Happy Monday everyone! I'm back in the office this week and it sounds like I missed a pretty busy one last week! Let's take a look -



In case you missed it, last week we had our first ever Developer Office Hours where a couple of our Tableau Developers who work(ed) on the REST API got on a Webex and answered questions from the community. Sounds like it was a success! To see the recording and some of the questions people asked, check out this thread: Join us for Developer Office Hours:  REST API


This week, we have a Think Data Thursday event on jump plots with Christopher DeMartini and @Tom VanBuskirk. To see more information and register, visit Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau


You might also check out this blog post by ryan.sleeper, one of our Tableau User Group Ambassadors, who shares How to Highlight a Dimension in 3 Simple Steps | Tableau Software




Gerardo Varela achieved the "I Know Stuff" badge - meaning 10 of his responses have been marked as correct. Gerardo has been a member of the Tableau Community since 2013, but recently has started becoming more active. From the looks of things, he has knowledge in many areas of Tableau. Thanks for all your help Gerardo and hopefully, we'll continue to see you in the community!



Most Talked About Thread

ChandraSheker A asked a question about Counting  where he wants to get the number of non-null customers respective to a given date. However, he's running into issues. It looks like there's an issue with how his data is set up as Stephen Lavery mentions. Shawn Wallwork provided a couple of options using an ifnull calculation, but it still wasn't working as desired. It looks like veronica.simoes.0 also provided a workbook - however, it looks like it might be a different version than what CJ is using. Let us know if you got it figured out CJ or if you need more help!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is a question that comes up fairly frequently - selecting multiple values in parameter asked by leo dec in 2014. Jonathan Drummey provided a blog post where he talks about this question (Creating a Dynamic “Parameter” with a Tableau Data Blend | Drawing with Numbers ). Steve Martin provided step by step directions on how this can be done using a set and a filter. However, as noted by Seanna Miller this doesn't solve every scenario - i.e. the case where you don't know what selection(s) your end users will want to make.



Top Voted Idea

This is actually the second highest voted idea this week (with 9 up-votes) - Log permission change events in postgres db and logs. It was created by Meenakshi Chaudhary and is a request to basically keep an audit into the history of permission changes.



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Hopefully, everyone has a great rest of their weeks.


Until next week, happy analyzing!


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