What a crazy time of year - these next couple of weeks are full of excitement in the Tableau Community with the holidays and some upcoming changes. Take a look into what was happening last week, as well as learn more about what's coming up -




Quite a few announcements this week!


First off, you may have noticed that the Tableau Community now has the ability to auto-translate community threads! No matter what language you speak, or the other person has posted in, you can click the Translate Page to: __ and see it in your desired language.


translate to.jpg


Want to win a free t-shirt?

Respond to the following thread and you'll have the chance: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData


Secondly, in just a couple of weeks, there will be an overhaul to the Tableau Community. Check out Coming Soon: Community Upgrade and Revamp for more information, and continue to keep an eye on communityupgrade for more posts coming.


A new Think Data Thursday has been announced for next week - Think Data Thursday: @Mapbox Powered #GeospatialLove You won't want to miss allan.walker.0, Chris Toomey, and Anya A'hearn talk about they've created beautiful custom maps.




Keshia Rose who I just learned is now a Tableau Employee received her "Questions for Breakfast" badge last week. That means that at least 25 of her responses have been marked as correct. Keshia has been a member of the community since 2013 and has helped a lot of people. In fact, she's only ever started one discussion - the rest of her activity in the community has been in responding and helping people. Thanks for your work, Keshia!


Additionally, four people also achieved the "I Know Stuff!!" badge (10 responses marked as correct). Brian Calvanese joined the community last year and has been very active recently. Hopefully, we'll continue seeing you!


The other three all happen to be Tableau employees as well. John Kuo is well versed in Tableau Server, so you'll see him hanging out in the Server Administration space. Mary Solbrig is your go-to person if you have stats questions, particularly related to R Integration. Check out this post for a sense of her knowledge related to the topic ESRI Shapefile importer: R. Finally, Sein Chyi Woo has helped lots of people by providing them with the calculations needed to complete their views.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Krishna DW asked how to get an Item to fall in all satisfied Condition. Shawn Wallwork worked relentlessly to get the desired outcome for Krishna. He started with explaining how the original calculation posted by Krishna works, and ultimately ended up using table calculations (running_sum, and total) to solve the issue.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Tableau employee, Grace Xu, a Systems Infrastructure Project Analyst, asked How many sheets and hidden sheets are in your most used workbooks? It received a lot of responses that was great feedback for Grace to learn more about how people are using Tableau.

Top Voted Idea

Adjusting the variable screen, especially for Bex Query variables created by Thomas Lober last week has already received 17 upvotes. Though this is specific to SAP BW Bex, I could see this being applicable across different dialog boxes.



In Other News


That's it for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to our community members in the US!


As always, feel free to send any suggestions, comments, or submissions for this digest my direction at trodgers@tableau.com


Happy Analyzing!