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If you saw the front page of the Community, you might have seen that Rody Zakovich is in our Community Ambassador Spotlight! This is a new series that we'll doing to highlight our Ambassadors. Rody has been a fabulous member of our community and working with him has made working with him such a pleasure. To learn more about Rody, check out Tableau Ambassador Spotlight - Rody Zakovich



Most Talked About Thread

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Ajeet ... is running into an ATTR Problem when he is trying to create a calculated field from two different data sources - Excel and a MySQL db. Ɓukasz Majewski and Tableau kumar provided a couple of screenshots and updated formulas to get a better understanding of the issue that Ajeet was running into. Amanjot Klair tried explaining why the ATTR was appearing in the first place, explaining that it was because it was coming from the secondary source. He shared a post that goes into more detail. Hopefully, this helped Ajeet - if so, let us know what happened and how you solved the issue!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Rahul Panday asked a question about when to LOD calculations. He got a lot of valuable feedback and perspectives from Simon Runc, Amanjot Klair, Ben Neville, Rody Zakovich, and Jonathan Drummey. Jonathan, in particular, parsed out some different scenarios for when to use a LOD vs. a table calculation vs. a simple regular aggregate. I would definitely recommend bookmarking this thread if you haven't already!



Top Voted Idea

In July, Alexander Mou created Replacing Data Source with option to copy over calc fields, groups, sets etc. This idea results from some of the pain points of replacing a data source that he outlines in his blog: Vizible Difference: Replacing Data Source Breaks Everything: Cause, Workaround & Ultimate Fix. The idea received 12 up votes in the last week, giving it a total of 53.



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