Hey everyone, welcome to this week's Digest! Fall is officially in the air and I'm personally excited for months of pumpkins and cider. As I like to start, let's look at today in history: Today in 1990, East and West Germany were reunited after 54 years of separation! If you haven't been to Berlin, do it! It's a wonderful city.



- This Friday is Tableau's The Fringe Festival. There are some impressive speakers from our Community and a lot to learn. Register now!

- Learn all about Mark Fraser in our newest Ambassador Spotlight!




Congratulations to Benjamin Greene for achieving the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge by having 25 of his responses marked as correct! Likewise, Ɓukasz Majewski achieved the "Question Slayer" badge for having 50 correct answers! Both Benjamin and Lukasz have provided some impressive responses and these badges highlight the importance of marking answers as correct; it's important to recognize each other's great work!



Most Talked About Thread

heather.vogt was getting unexpected results with her bin sizes. She provided a packaged workbook and our star Community contributor Benjamin Greene stepped in with a correct answer! See more here: Calculation error?



Most Viewed Thread

This week's most viewed thread is a thread that continued to see responses and questions even years after being posted. Shane Steward needed help Comparing 2 different periods on same data. We see these types of questions often and there's still some great information there.



Top Voted Idea

The people want to Add Denodo as a Data Source (ver 10.4) and that's clear with 17 upvotes in the past week. If you want Denodo, up-vote the idea!



In Other News

- Tableau 10.1 now supports unattended installs of Tableau Server. Learn more here.

- Meet Joe, the 8-Year-Old Tableau Viz Whiz!


That's all for this week!