Hello everyone and happy Monday! It's our Global Sales Kick-off week here at Tableau which means lots of trainings, lots of meetings, lots of catching up, and (of course) lots of brews! Combine that with my flight back from Boston last night and there's a good chance I might look like this by the end of the week:


BUT there's plenty of exciting happenings around the Community so let's dive-in!




Tableau 10.3 is coming! It's not too late to join the beta and to start taking advantage of awesome features like tooltip selection:

Sharpen your analysis with tooltip selection in Tableau 10.3 | Tableau Software


Tableau has launched a new e-learning program! Check out the new Tableau eLearning program to help your organization educate at scale | Tableau Software


TC17 is October 9-12th! Don't get sold out! Tableau Conference 2017 | Las Vegas | October 9-12 | #data17



I want to give some long overdue praise for Matt Coles. Matt helps keep our own Tableau Server instances running and meeting demand at Tableau, and still somehow finds time to create amazing content, answer questions, and build useful tools. Not only is he an expert in every sense of the word, he's a great human and we're lucky to have him. Thanks for everything Matt!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of replies on a thread

Josh Delekta asked a question about writing an ELSEIF Statement with Multiple Dimensions and was treated to a helpful back and forth with Chris McClellan, Anna Cheetham, and Okechukwu Ossai. Eventually Okechukwu pulled through with a correct answer which you can read in the thread!


Top Voted Idea

If ideas forum threads could go "viral," this is about as close at is gets. Last week, Anand Vadul requested the ability to Allow Web Data Connectors to connect to a data source 'live', and it's already be upvoted over 50 times!



In Other News

Ɓukasz Majewski askedCan we let user select color for country? in last week's most "liked" thread.


We're looking for idea submissions for our next Think Data Thursday! Email community@tableau.com with any ideas or if you have any general Community feedback/questions.


Have a great week everyone!


-Diego medrano