Happy Monday and happy August! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - time seems to be flying by! It can be hard keeping up when things are moving so fast, so here's a look into what's been going on around the community:




Don't forget to buy your TC16 tickets - only two more weeks to get a $200 discount. Still can't decide if you should go? The website has been updated with all the sessions, so you can learn more about what you'll be learning about Learn | Tableau Conference 2016


Also, have I mentioned that you can win a ticket to TC if you submit the winning viz for the Tableau Torch Contest? This week, submissions are due by Thursday - get it in! Learn more here: Tableau Torch Viz Contest | Tableau Software


The Tableau Ambassadors were announced last week - Time to Celebrate Our New Tableau Ambassadors! | Tableau Software. Congratulations to Derrick Austin, Shinichiro Murakami, and Yuri Fal! To see the full list of Tableau Ambassadors, visit: Tableau Ambassadors




Congratulations to John Sobczak who received the "Question Slayer" badge - meaning that 50+ of his responses have been marked as correct! John has been a member of the community since 2012, and has been helping people with concise, step by step instructions on solving their questions. Thank you for everything you do, John!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

Morgan DUARTE asked a question to find the Delta Price calculation between sale prices for two given years. Ashish Chaudhari and Mahfooj Khan provided a couple of calculations that got close, but didn't quite solve the problem. Mark Fraser then came in with some insight about there being multiple records for each data. This helped move the ball a little closer to the finish line, and helped Morgan on his way.


Most Viewed Thread

himhim chan asked how to Calculate time difference with certain time range. Himhim received a series of possible solutions, with multiple calculations that broke it down into multiple segments. Ultimately, it was Ɓukasz Majewski who had the correct answer which solved Himhim's problem.



Top Voted Idea

Sean Mullane's idea to Allow Incremental Refresh to Modify Rows received 12 votes last week, giving it a total of 157 upvotes.



In Other News


That's it for today, everyone (though, there were plenty more examples of people helping each other and solving problems)! Hope you have a great week and until next time, happy analyzing!


As always, feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or submissions for this digest to community@tableau.com


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