Tableau and art are synonymous in my mind and it always pleases me to see Tableau used for artwork!


Check out this amazing loom artwork done with Tableau! Full details on how to create these amazing pieces of artwork are found in the following @ken_fle Ken Flerlage blog post: Loom Art in Tableau - Ken Flerlage: Analytics Architecture, Strategy, & Visualization

Another amazing Viz of Ken's is the Beauty of PI! Found here: Workbook: The Beauty of Pi




+The Tableau 10.5 beta is available.  Interested in beta testing the next version of Tableau?   Explore all the features on the Coming Soon page, including mapping updates, Viz in Tooltip, Hyper, Linux, and more!

Sign up today to take part in the Beta by following this link: Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software.

The Beta Developer Tools announced at Tableau Conference may also be found online in the Developer Preview here: Tableau's Developer Tools & APIs


+It's been a few months since our last Think Data Thursday group presentation.  Steve Wexler from Data Revelations will be joining us on Thursday, December 7th at 8:00 AM Pacific time to show us how to use Tableau with survey data.  You can learn more and sign up today for this online webinar here: Think Data Thursday | Jump Start Visualizing Your Survey Data Using Tableau




Congratulations to the our Tableau Community member Brent Mathison for earning the I love Helping! badge for having 50 posts marked helpful! Alvino Vaz and Ravindra Zinjad both earned the Help Desk badge for having 5 answers marked correct!


Most Talked about Thread

The thread Re: How do I use two parts of a pivotted column for x and y values on a graph? was posted by Laura Shireman on November 16th, 2017 at 11:47 AM. Deepak Rai quickly replied with a suggested solution as well as the ambassador Joe Oppelt stepping in for a brief moment to assist. Deepak offered several potential views with the given data source. In the end they determined the best method moving forward would be to re-shape the data in Excel prior to connecting to it in Tableau.


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Darrin Schulte posted Control what displays in View Data on February 22nd, 2012. This idea was voted on 7 times last week. Thank you for your contributions!