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Hi everyone, happy Monday!


Dun dun dududun dun dududun: Games of Thrones is coming back and we've got a fabulous viz fromannabelle rincon!

Which GoT character has the highest probability of ruling Westeros? Check out her viz to find out: Tableau Public

And remember... No spoil!





+ Seven years ago we launched @TableauPublic. The community has spoken by uploading 1,000,000 vizzes!

Check out the #1,000,000 viz: Tableau Public hits 1 million vizzes


+ Calling all developers! We're excited to announce our virtual JavaScript API Hackathon: Developer Hackathon - win a FREE pass to TC17!

And don't miss our JavaScript API FB Live this Friday 4t of August, 11am PST.



+ Fantastic ratio from Michael Someck this week! 15 out of 29 of his replies are correct 1 helpful which make him the most accurate on the Community forums this week. Yeah, I think it deserves a round of applause (and a few beers, but everything is an excuse to drink in Ireland )

Thank you everyone, helping on the forums is one of the most amazing things with this community: you're so friendly and love to help each others!

Keep it up



Most Talked about Thread

This last week, Ken Muir had a question about how to manipulate the data so he could see exactly what location the product is in at any date with SQL Custom Query.

Filling in the missing dates

kettan jumped in for a solution! Jonathan Drummey added a nice touch to the already existing content.



In other news

+ Tableau 10.4 Beta is available! If you are interested in exploring the many new features, check out the blog and get signed up by sending an email to Learn more here: Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data | Tableau Software


+ Lucky you! The last-chance discount for the Tableau Conference 2017 has been extended - save $100 until next Friday!

Tableau Conference 2017 | Las Vegas | October 9-12 | #data17


+ Andy Kirk of Visualizing Data is kicking off a crowd-sourced project, The Chartmaker Directory. It’s “an attempt to gather and organise a useful catalogue of references that will offer people a good sense of what charts can be made using which tools and, where necessary, how.”

Want to get involved? Submit examples (un-filled circles) or tutorials/how-to (filled circles) for the various chart types using Tableau! (Note that examples and tutorials can only be submitted via a link, so they must be posted online.)


From Andy:

“On the top left you will find the + button which offers a simple three-step process to allow contributors to suggest a link to either an example or tutorial of a chart being made by a specified tool. Multiple references are welcome for the same chart-tool combination but, inevitably, plugging the gaps as much as possible is a key goal, initially at least.

Submitted suggestions will be received on email and considered for inclusion, please don't expect them to automatically appear in the directory.

For more information about the project, check out Andy’s blog.



Any suggestions or things you want to add to the Weekly Digest? Send your submissions to!

Happy analyzing!

Happy Monday everyone. 


Lots of attention is being paid to the solar eclipse occurring across much of the USA next month (August 21).  Are you planning to watch it live?  Find out if you are going to be in the full shadow of the moon to see the eclipse by reading up at one of the many great resources online such as Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Maps of the Path.   Do you have an eclipse related Viz to share?  Be sure to let us know at


This eclipse talk can not go by without a bit of speculation about those unexplained spots of light in the sky.  Is it UFO, weather balloon, or meteor?  I found this great post by Florian Ramseger posted last year at this time: Web Scraping for Everybody: Using the Import Functions in Google Sheets with Tableau Public 10 | Tableau Public  where you can learn more about UFO's through history and speculate why some years and places have more reported sightings than others.  Dig into the data and build your own hypothesis.







+ Tableau Senior Research Scientist,  Sarah Battersby is back again this week with another of her great and helpful posts related to mapping.  This time she is teaching us about jittering points on maps when working with overlapping data points.  Read about it here: Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Maps of the Path



+ Congratulations to Zhouyi Zhang  who earned the "Answer Wizard" Badge this week.   More than 100 of Zhouyi's replies have been marked as correct. Thank you from the Tableau Community for the huge impact you have had ZZ!


Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of replies on a thread

Michael Simons posted a question asking about parsing String value sub-strings.  In this case, the question relates to finding rows with specific words.  kettan and Sherzodbek Ibragimov both jumped in to assist with this ideas to assist this task.  While the final marked correct post was from Sherzodbek, there are some great ideas shared in the entire thread.  The Tableau Community team utilizes Reg-ex to locate and manage some of the content in the community as well. Do you ever have to tackle managing data manipulation of String values?  Learn more about capabilities of Tableau here: Additional Functions 


In other news

+Tableau 10.4 Beta is available! If you are interested in exploring the many new features, check out the blog and get signed up by sending an email to Learn more here: Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data | Tableau Software


+ Have you picked up your ticket for Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas?  Conference this year is occurring October 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.   Conference sells out every year so be sure to make that reservation early.  The Tableau Community team will be there again.  


Please feel free to send submissions or suggestions to


Happy analyzing

Happy Wednesday everyone! There was a bit of a learning curve tracking down all the data I needed to put together my first digest so I apologize on the delay! I look forward to this becoming a seamless process and working hard to support the Tableau Community!


To carry on a tradition from Diego I want to share a “Today in History.”


