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Good morning, afternoon, and evening! Hopefully, everyone had a great weekend - let's take a quick look into some of the things that happened last week -




As you have probably noticed by now, the Tableau Community has a new look and feel. To see some of what has changed, check out: What's Changed in the Tableau Community


Last week, we also had a wonderful Think Data Thursday, hosted by allan.walker.0, Anya A'hearn, and Chris Toomey about Mapbox and all the cool things you can do with it. This is a must-watch session! If you missed it, you can find the link to the video, and the tutorials from presented by Anya here:Think Data Thursday: @Mapbox Powered #GeospatialLove




It's been awhile since someone has achieved the "Answer Wizard" badge - 100 of their responses were marked as correct. But last week, Daniel Vincent achieved it! Daniel has been a member of the community since 2013, and recently has become extremely active, helping people solve their questions. Daniel seems to be very good helping people come up with the calculations they need to get the outcome their expecting. Thank you Daniel for all of your help these past couple of years!



Most Talked About Thread

Last week's most talked about thread was started by Jens Bruckmann in Help with shapes Part 2 . The thread prompted a lot of discussion. Mark Fraser originally started working with Jens, providing him screenshots and sample workbooks showing the improvements made to get the look that Jens was going for. Rody Zakovich, then, jumped in with a helpful link from Jonathan Drummey with regards to conditional formatting. Pooja Gandhi jumped in with a new alternative to split the columns to avoid having to make up for null values, and using a lookup. Though this helped a lot, it is still constrained by the fact that the years are hardcoded, and will not update each year automatically - to which Pooja came up with the solution of using a parameter. Love these types of threads!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

One of the top viewed threads that also received quite a bit of activity the last couple of weeks was created by ali twaij - posting Implementing Nested Parameters. This thread led to the discussion about what a dynamic parameter means to different people. As it turned out, Ali was not necessarily demonstrating dynamic parameters, but rather nested parameters. This shows just how hot of a topic dynamic parameters really is - any mention of it will get attention!



Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea from last week was created by Sean Lazar in 2012 - Linux server version  [RELEASED | 10.5]. It received 19 up votes for a total of 241 votes. Additionally, several people have commented on the idea over the last year - so it's one definitely one to keep an eye on.



In Other News


I hope everyone has a great rest of their week. As always, feel free to send any comments, questions, or suggestions for this digest my direction at


Happy Analyzing!