Happy Monday everyone! It's been an exciting and hectic time here at Tableau as we gear up for our Tableau 10.0 launch. As such, let's start with something fun! Today on June 6th in 1933 the first "drive-in" theatre opened in Camden, New Jersey. Richard Hollingshead was the original inventor of the "Park-In Theatre" as the term "drive-in" didn't come around until later. Which reminds me of a fantastic blog on exploring IMDB data with Tableau: Tableau Tutorial: Exploring IMDb Top 250 movies with Tableau. With that, let's get on to the digest!






Only one week until we kick-off Tableau Conference on tour - London!

[London | Tableau Conference On Tour] 13-15 June 2016

We hope to see you there!


This Thursday, June 9th at 8am join Michelle Wallace for Think Data Thursday: Behind the Scenes with Tableau's Social Media Data - June 9th, 2016!


TC16 in Austin will come up sooner than you expect! Make sure to register so you don't get sold out!

More information and sign ups are here: [Tableau Conference 2016 | Austin, TX | November 7-11]





A big "congrats!" and "thank you!" to Andrew Watson  & Carl Slifer, our two newest Community members to achieve the "Question Slayer" badge meaning 50 responses have been marked as the correct answer. Both Andrew and Carl are based out of the UK and have become wonderful resources within our Community. Thanks again for all the help!




Most talked about Thread

Niko Suomi asked a question about reorganizing some data using a table calculation and filters. Bassem Khalil, and Sanjay Nimbark did what they could to help but were unable to find a proper solution. Maybe you can! Check out the thread: Table calculation \ filter problem.



One of the Top Viewed Threads

Our most viewed thread is an oldie but a goodie. Matt Stoffa provides a workaround for printing a pdf to exactly fit a single page.



Top Voted Idea

Our top voted idea for the week is Cote Adams idea to have Tableau Recognize Hidden fields from HANA marked as Label Columns. Igor Gorsky agreed!



In Other News

-Check out our new Tableau Ambassador Spotlight on Joe Oppelt!

-We launched our mobile app for Android! Read more here!

-We have our first ever Web Data Connector Hackathon! We're excited about this opportunity and can't wait to see what you create. Read more...