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Genesis of This Blog

This blog was first titled Tableau Digest Weekly; then shortened to Tableau Digest (so I could avoid the ‘weekly’ pressure). When Tracy revived it, she renamed it Community Digest, which I think works well.


So in this, my first guest Community Digest post, I’m going to honor the full expanse of Tracy’s title, and pull tidbits from throughout our Tableau Community (not just the forums). I’m also going to base my selections on both items suggested to me by Community members (thanks folks!), and things I personally found interesting, clever, humorous, or just plain cool. So here we go….


Best Tableausplaining

While I suspect Jonathan Drummey will dominate this sort of category, Jim Wahl (and others) will occasionally slip in here. What’s Tableausplaining ? Well it is: The best, most detailed explanation of something Tableau – especially when it’s applicable to broader issues/needs. This past week, Jonathan provided a great example: Re: LOD  [Note Matt Lutton 's  comment! Forum posts do get noticed/shared inside Tableau. What you say can have an impact.]


Viz of the Week

I would hate to be tasked with picking a Viz of the Day, I have no idea how they do it! Of the three daily winners this past week, I found Richard Speight's viz titled Britain in Europe Renegotiation Scorecard the most engaging. I learned a lot I didn't know about various countries and their positions, attitudes within the EU.


Educational Brain Teasers

These don’t come around often, but when they do most of us learn something, no matter what level of Tableau knowledge we possess. I recommend you always give these a go; you will learn a lot about both Tableau’s limitations, and the clever workarounds Forum Folks come up with. This week’s Teaser was especially a great learning experience, in many different ways: Got a fun Educational Brain Teaser. Great job Rody Zakovich! And for an added bonus check out Steve Mayer's  add-on challenge.


Makeover Monday

Just in case you missed it, the Andys have join forces and are upping the Makeover Monday game! Here’s a blog on what it’s about, and how you can participate: Viz the Makeover Monday Challenge



Not being much of a Server guy myself, I reached out to Jeffrey Strauss to provide stuff for this section. Here are his thoughts:


Did you know?
  • As of Tableau Server 9.2, automation of AD synchronization is now available.  This reduces any manual admin task of ensuring access to content is correct.
  • A webinar is coming up (March 1) focused on workbook performance.  March 1st 9-10am PST Zen Master Webinar for workbook performance:


Interesting threads:



Ambassador Activity

Besides answering a whole lot of Forum questions, we Ambassadors have other tasks and responsibilities, mostly around improving our Forums. Recently we helped the Community Team decide to make two new improvements:

  • Direct Messaging was add last week (after a great deal of discussions). Let us know what you think!
  • Employee Icons have been added after an employee's name. So it's now much easier to tell who's doing the posting. When I know it's an Tableau employee, I'll pay much closer attention to what's being said. The icons look like this:



That's it for me. I just wanted to mix it up a bit.  tracyrodgers may be adding some of the usual Digest sections.




Thanks Shawn, here are some quick stats per usual - several which were already mentioned by you :


Most Talked about Thread:

Rody Zakovich's brain teaser Got a fun Educational Brain Teaser (70 posts!)


(One of the) Top Viewed Threads:

Santanu Mukherjee's question about Dynamic Columns in Tableau ?


Top Voted Idea:

Multi-Values Parameters received 11 votes this past week



Congratulations to Steve Mayer who received the "Questions for Breakfast" badge this past week - meaning 25+ of his responses were marked as correct by other people. Steve has been a member of the community since 2014 - and we're happy to have him sharing his knowledge with all of us - and even challenging Rody with alternative brain teasers

Welcome to your weekly dose of the Community Digest. There are always so many conversations and things happening in this community, that it's hard to capture it all! Here's a quick glimpse -



You may have also started noticing some little badges next to people's names. In particular - Tableau Employees and Tableau Ambassadors. Now, you'll be able to easily see whether someone you're talking to works at Tableau. Below, you're able to quickly see that bunny.hirschmann is a Tableau employee.



Have you heard that our Tableau Support team now has a Twitter handle of their own to answer questions? Read this blog post to learn about another way that you can get answers to your questions: Introducing @TableauSupport! | Tableau Software


Are you a part of the 9.3 Beta? Try things like Saying Hello to Versioning in Tableau 9.3 | Tableau Software. Join the Beta and let us know what you think!




