Good morning everyone! We had a long weekend over here in the US for President's Day, hence why this is going out today. For those of you who got the extra day off, hope it was a great one!



Last week, we had a Think Data Thursday. It was super interesting - Christopher DeMartini and Thomas Van Buskirk presented Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau. If you missed it, have no fear! It's been recorded and you can check out the video the post.


You also may have noticed that the Tableau corporate website got a redesign - and Community is now in the header! I know, I know, the community header/footer doesn't match - yet. We'll get that taken care of this week.



Two members received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge - meaning that 10+ of their answers have been marked as correct. Jaideep Rokade and Venu Babu Kolasani both joined the community in the summer/fall of 2014, and have recently been more active in the community. Venu has even shared what he's learned about the differences between extract filters and data source filters - Difference Between Extract Filters and Data Source Filters. Thank you both for your contributions! Hopefully, we'll continue seeing you around!



Most Talked About Thread

Cynthia Wang had a questions about how to get a Calculated Field to capture another row's value. Daniel Vincent started to try by providing a LOD calc, but as Pooja Gandhi noted, it wouldn't work for each row. Daniel then moved on to table calculations, and Alexander Mou also provided a Tableau Public workbook that worked using table calcs as well. However, it was Steve Mayer's solution that solved the issue using nested LOD calculations.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Gaanesh Kapatralla asked How to invoke another dashboard based on drop-down selection. Shinichiro Murakami suggested using a filter action and filters with "Only Relevant Values", however, they were having issues getting it to work on Tableau Public. Ultimately, Amanjot Klair solved the issue explaining how tabs must be shown when publishing to Public/Online.



Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea was created last week by Tim Ngwena with 10 up votes already - Support for opening URL action link(s) in same or new tab.



In Other News


Just a quick one this week - have a good rest of your week, all!


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