I have the pleasure of writing up this week's digest while Tracy is out so let's start with today in history: Today in 1884 the first Oxford English Dictionary was released after 27 years in development. Pretty cool stuff! With that, let's take a look at the Community.



We have new Tableau Ambassadors! More on them shortly but you can read up on the new group here: Meet the New Tableau Ambassadors Who Inspire Our Community


We have our first ever Dev Office Hours will be held this Wednesday at 10am PST. The office hours will focus on the REST API and our developers are currently accepting questions here: Join us for Developer Office Hours: REST API. Our very own Ben Lower is leading the event and we're all super excited to open a conversation between our customers and developers.


And to cap off our exciting announcements, we have a Think Data Thursday event planned for next week on Jump Plot. See more here: Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau




As touched upon earlier, we have new Tableau Ambassadors! It's my pleasure to introduce our three new Community Ambassadors: Daniel Vincent, Norbert Maijoor, and Rody Zakovich! All three of them have been instrumental in fostering an active and welcoming Community. Daniel has done a wonderful job helping with calculations, user issues, and letting users know what information could help to find an answer. Norbert always brings an excitement to his answers while providing excellent resources, workbooks, and answers. Rody has somehow found time to become one of our most active Community members thanks to a decreased emphasis on sleep, and even more puzzlingly, is seemingly never grumpy. Thank you to all three of you on behalf of the Community team and Tableau!


Congrats and thank you to Niccolo Cirone, Kent Sloan, and Rajeev Pandey for being the three newest Community members to have received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge recognizing 10 answers having been marked as correct!



Most Talked About Thread

A few days ago Tianyi Zhou asked about adding a scroll bar for a long timeline which has lead to a combined group effort to find a solution. Venu Babu Kolasani and Joe Oppelt have been helping out but they're still looking for a solution. Check it out and see if you can help!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

kettan's wonderful thread YOY YTD Bar Chart continues to garner views (over 16K!!) and help users in our Community both fresh and old. Thanks again for all the work you do.



Top Voted Idea

Ken Lange's idea to Add the ability to add custom HTML text to the Login Page has been up-voted 22 times in only 6 days. Check it out and add votes if you'd like to see the same feature.



Once again, thank you all for making this Community a wonderful place to spend my time. I hope everyone has a great start to the week and to February.


Happy Vizzing!