If you saw the front page of the Community, you might have seen that Rody Zakovich is in our Community Ambassador Spotlight! This is a new series that we'll doing to highlight our Ambassadors. Rody has been a fabulous member of our community and working with him has made working with him such a pleasure. To learn more about Rody, check out Tableau Ambassador Spotlight - Rody Zakovich



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to the thread

Ajeet ... is running into an ATTR Problem when he is trying to create a calculated field from two different data sources - Excel and a MySQL db. Ɓukasz Majewski and Tableau kumar provided a couple of screenshots and updated formulas to get a better understanding of the issue that Ajeet was running into. Amanjot Klair tried explaining why the ATTR was appearing in the first place, explaining that it was because it was coming from the secondary source. He shared a post that goes into more detail. Hopefully, this helped Ajeet - if so, let us know what happened and how you solved the issue!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Rahul Panday asked a question about when to LOD calculations. He got a lot of valuable feedback and perspectives from Simon Runc, Amanjot Klair, Ben Neville, Rody Zakovich, and Jonathan Drummey. Jonathan, in particular, parsed out some different scenarios for when to use a LOD vs. a table calculation vs. a simple regular aggregate. I would definitely recommend bookmarking this thread if you haven't already!



Top Voted Idea

In July, Alexander Mou created Replacing Data Source with option to copy over calc fields, groups, sets etc. This idea results from some of the pain points of replacing a data source that he outlines in his blog: Vizible Difference: Replacing Data Source Breaks Everything: Cause, Workaround & Ultimate Fix. The idea received 12 up votes in the last week, giving it a total of 53.



In Other News


Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!


As always, feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or submissions for this digest my direction at


Happy Analyzing!

Good morning everyone! We had a long weekend over here in the US for President's Day, hence why this is going out today. For those of you who got the extra day off, hope it was a great one!



Last week, we had a Think Data Thursday. It was super interesting - Christopher DeMartini and Thomas Van Buskirk presented Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau. If you missed it, have no fear! It's been recorded and you can check out the video the post.


You also may have noticed that the Tableau corporate website got a redesign - and Community is now in the header! I know, I know, the community header/footer doesn't match - yet. We'll get that taken care of this week.



Two members received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge - meaning that 10+ of their answers have been marked as correct. Jaideep Rokade and Venu Babu Kolasani both joined the community in the summer/fall of 2014, and have recently been more active in the community. Venu has even shared what he's learned about the differences between extract filters and data source filters - Difference Between Extract Filters and Data Source Filters. Thank you both for your contributions! Hopefully, we'll continue seeing you around!



Most Talked About Thread

Cynthia Wang had a questions about how to get a Calculated Field to capture another row's value. Daniel Vincent started to try by providing a LOD calc, but as Pooja Gandhi noted, it wouldn't work for each row. Daniel then moved on to table calculations, and Alexander Mou also provided a Tableau Public workbook that worked using table calcs as well. However, it was Steve Mayer's solution that solved the issue using nested LOD calculations.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Gaanesh Kapatralla asked How to invoke another dashboard based on drop-down selection. Shinichiro Murakami suggested using a filter action and filters with "Only Relevant Values", however, they were having issues getting it to work on Tableau Public. Ultimately, Amanjot Klair solved the issue explaining how tabs must be shown when publishing to Public/Online.



Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea was created last week by Tim Ngwena with 10 up votes already - Support for opening URL action link(s) in same or new tab.



In Other News


Just a quick one this week - have a good rest of your week, all!


As always, feel free to send any comments, questions, or suggestions for this digest my direction at


Until next time, happy analyzing!

Happy Monday everyone! I'm back in the office this week and it sounds like I missed a pretty busy one last week! Let's take a look -



In case you missed it, last week we had our first ever Developer Office Hours where a couple of our Tableau Developers who work(ed) on the REST API got on a Webex and answered questions from the community. Sounds like it was a success! To see the recording and some of the questions people asked, check out this thread: Join us for Developer Office Hours:  REST API


This week, we have a Think Data Thursday event on jump plots with Christopher DeMartini and @Tom VanBuskirk. To see more information and register, visit Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau


You might also check out this blog post by ryan.sleeper, one of our Tableau User Group Ambassadors, who shares How to Highlight a Dimension in 3 Simple Steps | Tableau Software




Gerardo Varela achieved the "I Know Stuff" badge - meaning 10 of his responses have been marked as correct. Gerardo has been a member of the Tableau Community since 2013, but recently has started becoming more active. From the looks of things, he has knowledge in many areas of Tableau. Thanks for all your help Gerardo and hopefully, we'll continue to see you in the community!



