It's the last couple of days before the close of 2015 is upon us and we start with 2016. Where has this year gone?! Though last week slowed down with the holidays, there was still lots of activity. Let's take a quick look -




Last week, there were a couple of accomplishments. First, Norbert Maijoor achieved the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge - meaning 25+ of his responses have been marked as correct. Norbert has been climbing the ranks and has busily helped a lot of people get the answers they need to solve their Tableau questions.


Adam Crahen received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge - 10+ of his responses have been marked as correct by others. Adam joined the community back in April of 2014, but recently he's been super active on the forums. He also is fairly active on Tableau Public too. I personally love his Jeopardy viz: | Tableau Public



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Last week, Rajeev Pandey asked a question about Box Whisker Plot along with Time of a Day in Y axis. Shawn Wallwork patiently worked with Rajeev (even on Christmas day!) to understand just what Rajeev wanted, and was able to provide him with a solution. Additionally, he found that KK Molugu had a solution as well, and requested he post the workbook to help Rajeev. Rajeev was unable to provide a workbook, but by posting screenshots and lots of details, as well as being extremely responsive, he was able to get a couple of solutions.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Back in 2013, Alexandre DAVID asked a question about How to count distinct users on a running period. Several Zen Masters, past and present, jumped in on this thread and provided some rich detail talking about table calculations and densification. This is a fun one to look back over time. With 9.0, it seemed like the solution was at our fingertips using LOD expressions. However, the solution is still constrained by a couple of issues as Jonathan Drummey points out. So this is a case, though where there are a couple of workarounds, there is not yet an easy, straightforward solution.



Top Voted Idea

Shawn Wallwork's idea Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source created last month received 10 upvotes this past week, giving it a total of 44 votes. As Matt Lutton mentioned there is a workaround ( though, it is not the most elegant solution. I've definitely run into this as well - upvote from me as well, guess that makes 45



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