Happy Monday to everyone.  Are you ready for Fall?   For our family, this means it's grape harvest time.  But for most people this time of year means it is time to celebrate Oktoberfest.


Did you know the origins of Oktoberfest go back to the marriage of King Ludwig to Princess Therese on October 12, 1810?  The marriage was held in Munich and the citizens of the town were invited to the event.  That must have been some party because the people of Munich have been gathering together most every fall since then to recreate the party.  They even moved it up a few weeks into September to take advantage of the better weather. Today, more than 6 million people attend Oktoberfest.  I made my trek in 1990. If you haven't been, I would recommend checking it out.

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For those of you who missed Pooja Gandhi and Shawn Wallwork presenting the Tableau Think Data Thursday last week, it is now available to watch on our YouTube channel: - Tableau Potpourri with Pooja and Shawn - YouTube

Have you seen the Tableau 10.1 Beta has already come out?! Want to learn more or join? Check it out here: Tableau Beta Program | Tableau Software

Tableau Conference is right around the corner, y'all.  Are you going to be joining us in Texas come November?  Don't delay as this conference always sells out.  Check out the announced keynote speakers and sign up today: Tableau Conference 2016 | Austin, TX | November 7-11 | #data16



Congratulations to david.li.8 who achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge. That means that he's had 25+ of his responses marked as correct! David has been a member of the community since February of 2014. Thanks for all your help David!


Also, a special shout out to Panjala Srinath  for achieving the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10+ of his responses have been marked as correct).  Panjala joined the community in February of last year, but recently has really started getting active. We hope to continue seeing you in the community! Thanks for all your contributions!


Most Talked About Thread

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Ivan Monnier asked a question about Tableau Server licensing Re: Can a 8-core License work on a 16-core server?   Glen Robinson came to his assistance first with ideas to limit the core count within Windows.  Ivan went and created an idea for Tableau to better manage this scenario (you can vote it up here: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6652 ) . Toby Erkson provided a method of setting a Windows limitation of 8 cores via Windows Task manager, and Jeff Strauss suggested turning off the additional cores in the Bios.  Matt Coles, a Tableau employee, suggested considering a virtual machine which would allow for a solution that scales as needed if the license is changed in the future to a 16-core license.


Most Viewed Thread

The most popular thread this week was started by Marshall Daly and asks How do YOU use the new Google Sheets data connector w/ Tableau?.  This post has generated over 850 views with 16 likes and 6 replies.  Check it out if you are looking for ways to capture form data from surveys or use data from any Google sheet.


Top Voted Idea

Veronica Simoes created an idea for more capability to customize the schedule of Tableau Server.  This idea has generated 12 votes since it was created on September 9th. You, too, can read about this idea and vote for it here: Customize schedule


In Other News

Phelis Nakato asked: How can I filter date-time data in my dashboard to show a viz for a range of time, a date slider of some sort? and Praveen p responded with assistance to show how to utilize a Range of Dates filter.

Dan Harrison asked Re: How to hide a bar based on specific subset of the bar and was kind enough to supply an example Tableau Workbook for the community to work with for assistance.  The correct answer was supplied by Adam Crahen and utilizes a LOD calculation


That's all we've got for this week (not that there wasn't a ton more happening!). Have a great rest of your week, and until next time, happy analyzing!!


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