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Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a great weekend, summer is definitely starting to wind down over here in Seattle. Looking forward to a nice fall. Here's what's been happening over the last week in the Tableau Community -




Next week is another rendition of Think Data Thursday. Check out TDT: I didn't know that was Tablossible - August 27, 2015 with Noah Salvaterra, Jeffrey Shaffer, and christopher.demartini. This will be a fun session where they show some of their jedi skills to build some Tableau vizzes that are not native tot Tableau.


Have you following the #WarofTUGs on Twitter? Shawn Wallwork ran this friendly competition among user groups by providing them with Strive data, and each group created a viz. Check them all out here and then vote for the one you like best by tweeting it's hashtag (i.e the title of the viz): Voting ends today!


Are you in healthcare? Did you know there was a virtual healthcare user group meeting? If you missed it, no worries! You can watch the recording here: Healthcare



Congratulations to Dana Withers who achieved the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge last week - 25 of her responses have been marked as correct! Dana has been an active member of the community since 2013, and has been the author of several Ideas and helped several people - thank you for all your contributions Dana!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Simon Runc started a discussion about Cross Tab Reporting vs Visual Analytics, and what a great discussion. Some heavy hitters to the community jumped in on it, and talked about the value of a crosstab and being able to see the data. Many people who often come from an Excel background are used to seeing crosstabs and thus try to bring that into Tableau. Simon, along with Rody Zakovich, Harley Ellenberger, Joe Oppelt, Pooja Gandhi and Bill Lyons all talk about how they explain to their clients and others when and why crosstabs aren't always the best solution.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This week, a popular viewed thread was one posted by Syed Arif Ullah Shah about how to load data from RESTful web services API | Tableau Support Community. With the release of 9.1 (coming soon!), this can be done much easier using the Web Data Connector.


Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea received 30 votes up-votes this week! The idea is to incorporate Traditional Chinese language support into the product posted by shogo miyama. Currently, Tableau supports simple Chinese.



In Other News



Have a great rest of your week every body! The next two weeks, this digest will be brought to you by Diego medrano, as I'll be out of the office.


Happy Analyzing!


And as always, feel free to send any suggestions, comments or submissions for this digest to