | Tableau Public f.jpg

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+ When people combine interactive visual analysis with a narrative, they can consume, understand, think, and act much quicker vs. analyzing raw data in a spreadsheet or a static report.

Factor in stronger processing power, machine learning, and application programming interfaces (APIs), and computers have reduced time for creating narratives to seconds. Furthermore, NLG has become a valuable asset for organizations and is increasing data accessibility enterprise-wide. 

2018 Retail trends in-focus — Natural Language Generation augments visual analytics 


+ Looking for a template to build your own Living Annual Report? We got you covered!

Build your own Living Annual Report with this Tableau template


+ Project Maestro Beta #3 is under way!

New features include quick cleaning for string fields, quick filters for date ranges, wildcard union for Excel, drag/drop to add a file connection and more.

Sign up for beta via the link below.

Project Maestro | Tableau Software


+ If you are already in Project Maestro join the Community Group. This is open and welcome to the public: Project Maestro!


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This week, Tushar  More achieved an incredible high score!

With 72 posts and 25 marked as Helpful or Correct by the forums users, Tushar has been on the edge, acting as a Data Vanguard.

Thank you for your support!

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Most Discussed Thread

Artem Brauner tried to build a Max() calculation within a dimension, as he was struggling with the code.

Thanks to Zhouyi Zhang who provided an illustration, details and a workbook: an answer has been found! Thanks for your time

Calculation of max within dimension

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When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked, you can't lock any of its child projects.  This idea is to allow child project permission locked while parent project is unlocked.

If you are concerned by this suggestion, please upvote and comment it!

Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked 


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Check out Shinichiro Murakami's excellent Brain Teaser! Now with two Answers if you struggle with a solution.

Good luck everyone!

Educational Brain Teaser : running_sum by Year



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