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Roses are Red

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May the Data be with you





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We are now on Round 3 of the the Tableau Torch Contest. Have you submitted your Tableau 10 viz yet? Quick, you have until the 4th of August!

Theme: Overcoming hurdles

Feature: Clustering




Chris McClellan is our next potential DATA ROCKSTAR, by achieving 7900 points on our community forums! Let's give him a round of applause!

You are almost level maximum, thanks for all of your help on the forums Chris. You are soon to be among the most renowned users on our forums.



Most Talked About Thread

Bajee vali's thread Issue with Tableau Desktop has been our most popular thread this week. Ashish Chaudhari and Dmitry Chirkov provided the right answer, at the right time!

Congrats, keep up the good work!


Most Viewed thread

This week's most viewed thread is Multiple-Join Clauses  by Santiago Perez.

This issue is not 100% solved despite multiple users viewing this thread. Feel free to jump in and help Santiago out!

With two join clauses on Investment depending on whether it was direct or indirect. Is there any documentation on this feature available, and how can I achieve the above result?


Top Voted Idea

Sell padding around borders has been created by Dante Haddad

He depicts that Data appear very close to borders especially when aligning "Top". The ability to add padding between the data and the border would make presentation much better.

Fee free to upvote the idea if you agree!


In Other News

We have some exciting new announcements coming like a new Think Data Thursday and some new ambassadors. Keep your eyes peeled!


Enjoy your week and as always, feel free to reach out at community@tableau.com