Good afternoon. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.  The Tableau Community team has been busy the last week and we missed out on an update last week.  Tracy is off visiting Europe on a long overdue vacation.  Diego was under the weather last week and I had a incident with a golf cart, a fall, and some concrete that resulted in a concussion and a few days out of the office.  You'll have to visit with me at Tableau Conference for all the details.  Let's get to what's been happening in the Community while we were all busy --



Have you seen today's post on How to Create Density maps Using Hexbins in Tableau?  Check out the great visualization showing Tornato Density over the last 65 years and then give it a try yourself with the included instructions.


We are on Round 2 of the the Tableau Torch Contest .  Have you submitted your Tableau 10 viz for this round.  The theme for round 2 is "Cheer for the home team".



Congratulations to Mahfooj Khan for receiving the Question Slayer badge indicating that 50+ of his responses have been marked correct.  Mahfooj is a fairly new member to the community as he joined in March of this year.  That's a lot of contributions over the last few months. Congratulations Majfooj.


In addition, Veronica Simoes and Luciano Vasconcelos are recent recipients I Know Stuff!! Badge indicating 10+ correct responses.  Congratulations to all of our badge winners this week.


Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

Niranjan Banarjee asked a question about utilizing Tableau with Microsoft ExcelMahfooj Khan helped by shoing Nranjan how to utilize custom sql to create a union between the various files.


Most Viewed Thread

Ben Rasilim creatd a question about question about comparing values from multiple data sources and then using the results as a filterswaroop.gantela stepped in and provided detailed instructions utilizing LOD calculations and Table Calculations with the calculation examples.  Swaroop is a long time member of the community (since May of 2014) with over 7000 points.  Another great Tableau community member helping a new user get going.


Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea over the last two week is Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source created by Shawn Wallwork last November.  This idea has 258 votes.  Your votes matter so please vote up if this impacts you.


In Other News

Please check out the article about Toby Erkson, Tableau's Community Ambassador of the month has been spotlighted on the front page of the community.  Learn more about Toby and his Tableau journey here.


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