Most Talked About Thread

ChandraSheker A asked a question about Counting  where he wants to get the number of non-null customers respective to a given date. However, he's running into issues. It looks like there's an issue with how his data is set up as Stephen Lavery mentions. Shawn Wallwork provided a couple of options using an ifnull calculation, but it still wasn't working as desired. It looks like veronica.simoes.0 also provided a workbook - however, it looks like it might be a different version than what CJ is using. Let us know if you got it figured out CJ or if you need more help!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is a question that comes up fairly frequently - selecting multiple values in parameter asked by leo dec in 2014. Jonathan Drummey provided a blog post where he talks about this question (Creating a Dynamic “Parameter” with a Tableau Data Blend | Drawing with Numbers ). Steve Martin provided step by step directions on how this can be done using a set and a filter. However, as noted by Seanna Miller this doesn't solve every scenario - i.e. the case where you don't know what selection(s) your end users will want to make.



Top Voted Idea

This is actually the second highest voted idea this week (with 9 up-votes) - Log permission change events in postgres db and logs. It was created by Meenakshi Chaudhary and is a request to basically keep an audit into the history of permission changes.



In Other News


Hopefully, everyone has a great rest of their weeks.


Until next week, happy analyzing!


As always, any comments, questions, or suggestions for this digest, feel free to email me at

I have the pleasure of writing up this week's digest while Tracy is out so let's start with today in history: Today in 1884 the first Oxford English Dictionary was released after 27 years in development. Pretty cool stuff! With that, let's take a look at the Community.



We have new Tableau Ambassadors! More on them shortly but you can read up on the new group here: Meet the New Tableau Ambassadors Who Inspire Our Community


We have our first ever Dev Office Hours will be held this Wednesday at 10am PST. The office hours will focus on the REST API and our developers are currently accepting questions here: Join us for Developer Office Hours: REST API. Our very own Ben Lower is leading the event and we're all super excited to open a conversation between our customers and developers.


And to cap off our exciting announcements, we have a Think Data Thursday event planned for next week on Jump Plot. See more here: Think Data Thursday: Get Hopping with Jump Plot in Tableau




As touched upon earlier, we have new Tableau Ambassadors! It's my pleasure to introduce our three new Community Ambassadors: Daniel Vincent, Norbert Maijoor, and Rody Zakovich! All three of them have been instrumental in fostering an active and welcoming Community. Daniel has done a wonderful job helping with calculations, user issues, and letting users know what information could help to find an answer. Norbert always brings an excitement to his answers while providing excellent resources, workbooks, and answers. Rody has somehow found time to become one of our most active Community members thanks to a decreased emphasis on sleep, and even more puzzlingly, is seemingly never grumpy. Thank you to all three of you on behalf of the Community team and Tableau!


Congrats and thank you to Niccolo Cirone, Kent Sloan, and Rajeev Pandey for being the three newest Community members to have received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge recognizing 10 answers having been marked as correct!



Most Talked About Thread

A few days ago Tianyi Zhou asked about adding a scroll bar for a long timeline which has lead to a combined group effort to find a solution. Venu Babu Kolasani and Joe Oppelt have been helping out but they're still looking for a solution. Check it out and see if you can help!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

kettan's wonderful thread YOY YTD Bar Chart continues to garner views (over 16K!!) and help users in our Community both fresh and old. Thanks again for all the work you do.



Top Voted Idea

Ken Lange's idea to Add the ability to add custom HTML text to the Login Page  [RELEASED] has been up-voted 22 times in only 6 days. Check it out and add votes if you'd like to see the same feature.



Once again, thank you all for making this Community a wonderful place to spend my time. I hope everyone has a great start to the week and to February.


Happy Vizzing!