Happy Monday all! And happy early Valentine's day! Have you had the chance to do a makeovermonday? This just might be your week. Dive into some Valentine's Day data and see what you come up with: Data Sets | Makeover Monday. Here's one created by Suraj Shah to give you a little inspiration





This just posted - a new ambassador spotlight - check out my interview with Jonathan Drummey in Tableau Ambassador Spotlight with Jonathan Drummey.


Are you in healthcare or a related field? Don't miss this webinar on February 16th at 12 PM PST - Operational Excellence with Self-Service Analytics | Tableau Software  with Tableau's Andy De and austin montgomery from Prominence Advisors.


Don't miss this week's Think Data Thursday with Zen Masters, Christopher DeMartini and Tamas Foldi talking about Think Data Thursday - Vizception: D3.JS and Tableau integration - February 16, 2017 - 8:00 AM  Pacific. This TDT is meant for all skill levels, so don't hesitate to join!


The Tableau Server Admin user group will  be meeting on February 24th at 9 AM PST. Lead by Mark Wu with a special presentation from Jeff Strauss on Metadata Automation. To learn more and to register, visit: https://www.tableau.com/learn/webinars/tableau-administrators-virtual-user-group-2



Most Talked About Thread

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Shivang Desai was having an issue where the tabcmd command not recognized as an internal or external commandMadhusudhan Khambham started helping Shivang by giving him information on where to find the command line, etc. However, Shivang was still having issues. Tharashasank Davuluru stepped in by asking for more details and providing Shivang with some screenshots that theoretically should have helped. Shivang, let the community know if this problem is resolved by marking a response as correct or letting us know how you solved it!



Most Viewed Thread

This thread is a couple of months old, but this question comes up time and time again. Aditya Hrishikesh asked How do we display zero when there is no data ? Several people suggested using the zn function in a calculated field, while others suggested the ifnull function. Additional solutions were also presented, such as making some changes to the data via a SQL statement, etc. There are several solutions to this issue, however, it depends on your data, etc. Being able to share your workbook is extremely helpful in a situation like this!



Top Voted Idea

Last week's most voted on idea was Presto Teradata ODBC Connector Timezone Setting with 10 votes, giving it a total of 23 ideas. This idea was created by Nissan N in January. Last week, he also received a response from Tableau developer, Arthur Gyldenege who let Nissan know the Presto connector is actively being worked on.



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