It's Monday, and I bet you will all follow the great eclipse path across the USA today, 21st of August! Don't forget to wear adapted eye-wear to keep your eyes safe

The last great eclipse in the US was in 1991, so don't miss the incoming one, in 6 hours! That will be 9am in Seattle for reference.

However as much as I love science, we already discuss that matter last week in details + viz: Community Digest August 14th

Also, check out this great Total eclipse of the data


Today we will discuss about gaming.

This week in Europe, the biggest Gaming convention will kick off: the gamescom 2017!

It is the world's second largest gaming event with more that 350,000 visitors, 6,000 journalists and 700 exhibitors from more than 90 countries. I am going to the event again this year in order to discover the news from gaming companies, try out their novelties and also interview the developers in order to share their precious information to the gaming communities, online. Cologne is also a beautiful city, I can't wait to visit new areas.

I would be more than happy to meet with you on-site if you are attending, to discuss games and Tableau's analytics around some drinks!

Check out this great viz from Victor Perazzolo about players' movement patterns in the WoW continent maps. It can be filtered by Race, Class and Level.

→ World of Warcraft Heatmap - Tableau Public

Do you have any great gaming viz to share with us?

Analytics WoW.jpg




+ Have you checked the July edition of Best of the Tableau Web? As always, there’s a great variety of tips and tricks for every level!

Best of the Tableau Web: It's all about community!


+ The Fringe Festival APAC is only 4 days away! Register to hear tips & tricks on visualization, design & much more!

Tableau Public - TFFAPAC


+ Community voting is now open for the virtual JavaScript API hackathon! Get your vote in today.

JavaScript API Hackathon Community Voting




This week, Deepak Rai replied to 59 threads while having 12 of them marked as correct and helpful!

You contributions have been very appreciated by our community, and we are delighted to have you among our top users this week

Thanks everyone for helping the Tableau users!



Most Talked about Thread

Kevin Denman wanted to configure his Excel Workbook in Tableau server so he could update the excel file and push it to Tableau server.

While he was looking for a way to configure a data flow pointing to the local file path, Jonathan Drummey put on his super-hero mask & suit (no cape!), and he delivered this very detailed answer: Can I use a desktop excel file as a live data source for Tableau Server?

Thanks for your help!



Top Voted Idea

Paul Miller needs Tableau to pass the user through to Snowflake so that when Tableau executes a query to a secure view that he created, the query can call the appropriate Snowflake database function to filter the result by that user.

Many users are also thinking this would be an excellent idea! What about you?

Make sure to support his idea by upvoting and commenting in the following thread:



Have a great week, and until next time, happy analyzing!

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