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Tableau has a gigantic smart and fun community!

Before TC17 in Las Vegas, a lot of Tableau User Groups are gathering to discuss updates, products, tricks and have fun together.

Make sure to join the Events and Conferences: Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the Kentucky are all in the starting blocks for the United States while the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are boosting their power before the Conference.

tableau_healthcare_user_group_blog_header-_180x100.pngTableau Healthcare User Group UK



▲ Announcements

+ Gain new analytic superpowers as you join the Tableau Conference 17, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from Oct 9 to 12. We hope to see you there in two weeks! Learn more about the event:

+ There is so much to do at #Data17! Here are a few ways to ensure you'll get the most of the Community experience.

Data rockstars unite: Find your tribe at Tableau Conference 2017

+ Check out Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen's work: #DearDuo! An inspiring and smart project for fun and skills boosting.

#DearDuo: Our quantified-self journey


+ Are you a marketer that’s tired of creating reports in excel? Do you get annoyed every time you pull data from multiple platforms to create website traffic reports? Two of Tableau’s own marketers have created a next-level website analytics dashboard, with custom traffic metrics, to make reporting a breeze! They will be sharing their knowledge about Tableau at TC17 during their breakout session.

DIY Website Analytics Dashboards for Marketers at TC17




Today I particularly wanted to thank Andrew Kim for the quality of his work

44 posts have been published this week to help our community, while 39% have been marked as correct and helpful!

This is the highest ratio this last week but also for the whole month of September! (90 posts for 31 helpful or correct)


Of course, we at Tableau, are really appreciative of our users in the forums. We love to read your replies and different paths that will allow our customers to better understand Tableau while gaining more knowledge about a given topic. You totally help users see and understand their data. Doing so, YOU are a Data Rockstar! Cheers



Most Talked about Thread

557 views, 22 comments, Vasu choudhury almost nailed our community with his question about dynamically showing previous Quarters/Half Yearly values based on Time period selection.

Thanks to Norbert Maijoor, Shinichiro Murakami and Yuri Fal, THEY nailed him down with many excellent and detailed replies.

Congratulations to you all, you really are pillars of our community and we can't thank you enough for your dedication.

Show Previous Quarter/Half Yearly values based on Time period selection



Best ideas

This week I wanted to put the incentive on our Ideas. It really is a great place if you want to propose new features for Tableau, implement new things and directly discuss with our Dev teams.

The latter are regularly skimming through your threads in order to gather more feedback from our community, discuss implementations and raise the best detailed ideas for their projects.

If our products lack things that you really want to see added, come over and directly speak with us: Full List of Ideas



Enjoy the week, it is cold but very sunny in Dublin this Monday - I hope you're having a great weather as well. I can't wait for snowboarding season early in 2018! Ah... 2018, time flies right?

Until next time, happy analyzing!

As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to




→ BONUS from Danny Sutton, I spotted his Star Wars viz on Twitter: Sentiment Analysis; What fans feel about the franchise? - Tableau Public

(Han Solo shot first)

Do you love data analytics? Do you strive to improve processes or geek out over security? Do you believe in the power of understanding data to inspire true innovation?

Then, Tableau Conference 2017 is for you! You’ll be among thousands of fellow data people who understand that powerful insights, beautiful visualizations, and surprising revelations are a reason to get out of bed every day. And did we mention they love to have fun?


This is where data people gather to learn, collaborate, and network, building a lasting community with the power to make a difference. The excitement is tangible – you’ll feel inspired from the first moment, and build momentum as you discover new tools, techniques, and curiosity.

With more than 400 sessions of every level and focus, you’ll learn more in one week than you ever thought possible. From keynotes to breakouts, hands-on training to hands-in-the-air parties, you’ll be in the company of Tableau experts, partners, and customers: it’s data people paradise.


Gain new analytic superpowers to take home with you. You can even get certified as a Tableau expert. It’s all happening at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas - Oct 9-12.See you there, in a little bit more than two weeks!


Learn more about the event:





+  Create a viz using your personal fitness data, upload it to Tableau Public, and you’ll be on your way to slipping into some Lululemon apparel! You have until Saturday 30th of September to Submit your viz.

Join the #FitData17 viz competition for a chance to win gear at TC17 | Tableau Software

+ It’s time for another round up of the best of the #Tableau blogosphere! Fresh ideas & new bloggers in our community.

Best of the Tableau Web: Welcome to the new bloggers! | Tableau Software

+ So cool to see #vizforsocialgood at UNHQ for the General Assembly--front and center as leaders from around the globe come together to talk about our biggest challenges! Check out the vizzes on Tableau Public here: Socio-Economic Development and the Sustainable Development Goals - A Collection of Interactive Data Visualisations





Deepak Rai replied to 51 threads while having a dozen of them marked as correct and helpful!

