Good Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Here in the US, we're getting ready to kick off our annual NCAA basketball tournaments with March Madness. I'm sure we'll start seeing lots of Tableau vizzes coming out surrounding the topic. Here is one created by Lindsey Poulter on Tableau Public from this past summer's Sports Month:



March is nationally recognized as Women's Month, and last week, March 8 was International Women's day. We celebrated by recognizing women throughout the community who have motivated or inspired us in Happy International Women's Day! And don't think you can't still participate, if you have someone you want to recognize, please do! Keep your eye out for more conversations around data and women, or feel free to post your own: Data + Women .


Also, don't forget to join us for the first ever Data + Women Virtual Tableau User Group | Tableau Software this Thursday, March 16th at 9:00 AM PDT.


Thinking about going to Tableau Conference this year? Want to get a free ticket and share your Tableau story? Apply to speak and join us in Vegas! The deadline is March 31st and it's approaching fast. Check out Apply to share your Tableau story at TC17 | Tableau Software for more information.


Do you like using data for good? The Tableau Foundation is helping to support this research challenge, and we encourage you all to get involved - Data For Climate Action Challenge.


If you missed last week's Virtual Health Care User Group meeting, you can check it out the recording and materials here: Virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group: March 8




Congratulations to Michael Hesser who achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge which means that he has had at least 25 of his responses marked as correct! Michael only joined the community a little over a year ago - and he's been helping lots of people since he joined. He seems to be particularly good at the calculation questions Thanks for all you do, Michael! We hope to continue seeing you around here.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses on a thread

Garrett Shannon a new member to the community and to Tableau had a question Do I need to shape my data? With the help of Deepak Rai, it looks like he was able to get close to the solution he was looking for. Eventually, he used an LOD expression that seemed to get the results he was looking for. Let the community know if you need additional help, Garrett! If not, feel free to mark the answer that solved your problem as correct.



Top Voted Idea

Last week, we had a tie for the most voted on ideas. The Ability to Rename Workbooks on Server  [RELEASED | 10.5] created by @Michael_Lee back in 2012, received 11 up votes giving it a total of 424 votes. Allowing to set the default value for parameter  [RELEASED | 2020.1] by Rozvin Marchan also received 11 votes, giving it a score of 403. Both of these are great ideas that hopefully will make their way into the products.



In Other News


That's all for this edition of the Community Digest - hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


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