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Happy Holidays from the Tableau Community Team!


In the spirit of the season I am going to highlight this week's theme for MakeoverMonday. Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel shared a data set on Christmas trees sold in the US from 2004 – 2016 from the data source Statista. Here is Eva's blog rendition of the data: Fake Christmas Trees are Becoming Increasingly Popular in the US and Andy's: Americans Favor Fake Christmas Trees More and More.


Community Member Yanning Wang produced this creative viz:


When you are looking at the data, it is clear the trend is that artificial trees are gaining preference in American, but I think this a great opportunity to ask why.

The data the #MakeoverMonday duo presented only covers up to 2016, but as this article from December 10, 2017 in NPR explores, "This Year's Christmas Tree Shortage Has Roots in the Recession." It would be interesting to analyze the data presented with data on the year-over-year average cost per tree, and supply vs. demand data related to the past couple years of Christmas trees to see other trends. Maybe next year ...


If you are interested in this making your own viz head over to the MakeoverMonday site and download the data and have a go! A blog will be shared next Monday highlighting lessons and favorites from the community submissions, as well as a Viz Review at 4:30pm GMT December 27th: more info here.


*MakeoverMonday is a fantastic weekly social data project created by members of the Tableau Community, and not a Tableau program. We are grateful for many of the opportunities they support, and the creative solutions and learning opportunities that are showcased through this work. #MakeoverMonday is community driven and a great way to grow your Tableau skills. Don't just take my word for it though, explore MakeoverMonday here!








+ It's that time of year again! Who do you think should be the next Tableau Zen Master? The nomination period is open until 10:00pm PST on Friday, January 19th. Further details about the Zen Master program can be found on the Zen Master page. Already know all the details? Here is a direct link to nominate a Zen Master. We will announce the new class of Tableau Zen Masters in February of 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!


+ Have you heard about the Project Maestro beta? We are rethinking data prep, to give you an intuitive experience that's visual, direct, and deeply integrated with the rest of Tableau. If you are a current Tableau customer you are welcome to test the latest version of beta. Sign up here and a member of our team will be in touch to support you. Please allow for a delay with the end of year holidays.


+ If you are already in Project Maestro join the Community Group. This is open and welcome to the public!



Congratulations to Tableau Community members Brent Mathison for earning the Questions for Breakfast badge for having answers marked correct 25+ times and to Manuel Vasquez for earning the I love helping! badge for having answers marked helpful 25+ times! These are huge contributions to our community. Thank you both for your support!


Most Talked about Thread

The thread I need the Month name to be displayed in English, but it shows in Portugues posted by Silvia Assuncao was this week's most popular thread, with 13 replies, and has been answered. Silvia is new to Tableau so first and foremost - Welcome! We are very happy to have you as a new community member! She correctly attached a packaged workbook and was assisted by Tushar  More. Tushar first advised her to change her workbook's language and locale. Silvia followed up with additional questions and shared screenshots - great call! This makes it much easier to answer. It looks like a number of people found this thread useful so thank you to you both - and thank you for your help in getting this resolved so quickly Tushar!


Top Voted Idea

Community member Darrin Schulte shared the idea Control what displays in View Data with 11 new votes in the past week giving it 1,005 total to date. This was also the top voted idea the last time I wrote the Community Digest back in November. We are paying attention to this and as Zi Krostag mentioned in September, "We really want to do this, and it's on the list, but there are a lot of competing priorities. I'll update when I can say something more concrete." I am reaching out to Zi to share this news with his team and we appreciate all your feedback and votes for this idea.


That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to


Happy analyzing!




Dr. Seuss was a man who wrote the stories that most of us remember reading before bed time when we were kids. The man was a legend in the industry for creating this rhyme filled adventures in his wonderful wild land filled with characters such as the Lorax and the Cat in the Hat. One of his most famous books is the timeless classic Green Eggs and Ham. Corey Jones examined just how masterful Dr. Seuss was with his words in this Viz about the number of words used in the classic.


More from Corey can be seen in his gallery on his blog, found here: gallery . As well as on his Tableau Public profile: Corey Jones | Tableau Public




+ Do you use Tableau Online to share Vizzes? If so, be sure to check out Greg Bennett's post. Get Ready for the Tableau Online Upgrade to 10.5 where Greg covers the new features with 10.5 and what they mean for you.




Congratulations to Joe Mako for achieving the "Help One, Help All" badge this week with 100 posts marked "Helpful". In addition Brent Mathison achieved the "Helpful is my middle name" badge. Also achieving the "Questions for Breakfast" badge is Peter Fakan! These contributions of Tableau users is what makes this community great. Thank you for your contributions!


Most Talked about Thread

The post Nesting IF/CASE question by Brandon Grell was posted on December 14th. Jim Dehner was able to provide an answer that was marked correct after a several comments of assistance were offered from other customers.







Top Voted Idea 

This week's top voted idea is the Ability to Disable the One-Click Sort idea going back to Valentine's, February 14th, 2014 by Shawn Wallwork. This idea gained 10 new votes this week.


Other News


Being avid consumers of data science and visualization they seem like a common phrase. But how common are these phrases? Hannah yan han created this visualization looking at Google Trends data and examined how often the terms "Data Visualization" and "Data Science" were searched in major cities across the globe.



That is the news for the week!