“On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta*” -- the Rosetta Stone! As a lover of learning new languages and exploring new cultures I thought this would be great to share. I feel strongly that knowing and understanding data connects people in new and unique ways and I love to find new ways to tell stories with data in Tableau. Please share your stories of how using data, Tableau, or learning a new language has helped you break down barriers in the comments below!


+ Check out these great Vizzes on Tableau Public on language to learn more: + Are We Speaking The Same Language? by Bridget Winds Cogley + Colorful Language of the Bible by Robert Rouse + What is the ‘Best’ Second Language to Learn? by Michael Brinn and Mike Cisneros







+ Former Community Manager Tracy Rodgers wrote a great blog to help you “Learn how the Tableau community is using IT data to gain insights that drive decision”. She learned that It organizations are challenged to integrate and blend data, that it's important to quickly understand what's happening, and that Tableau dashboards are used as a consolidated monitoring tool for IT organizations. Check out the full blog for more information. Great work Tracy! 


+ Tableau Product Manager for Maps and Spatial Analysis Kent Marten is looking for feedback from customers who work with maps and spatial data. From Kent, “I am organizing a customer study to learn more about how you use spatial data in Tableau. We have had a ton of feedback over the years, but since the release of the spatial file connector in Tableau 10.2, there's been a surge in interest in mapping in Tableau. I want to make sure that we're aligned with our customers and building the right features and capabilities into the coming releases.
Follow this link to the thread to participate:



+ Congratulations to Michael Someck and Kaz Shakir who all earned “Questions for Breakfast” badges! More than 25 of your responses have been marked as correct. Thank you for your dedication to the Tableau Community!


Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of replies on a thread

Malini Ram started a discussion on “6 measures total, 4 need to be as bars and two as lines. This thread received 18 responses and over 150 views this week. Hari Ankem has been a huge help on this thread but it is still not resolved. Can you help?


In other news

+ We shared this last week but would like to again highlight that the Tableau 10.4 Beta is now available! If you are interested in exploring the many new features, check out the blog and get signed up by sending an email to Learn more here: Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data | Tableau Software


That’s all I have for my first post! Please feel free to send submissions or suggestions to


Happy analyzing

This week, on the 14th of July, is the French National Day! "La Prise de la Bastille", Storming of the Bastille is a very important day in the history of France as it enabled the creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The royal government fought against the people, mutinous French guards, and mercenaries for the Bastille. The latter was a prison detaining people who said or wrote things that displeased the monarchy - thus making the prison the true symbol of absolutism. Hundreds of women, men, influencers attacked the building and took it by force at the cost of many lives taken. The monarchy had been brought down and the National Assembly created - We still use it nowadays.

Get ready for gigantic fireworks, military parades, and many concerts.




It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: You can finally get your hands on a version of Tableau Server on Linux. Our beta version is ready for you to test, provide feedback, and experience the power and flexibility of Tableau Server on “the penguin”. You can look forward to some exciting capabilities in this version of Tableau Server from an admin perspective, including a new option to choose how to authenticate users with LDAP.


The Ambassador program has grown to include representatives of user groups, social media mavens, Tableau Public leaders, and forum moderators that help serve our more than 100,000 passionate users!

Join us in welcoming Franca Higginbotham, Okechukwu Ossai, Jim Dehner, Zhouyi Zhang, Ann Jackson, Rajeev Pandey, Filippo Mastroianni, and Pablo Gomez




Congratulations to Mihai Constantinescu who obtained 12 correct posts in a week! A fantastic achievement, well done Mihai



Most Talked about Thread

I have particularly been interested in two threads this week! Amazing how our lovely community help each others, follow up and stand their ground until the issue is solved!

You truly rock, thanks for your help!



Top Voted Idea

Do you want to allow web editors and dashboard builders to create “dual axis maps” and synchronize the axis?

Then vote up this top idea from last week: Pratap Chilamakuri



In other news



Thanks for your time, have a great week and... happy analyzing!

As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to

Happy 3rd of July


This week we celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S.  Many of our employees are out on summer holidays enjoying time with family and friends. Fireworks displays are best watched from the sidelines in my opinion. Here is a Tableau Public viz created by Inquidia Consulting from 2015 about the most common injuries related to fireworks. Playing it Safe With Fireworks | Tableau Public




This is the last week that Diego medrano will be a member of the community team here at Tableau. He leaves for Philadelphia and a new adventure next week. We are sure he will do well in his future endeavors.  


Do you utilize the Tableau Mobile app? Do you have suggestions or ideas for improving the app experience? Shweta Jindal is collecting your ideas and feedback in the thread Content discovery on Mobile. Take a moment to visit.




Congratulations to Hari Ankem  who achieved the "Question for Breakfast" badge - meaning that 25+ of his responses have been marked as correct. Thank you Hari!


Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of replies on a thread

Amelia Kohm asked Does Tableau Public work with Tableau Server?  Hari Ankem and Shawn Wallwork both provided detailed answers. This post really helps clarify the differences between Tableau Public, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Desktop. Thank you Hari and Shawn!



Top Voted Idea

This weeks top voted idea is Shared DataSource Site within Tableau Server. This idea received 17 votes last week for a total of 68.



In other news



That's all I've got for this week. Have a great one and until next time, happy analyzing!



As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to