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Looking for a place to go during your Holidays? The weather is way too hot these days, I'm sure you want to come over and get some refreshments in the United Kingdom

Tableau Public - How wet is the UK? // Author: Ravi Mistry

Here you can clearly see: the farthest you go to the west, the more it rains... I live in Ireland, you can't imagine how much rain we get!



We’re happy to announce that Tableau has issued an updated Service Organization Controls SOC 2, Type II, Security and Availability report for Tableau Online, covering the period of April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017. In addition, the Tableau Security and Compliance program has also issued a SOC 3 report.

Tableau releases SOC3 and updates SOC2 report for Tableau Online | Tableau Software



Excellent job Hari Ankem! 98 posts in the last 8 days while having many helpful and corrects answers.

Your help to the community is very valuable. We appreciate your time in making the Tableau forums a better place for our users


Most Talked about Thread

With almost 30k views (yes) and 50 replies Force Blanks to Show is still an interesting topic for our users.

Want to know more about adding blank spaces into your boards? Check this thread out!

Thanks everyone who have been involved in this one!


Top Voted Idea

Last week's most popular idea was created by @Matt_Francis. He wants to show suspended tasks in the task window: are you supporting this idea?

Make sure to upvote and comment it!



In other news

Wow! The second round of our Student Viz Assignment Contest attracted 250 amazing submission. Here are the top 3: Announcing our Student Viz Assignment Contest Round 2 Winners! | Tableau Public


Do you have an idea for a Think Data Thursday presentation? Please email us at Community@Tableau.com


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