Before this last weekend, Seattle had only had 9 days with less than 30% of cloud cover since October.  Finally, the city is seeing a bit of sunshine and the sun brings everyone outside to enjoy Spring.  I hope your Spring is going well as well and Spring weather is beginning to thaw out your corner of the world.  On to this week's community happenings in the Digest.




Are you or members of your team on the go?  Do you have questions about making your dashboards work better on mobile devices?  Then this week's developer hours are for you.  We will be focusing on mobile this week. Join Developer Hours: Mobile on Wednesday, April 5th at 9:00 AM PDT.  Register by clicking here and come to get your questions answered. 


It's spring and that means the hunt has begun.  No, not easter eggs!  Here at Tableau, its time for hunting for our next Iron Viz Champion. Check out the Tableau Blog this week to learn more.


Looking ahead, have you checked out the PDF Connector in Tableau 10.3.  Get a peek at the future of Tableau with this blog article  - Cut data prep time with the PDF connector and union updates in Tableau 10.3 | Tableau Software


As always, you can keep up with the many Tableau Webinars and event happening each day at our Events page.  Check it often to make sure you are not missing out. 



Congratulations to Deepak Rai for completing the Question Slayer badge recognizing 50 answers that have been marked correct.  In addition, Glen Robinson has received the Questions for Breakfast badge recognizing 25 answers that have been marked correct.  The Tableau Community is about users helping users so a big thank you to Deepak and Glen this week!!! 


Are you interested in helping other users learn Tableau or just giving back after all the help the community has provided for you?  We have a Tableau Visualization that displays all of the current unanswered posts more than a day old here. There are no wrong answers so come check it out and help others learn while you learn.  Crow's Nest.


Most Talked About Thread

Are you a Game of Thrones fan just waiting for the next season to start.  While you wait, check out this week's most talked about thread by annabelle rincon.  She posted My participation to the IronViz competition 2017 showing her take on participating in this years Iron Viz contest.  Come check out the thread. Winners for this contest are due to be announced later today. 


Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea was created originally by Michael Lee and is Ability to Rename Workbooks on Server  [RELEASED | 10.5] with 9 new votes this week.  There have been some conversations with Tableau Employee Graeme Britz recently about implementation methods. 


Do you have any great ideas for Tableau?  Be sure to search the Ideas and vote on your favorites.  Our development team is listening and loves the feedback. 


In Other News

We had a great Think Data Thursday last week covering two of the best new features of Tableau 10.2 as Kent Marten reviewed the ease of incorporating spatial files into maps and Bora Beran showed off new Python Scripting capabilities.  Both of these features were released in version 10.2.  If you missed "Tableau 10.2 Making Tableau Work for You", just watch it anytime at our YouTube channel here: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


That's all for this edition of the Community Digest - hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


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Until next time, happy analyzing!