Please send any comments, questions, or concerns to the community team at



It's hard to believe but the Olympics are right around the corner.  The 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Are you preparing to watch hours of Skeleton, Curling, and Nordic Combined?  While you wait for the start of the games, be inspired to create your own Olympic Dashboard. 

Here is a dashboard I found on Tableau Public from the four years ago. Building a viz for fun is where you take Tableau to all new levels. Do you have an idea for a 2018 Olympic viz?   Share in the comments. 






+ Have you voted for the Business Intelligence Trend of 2018?  That's right, you the community of Tableau users are invited to vote on what you think the most important trend in BI today is?  Andrew Grinaker has this post explaining more - Introducing the Tableau Community’s “11th Trend” – Vote Now with a link to voting here: 11th Trend Survey | Tableau Software .  Please come on over and share your voice. 


+ Are you a Tableau Online user? If so, be sure to read Greg Bennett's post Get Ready for the Tableau Online Upgrade to 10.5 where Greg covers the new features with 10.5 and what they mean for you. 





Congratulations to Glenn Kuly and Alvino Vaz for achieving the "Helpful is my middle name" badge this week with 50 posts marked "Helpful".  In addition this week, arvindgarg and sunil.sachdeva achieved the 'Questions for Breakfast' badge representing 25 answers marked as 'Correct'.  These contributions of Tableau users helping each other makes our community the special place it is. Thank you!! 


Most Talked about Thread

The post Making parameter that will change chart label by Dimitriy Shcherbenko was posted on December 7th.   Tableau Ambassador Shinichiro Murakami provided the answer marked correct after several other customers offered assistance and direction.   The solution shows off the power of table calculations in Tableau. 





Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea is the 'IN' Operator equivalent idea going back to 2012 by Stephen Smirl  .  This idea gained 7 new votes this week.  The FAQ page FAQ:  'IN' operator is another resource to review if you too find this idea of interest. 


Other News

+ We had a great Think Data Thursday last week as Steve Wexler from Data Revelations presented how to use Tableau with survey data.  If you missed this presentation, you can watch it by clicking here.  Thank you again to Steve.


That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to


Happy analyzing!


The first Weekly Digest of December 2017!

There are plenty of great things to come: Project Maestro, Tableau 10.5, a new Think Data Thursday, more features and more of YOU!

PS: Could you please bring me some snow, in a jar? There is none in Dublin at the moment! I might be able to grow some snow in my garden right?


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▲ Announcements

+ The Tableau 10.5 beta is available. Interested in beta testing the next version of Tableau? Explore all the features on the Coming Soon page, including mapping updates, Viz in Tooltip, Hyper, Linux, and more!

Sign up today to take part in the Beta by following this link: Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software.

The Beta Developer Tools announced at Tableau Conference may also be found online in the Developer Preview here: Tableau's Developer Tools & APIs

[Download Tableau 10.5 beta]


+ Think Data Thursday, on Thursday, December 7th at 8:00 AM PST! Attend the podcast and join Steve Wexler from Data Revelations and us as he will be showing how to use Tableau with survey data.

You can learn more and sign up today for this online webinar here: Jump Start Visualizing Your Survey Data Using Tableau

  • 8:00 am PST (Seattle) // 11:00 am EST (New York) // 02:00 pm GMT-2 (Brasilia) // 16:00 BST (Western Europe) // 17h00 CET (Eastern Europe) // 7:00 pm MSK (Moscow) // 00:00 am CST (China) // 01:00 am JST (Tokyo)


+ New Amazon Web Services Data Center in Oregon!

Last year we announced Tableau Online was running on Amazon Web Services in the Eastern United States.

Now, we’re deepening our relationship with AWS and increasing the choices we’re able to offer our customers by launching a new US-West (Oregon) data center!

Learn more: AWS + Tableau: West coast data center is now available


+ We’re excited to release the first beta of Project Maestro, a new approach for combining and cleaning data.

We’re rethinking data prep, to give you an intuitive experience that’s visual, direct, and deeply integrated with the rest of Tableau. With Project Maestro, you have the context to work faster and with more confidence.

Discover the three big focus areas that we’re investing in to help you with your data challenges: Now in beta: Visual data prep with Project Maestro


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This week, Dilyana Suleymanova asked a question regarding shadow between the min and the max value of a Gantt chart.

That's a neeeew challenge for Alvino Vaz: he took some screenshots and created a how-to guide for Dilyana. The result? A detailed and correct answer + a delighted user!

Alvino, thanks a lot for stepping in *fist bump*

How to shadow an area in the gantt chart?

Tableau Division.png

Top Voted Idea

Recently, Samantha Miller was suggesting that her users could do with a new feature for the Story points: to create a Story line with the ability to pull in dashboards that they have access to, and develop a comprehensive overview of what happened.

I think that's a very exciting and interesting idea!

Our Storytelling Product Manager, Jewel Loree is actually chatting with her so they can enhance Tableau even more.

Please input your own ideas and suggestions, we would love to hear from you

New Features for Story Points


Tableau Division.png

▲ Other news

I don't want to push it again, but... Christmas!!

Check out Tyler Garrett's viz that I spotted this week. Would you be able to recreate it? That's the challenge. Good luck!

Is it time for the Christmas Tree? (a story & challenge)



Thanks for visiting and using our forums. Until next time... Happy Analyzing!

Any comments, suggestions, or feedback: please feel free to send a mail to the community team at