Happy Monday! Much of the country appears to be experiencing some snow/ice this month.  Did you know January is the "Snowiest" month of the Year for most of the country.  Check out the visualizations and story on weather.com - https://weather.com/storms/winter/news/snowiest-month-of-the-year-maps .  Do you have any other great weather related visualizations to share?


Here is a picture from my snow outing this last weekend - snowshoeing near Bavarian modeled Leavenworth, WA .  A favorite weekend getaway for many in the Northwest. I hope you are able to enjoy the snow near you as well.  Be safe and keep warm. 







Be sure to check out this month's Ambassador spotlight covering Bill Lyons. Be the first to learn about our Star Trek loving Bill.  What a great blonde hair job you have there Bill!


We have a Think Data Thursday around the corner with Zen Master, Craig Bloodworth.  More details and registration will be announced later this week.  Keep your eyes peeled. The event is scheduled for January 19th at 8:00 AM Pacific.


There is a great white whitepaper out now for our Server Administration that reviews one of the most often asked questions in the forums - how to manage and deploy Tableau Server to scale with your environment.  This 30 page whitepaper examines the issue in detail.  Download your copy by clicking here:  Tableau Server Scalability - A Technical Deployment Guide for Server Administrators | Tableau Software   .


As a reminder, if you're starting a new discussion or asking a question in the Community, and you're able to attach a packaged workbook - please do! It makes it easier for everyone else to help you if they're able to see what you're talking about. Need more information? Check out: Packaged workbooks and flows: when, why, how by Bill Lyons.




Congratulations to Jim Dehner who achieved the Help Desk badge for 5 Marked Correct answers last week.  Jim joined the community last September and has already reached Data Wrangler level with his frequent contributions and assistance.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread


stephen.desmond  ran into an issue comparing dates and strings in this thread Using Parameter Values to define Date Range shown on Graph. Walt Reed was the first to reply and assist with a question trying to clarify the issue.  Jeffrey Kritzman jumped into assist as well with a clarifying question.  Stephen responded to share that his original post had been incorrect  and followed up with the error condition encountered.  Jeffrey replied with a few ideas and within 2 hours of Stephen's original post, he resolved the calculated fields issue.  The next morning Stephen came back to the community to share the entire calculated field and how he got it to work.   This is a great example of following up and sharing your solution with the rest of the community.



Most Viewed Thread

CHENNA YENUGA  shared a post a few months back that has generated a large number of user views this week so I am sharing it again here since it might be helpful to others: Troubleshoot Data Blending-Common errors while Data Blending data source


Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea was Control what displays in View Data  created by Darrin Schulte back in 2012.  Tableau Program Manager, Zi Krostag has been collecting feedback on this issue and collecting use case information to potentially address this idea in a future release.



In Other News

  • We love to hear feedback from the community members about what makes this place work and what we can do to improve things.  Shawn Wallwork kicked off a great discussion on this topic in the Getting Started in the Forums area titled Philosophical Question... . A great thread from some of community ambassadors about what makes this place tick.  Feel free to leave your own comments.
  • Check out this thread between member Fisseha Berhane trying to align a number of measures with locations on a map.  Tableau Community Ambassador, Simon Runc came to the rescue with a sample workbook and explanation showing the view.  Fisshea, returned with a few more follow up questions about sizing of worksheets and some best practices to utilize a swapping sheet selector
  • You may have noticed that we recently modified the Start a New Discussion page to encourage our guests to add a packaged workbook and the version of Tableau that they are using to the post that is being created.   Ambassador Joe Oppelt created a thread last week that gets to the hear of why that version piece is so helpful.  Why we ask for a workbook, and WHY I ASK FOR YOUR TABLEAU VERSION!! - give it a read and share around.  Thanks Joe!
  • While we are on the subject, did you know that you can run different versions of Tableau at the same time?  Tableau .x versions are each installed separately.   So you could run version 10.1, 10.0, 9.1, and 8.3 all on the same pc with no issue.  Just know that once that workbook gets saved in a newer version there is no going back.



Until next time, happy analyzing!


As always, feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or questions for this digest to community@tableau.com