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Genesis of This Blog

This blog was first titled Tableau Digest Weekly; then shortened to Tableau Digest (so I could avoid the ‘weekly’ pressure). When Tracy revived it, she renamed it Community Digest, which I think works well.


So in this, my first guest Community Digest post, I’m going to honor the full expanse of Tracy’s title, and pull tidbits from throughout our Tableau Community (not just the forums). I’m also going to base my selections on both items suggested to me by Community members (thanks folks!), and things I personally found interesting, clever, humorous, or just plain cool. So here we go….


Best Tableausplaining

While I suspect Jonathan Drummey will dominate this sort of category, Jim Wahl (and others) will occasionally slip in here. What’s Tableausplaining ? Well it is: The best, most detailed explanation of something Tableau – especially when it’s applicable to broader issues/needs. This past week, Jonathan provided a great example: Re: LOD  [Note Matt Lutton 's  comment! Forum posts do get noticed/shared inside Tableau. What you say can have an impact.]


Viz of the Week

I would hate to be tasked with picking a Viz of the Day, I have no idea how they do it! Of the three daily winners this past week, I found Richard Speight's viz titled Britain in Europe Renegotiation Scorecard the most engaging. I learned a lot I didn't know about various countries and their positions, attitudes within the EU.


Educational Brain Teasers

These don’t come around often, but when they do most of us learn something, no matter what level of Tableau knowledge we possess. I recommend you always give these a go; you will learn a lot about both Tableau’s limitations, and the clever workarounds Forum Folks come up with. This week’s Teaser was especially a great learning experience, in many different ways: Got a fun Educational Brain Teaser. Great job Rody Zakovich! And for an added bonus check out Steve Mayer's  add-on challenge.


Makeover Monday

Just in case you missed it, the Andys have join forces and are upping the Makeover Monday game! Here’s a blog on what it’s about, and how you can participate: Viz the Makeover Monday Challenge



Not being much of a Server guy myself, I reached out to Jeffrey Strauss to provide stuff for this section. Here are his thoughts:


Did you know?
  • As of Tableau Server 9.2, automation of AD synchronization is now available.  This reduces any manual admin task of ensuring access to content is correct.
  • A webinar is coming up (March 1) focused on workbook performance.  March 1st 9-10am PST Zen Master Webinar for workbook performance:


Interesting threads:



Ambassador Activity

Besides answering a whole lot of Forum questions, we Ambassadors have other tasks and responsibilities, mostly around improving our Forums. Recently we helped the Community Team decide to make two new improvements:

  • Direct Messaging was add last week (after a great deal of discussions). Let us know what you think!
  • Employee Icons have been added after an employee's name. So it's now much easier to tell who's doing the posting. When I know it's an Tableau employee, I'll pay much closer attention to what's being said. The icons look like this:



That's it for me. I just wanted to mix it up a bit.  tracyrodgers may be adding some of the usual Digest sections.




Thanks Shawn, here are some quick stats per usual - several which were already mentioned by you :


Most Talked about Thread:

Rody Zakovich's brain teaser Got a fun Educational Brain Teaser (70 posts!)


(One of the) Top Viewed Threads:

Santanu Mukherjee's question about Dynamic Columns in Tableau ?


Top Voted Idea:

Multi-Values Parameters received 11 votes this past week



Congratulations to Steve Mayer who received the "Questions for Breakfast" badge this past week - meaning 25+ of his responses were marked as correct by other people. Steve has been a member of the community since 2014 - and we're happy to have him sharing his knowledge with all of us - and even challenging Rody with alternative brain teasers