It's a new week - which means it's that time again, when we take a quick look into what happened last week and move forward with the coming days.



You may have noticed that there is a new link on the front page of the community for the new Support Blog. This will serve as a way to get information around what's happening with the Tableau Support team. If you'd like to get emails whenever a new blog post is posted, don't forget to follow it:





Brittany Fong also did a guest blog post on the Tableau corporate blog about How to Make Tile Grid Maps in Tableau | Tableau Software. Definitely a fun and inspiring post for new viz ideas, if you haven't seen it, I recommend checking it out!




Two people have recently achieve the "I Know Stuff!!" badge - 10 of their answers have been marked as correct. Derrick Austin has been a member of the community for just over a year, but recently has started to be very active helping several people along the way. Shinichiro Murakami has been a part of the community for just 9 months and though he was previously a heavy Excel user, his shift to Tableau is helping others achieve their needs. Thank you both Derrick and Shinichiro for your help in the community and we hope to see more of you!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Saniya Waghray asked How to use pie chart as filter and retain original percents? Saniya was unable to post a packaged workbook because she had sensitive data, however, Shawn Wallwork pushed her to post a sample workbook, and with some additional clarification Simon Runc was able to solve the issue by suggesting using a highlight and action filters instead of using a quick filter.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Just over a year ago, leo dec posted selecting multiple values in parameter. Though this currently is not possible using a parameter, Jonathan Drummey and Steve Martin suggested a couple of ways around it using actions and sets. This thread then led Rajeev Pandey to post a follow up question with regards to performance: Performance Aspect: Simple Quick Filter or Set based Quick Filter - Which one is Better? Again, Steve helped provided some background and information for Rajeev to test himself.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea was Control what displays in View Data created by Darrin Schulte back in 2012. It received 11 votes this past week, for a total of 352 votes. This idea requests for the ability to hide certain columns, and/or change the order of the columns that are shows when viewing the underlying data. I've run into this several times - it got my vote!



In Other News



Another successful week in the Tableau Community! This was just a glimpse of what happened, there's always plenty of questions to answer or ask, and lots of people to connect with. Until next week, happy analyzing!!



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