Did everyone enjoy that Super Bowl?  Yeah me neither but hey..  It's a game and with Jonathan Drummey supporting them, it's hard not to imagine the Patriots winning every year.   Speaking of Super Bowls, Mr. Christopher DeMartini has updated his well known Super Bowl visualization on Tableau Public to include the game played yesterday.  Check it out - Tableau Public




Chris will be joined by Tamas Foldi on February 16th at 8:00 AM Pacific for our next Think Data Thursday.   This session will touch on general concepts, what is required to integrate Tableau within d3.js within Tableau and also get into some detailed code along with live examples.  Sign up for the live webinar today here: Think Data Thursday - Vizception: D3.JS and Tableau integration - February 16, 2017 - 8:00 AM  Pacific .  If you can not attend, remember that we record each Think Data Thursday for you to watch at your leisure.  These are posted in our YouTube Channel playlist "Think and Talk Data".






Congratulations to Jim Dehner for his achievement of receiving the "I Know Stuff" badge indicating 10 correct marked answered posts.   Jay Morehart also achieved the 5 correct marked posts badge of "Help Desk".  Thank you for stepping up and helping other users of Tableau Jim and Jay!   You are both on your way to greatness in the community. 



Most Talked About Thread

Our most talked about thread this week was posted by Kathryn Ambrose relating to problems encountered trying to utilize the Tableau "IIF" statement.  Trying to use an IIF statement but I keep getting various errors.  Tableau Ambassador Norbert Maijoor  and community member Andrew Watson  stepped in to assist Kathryn with some questions.  The answer was finally hit upon when Kathryn shared some example data that helped clarify the issue. 


Most Viewed Thread

Our most viewed thread of the week is still seeking the perfect answer but not for lack of users trying and commenting.  Do you have anything to add or help?  Check it out here: Can any one suggest that how to create a calendar should be consistent even if the data is not present for some days of the month  . 


In Other News

  • Gartner has announced their "Gartner Data and Analytics Summits Worldwide" .  Is your business taking full advantage of the creativity of the employees and the data being collected by the organization.  If you are new to this journey with using Tableau and you plan to attend one of these summit events, be sure to stop by and visit Tableau. 
  • Chris Love has kicked off a thread to share #makeovermonday visualizations for week 5.  Check this thread out and either join in with your own make over or learn from others.  Makeover Monday Week 5 2017 - Employment Growth in G-7 Countries - Analysis, Feedback and Discussion
  • Are you new to Tableau or a long time user that wants to brush up on a skill?  Check out the Extension Activities from the Tableau Online Training team.  Be sure to check out this great resource for taking your Tableau skills to the next level.