Happy Monday all! This is bound to be another busy week, so let's dive right in to a look at what happened last week--



If you missed it, last week, we had a Think Data Thursday, you can check out the recording and see more about it here: Think Data Thursday: JavaScript API UX of the Future


Did you happen to see the Vizzies last week? Matt Francis and Emily Kund hosted the first ever awards podcast, giving out titles like Community Leader, Best Dashboader, Data Do Gooder, and Must Run on Coffee or Coke, among others. Congratulations to all the winners! Want to watch Emily and Matt in their finest while they announce the nominees and winners? See it here: The Tableau Wannabe Podcast Awards - YouTube


Have you heard of MakeoverMonday? Well, very simply, a visualization is taken and the community recreates it to allow either get it to tell a better story or to make it more visually appealing. Andy Kriebel has done pretty regularly MakeoverMondays over the last few years. This year, Andy Cotgreave will be joining him in the series. Every Sunday, they'll be posting the data and challenge here: Makeover Monday Challenge. Then, check out what people have done on Pinterest (Makeover Monday on Pinterest ) or Google (Makeover Monday Challenge - Google Photos ).


The new Tableau Ambassadors will be announced by the end of next week - stay tuned!



Last week, Thomas McCullough achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge - meaning that 25+ of his responses have been marked as correct. Thomas has been a member of the community since 2013, but has started picking up more questions over the last couple of months. His bread and butter seems to be calculations. Thank you for all your help Thomas, and hopefully, we'll continue see you around the community!


A few people received the "Help Desk" (5+ responses marked as correct) badge this past week, including Andrew Watson, panjala Srinath, and Dimitri Blyumin. Andrew has been a member of the community since 2012 and we're excited to have him back. Panjala has been a member for just under a year and is already starting to make his mark. Finally, Dimitri has been a member since 2010, and we are very excited to have him back! He used to be one of the regulars in this community, welcome back Dimitri Hopefully, we'll continue to see all three of you around here!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in the thread
Last week, Simon Runc started an Educational Brain Teaser: Bold Single Label on a Header. This was a great case of showing different ways of doing conditional formatting. And the solutions! There was the idea of simply using a calculated field and placing it the color/size shelf in combination with using minimum of Number of Records suggested by Pooja Gandhi. To using a calculation that looks at the value of a negative and using the built in formatting provided by Rody Zakovich. Or using the rich text editor solution that Mark Jackson to name just a few. Another great example of how there can be several ways to approach a problem in Tableau.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Tomislav Mališ asked if there were a Maximum number of unique shapes in Tableau. This was a new one to me. Tomislav needed to add 955 images for each of his different records. It looked like no one else had run into this particular issue either.  Derrick Austin provided some background information on how they will be added to the twb. Ultimately, Tomislav used a thread created by Shawn Wallwork (QT: Dynamically Switch Images Using Filter ) to explain how he was able to solve the issue.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea(s) were the same as the week before - ISO8601 WeekDate rules applied in Tableau   [RELEASED | 2018.2] and Shawn's Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source. So, let's take a look at the third most voted idea of last week -  Control what displays in View Data. This was created by Darrin Schulte back in 2012, and received 9 up votes in the last 7 days. I run into this issue quite often, and have voted it up!



In Other News



Hope you all have a great rest of your week.


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Happy Analyzing!