It's another Monday, so you know what that means - time for a roundup of what's going on in the Community. And there seems to be a lot going on! Let's take a look:




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Next week, is another edition of Think Data Thursday with Tableau Ambassador, Rody Zakovich in Think Data Thursday: Dating Rody. That's right, Rody will be talking all about how to use dates with Tableau - you won't want to miss it!




Three members achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge, meaning that at least 10 of their responses were marked as correct. Joey Minix, Tharashasank Davuluru, and Juracy Americo all have helped people get the answers to the questions that were needed. Hopefully, we'll continue to see them all in the community helping people out. On behalf of the community, thank you all!



Most Talked About Thread

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mark schukas  was running into an issue where the calculated field he was placing on the color shelf was not being interpreted correctly by Tableau in Calculated Field on the Color marks card.  Tableau employee, Nicholas Hara explained that since the end user was replacing the data source or connecting to a new file that the color legend needed to be reapplied. Looks like the issue was most likely resolved using the Tableau Data Server. Mark, let us know if your answer is resolved by marking how your problem was solved!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is an oldie, but goodie. If you've never seen Olivier CATHERIN's Sankey diagram made of dynamically generated polygons post, you need to check it out. These are some beautiful visualizations, and Olivier goes through step by step on how to create them.



Top Voted Idea

In 2012, Michael Moreyne created the idea New Chart types: Radar/Spider, Perceptual, Tornado. This past week, it received 15 of it's 60 votes. Look like this one might be trending, check it out and vote for it one way or the other if you'd like to see these types of vizzes in Tableau.



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