Good Monday Afternoon.  The holidays are near and with them come the non stop emails to inform us of yet another 50% off sweater that apparently I need, or someone I love needs.  How do you spend the holidays?

For our family, it's never really holiday season until we all sit around and watch It's a Wonderful Life.  There's nothing like watching an angel get his wings.


How do you manage Holidays in Tableau?  Did you know that kettan has built and managed a great FAQ page of links on this very topic?  Check it out here: FAQ:  Holidays & Workdays



We have a Think Data Thursday on the agenda for December 22nd.  Join the event live at 8 AM Pacific with Emily Kund presenting "Small Tips: Big Results"

Emily is a Tableau Social Ambassador, Podcaster, Government Tableau User Group co-leader, and The Fringe Festival founder.  Follow this link to register for this event.



You may have noticed that the leader board on the front page is working again. Thank you everyone for your patience as our vendor worked to correct the issue.  I think all of the great work everyone has been doing in the community to help bring Crow's Nest backlog of unanswered questions to an all time low.  But no fear, the broken bits are fixed and its back on to full power.   Thank you to everyone that jumps in and has been helping each other.


Do you also ponder what makes the Tableau Community tick?  Shawn Wallwork kicked off a great discussion on this exact topic last week.  Check it out and share your thoughts.


A call out of recognition to Shinichiro Murakami as he assistied in over one hundred responses to community questions last week.  Thank you Shin!!


Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

John Smith has experienced an issue trying to utilize Postgres with Infobright . Several of the Ambassadors have stepped up to assist John.  Jeff Strauss was first to offer assistance with a suggestion to share logs.  Once John posted logs,  Yuri Fal joined in to assist with a potential workaround utilizing an ODBC connection for this data source rather than the default Postgres driver due to issues encountered in the logs with Infobright.  Toby Erkson has also commented to clarify the difference between a Custom SQL connection and a Join within Tableau and shared a link to specify how to make customizations such as these global.  John has managed to utilize a TDC file to prevent Tableau from creating temp files related to Infobright but he is still experiencing performance issues.  Maybe you have a lot of knowledge about Infobright and it's integration with Postgres and have a suggestion to add?  This one is still searching for just the right solution.


Most Viewed Thread

We had a another great bit of collaboration n the most viewed thread fo the week here Rank - Calculate when field not in table .  Customer Andrew Hills question about creating a counting the number of values per rank value.  Norbert Maijoor was first on the scene and prompted Andrew for a workbook to enable some hands on manipulation.  Andrew supplied a sample data workbook and that's all it took to bring some of the best minds in the community to task on this.  Simon Runc, Yuri Fal, and Norbert each joined with comments and workbooks to help build a workbook that helped Andrew get to a solution.  As Yuriy mentions in this thread, a great help on your Tableau journey is to hold onto the best tips/tricks you learn and keep them close as a reference when tackling the tougher issues you encounter.


Top Voted Idea

Last week, More Subfolders in Project Folder  [ RELEASED ] created by Lisa Akahoshi back in 2012 was singled out for 12 new upvotes afte Ken Wong from Tableau's Product Management team commented about this idea and making it a reality in 2017.


In Other News

  • As mentioned above,  Tableau employees have been joining in with many community members to remove the backlog from our Crow's Nest.  i wanted to say thank you to all of the community members for jumping in and assisting with so many of these questions as welll.  These unanswered posts tend to be the some the hardest questions posed in the community and we find that asking a few leading questions often is all that is needed to engage the rest of the community on helping find a great solution. 

  • Did you see the Educational Brain Teaser: Twisted KPI Table posted by Ɓukasz Majewski a week ago?  i noticed the post had not seen a response on Thursday of last week so I jumped in with an early thought about Conditional Formatting and that's all it took for the community to go to town.  Eventually, it was Yuri Fal that supplied the winning answer to this very tough challenge.  Check out Yuriy's answer and the entire thread to expand your knowledge of Tableau. Clearly Yuri Fal knows a thing or two about the Force.
  • Annabelle Rincon reminded everyone that the community isn't just a place to come get your questions answered.  You can come here to show off your great work and get feedback.  Check out her post and link to her Tableau Public viz showing her career resume.



That's it for me this week.


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