Thank you very much for your time and skills Deepak! We hope that many users will be inspired by your performance and share their knowledge as well



Most Talked about Thread

Abderrahim Oubidar had a question related to filling some missing values in his data. He had 2 tables that he joins together, the first gives the sales for each day, the other is monthly budget.

Guess who solved it? Kalyan Allam: Congratulations, you rock!

Filling missing values in the data

Thank you everyone for jumping in that thread


Best idea last week

Luke Brady would like to enable Tableau Desktop to connect to and create an Extract of OneDrive content which is shared with me where I am not the owner.

Do you think like Luke? Then upvote and comment his idea!

Ability to Create Extract from someone else's OneDrive Data


Have a great week, and until next time, happy analyzing!

As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to

Tableau Conference on Tour landed in Berlin!

If you love data — the storytelling, the inspiring calls to action, the success it brings to your business — Tableau Conference On Tour, Berlin is where you belong. Network with hundreds of change-makers from every industry.

Get answers to your toughest questions. Get inspired by stellar Tableau and customer keynote speakers. Craft your personal learning journey with hands-on training sessions and one-on-one Tableau Doctor appointments.

And best of all, have an amazing experience with the Tableau community – complete with data people as smart and solution-driven as you!


Plan Your Tableau Conference on Tour 17 Berlin Experience and find out what else you can do in Berlin.

Learn more about the event:

TCON Berlin viz.jpg




+ Fellow data artists this is your moment: Show off your vizzing skills to claim Lululemon gear at Tableau Conference!

Join the #FitData17 viz competition for a chance to win gear at TC17 | Tableau Software

+ Learn how to use benchmarks in Tableau with Yvan Fornes! His different approaches and vizzes are mind-blowing.

Two approaches to benchmarking with Tableau | Tableau Software

+ Of course, the Tableau on Tour Conference, Berlin, started today! Are you attending this exciting event? 11-13 September.




This week, jennifer.vonhagel replied to 49 threads while having 17 of them marked as correct and helpful!

You contributions have been very appreciated by our community, and we are delighted to have you among our top users this week
Thanks everyone for helping the Tableau users!



Most Talked about Thread

Angela Torres needed help with downgrading a file from 10.3 to 10.2 using notepad and changing the version.

1827 views and 10 comments, Joe Oppelt dived in with a proper solution!

Convert .twb in 10.3 to 10.2 version

Thanks for your help!



Have a great week, and until next time, happy analyzing!

As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to

Welcome to my first weekly digest! Hopefully everyone is having a great Mon.. I mean, Tuesday, as the US celebrated Labor Day on Monday!

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country.


In the wake of hurricane Harvey we have seen countless stories on the devastation as well as relief efforts for the victims. The mounting cost of the effort is quickly turning Harvey into one of the costliest hurricanes to ever make landfall! To give a better idea of the costs incurred by other hurricanes Raycom News Network,  Raycom News Network | Tableau Public, created the below Tableau Public visual.  Harvey is expected to cost upwards of 190 billion dollars. In comparison to the most recent on the chart, hurricane Sandy, which had an estimated cost 70.2 billion.

Places to donate or show support for Harvey Relief efforts:


American Red Cross | Houston Chapter

Ways to Donate


Feeding Texas 


Save the Children

Ways To Give - Save the Children


SPCA of Texas

Donate to the SPCA of Texas Online - SPCA of Texas




Yvan Fornes recently wrote a blog posted featured on (linked-below) that discusses the use of Tableau and bench-marking. Many industries use benchmarks to determine the performance of a particular campaign, product line, or competition. Tableau allows Yvan to gain insight into the performance against the benchmarks.


Two approaches to benchmarking with Tableau | Tableau Software




Big congratulations to community member Hari Ankem on earning the Help one, Help all! badge! This badge is received for having 100 answers marked helpful!




Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of replies on a thread

Peter Haenggi wanted some more information on creating a grand totals calculation that worked for all columns in the given view. There is some excellent discussion on thread, think you might have insight, all assistance is appreciated: Grand totals working for some columns and not others - Help



Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea this week is Control what displays in View Data originally contributed by Darrin Schulte  with 863 votes for this idea and 102 comments. There has been conversation regarding this idea since 2012. Have a suggestion or additional use case to share for the idea? Follow the link and add your vote to learn more and support the idea!


That's all I've got for this week. Have a great one and until next time, happy analyzing!


As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to