This week, on the 14th of July, is the French National Day! "La Prise de la Bastille", Storming of the Bastille is a very important day in the history of France as it enabled the creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The royal government fought against the people, mutinous French guards, and mercenaries for the Bastille. The latter was a prison detaining people who said or wrote things that displeased the monarchy - thus making the prison the true symbol of absolutism. Hundreds of women, men, influencers attacked the building and took it by force at the cost of many lives taken. The monarchy had been brought down and the National Assembly created - We still use it nowadays.

Get ready for gigantic fireworks, military parades, and many concerts.




It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: You can finally get your hands on a version of Tableau Server on Linux. Our beta version is ready for you to test, provide feedback, and experience the power and flexibility of Tableau Server on “the penguin”. You can look forward to some exciting capabilities in this version of Tableau Server from an admin perspective, including a new option to choose how to authenticate users with LDAP.


The Ambassador program has grown to include representatives of user groups, social media mavens, Tableau Public leaders, and forum moderators that help serve our more than 100,000 passionate users!

Join us in welcoming Franca Higginbotham, Okechukwu Ossai, Jim Dehner, Zhouyi Zhang, Ann Jackson, Rajeev Pandey, Filippo Mastroianni, and Pablo Gomez




Congratulations to Mihai Constantinescu who obtained 12 correct posts in a week! A fantastic achievement, well done Mihai



Most Talked about Thread

I have particularly been interested in two threads this week! Amazing how our lovely community help each others, follow up and stand their ground until the issue is solved!

You truly rock, thanks for your help!



Top Voted Idea

Do you want to allow web editors and dashboard builders to create “dual axis maps” and synchronize the axis?

Then vote up this top idea from last week: Pratap Chilamakuri



In other news



Thanks for your time, have a great week and... happy analyzing!

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