Happy Monday! Hopefully, everyone had a great weekend after what seemed like a long week. Here's a peak into what was happening -



First off, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for the outage on Wednesday, and thank you for your patience if you were effected by it. We are working with our vendor to make sure that this won't happen again.


Last week, we had a wonderful Think Data Thursday about Web Connectors presented by Robert Rouse, Craig Bloodworth, and Tamas Foldi. It was a great session for all levels. Robert explained how and when to use a Web Data Connector, while Craig and Tamas, both went more in-depth into how to build one. I definitely recommend checking it out if you missed it: TDT:  What's a Web Data Connector? - November 5, 2015




This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - Tableau Zen Master, Joshua Milligan received the "Answer Wizard" badge (aka 100 correct answers). Joshua has been a critical part of the community for several years now - answering people's questions, sharing information on getting a specific view or using a quick trick. He also is very creative in how he has used Tableau to create games - check out his blog! http://vizpainter.com/



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Piotr Adamczyk asked his first question in the forums because he needed help with DATEDIFF with condition - tracking working time. He certainly got a quick response from Tableau Ambassador, Mark Fraser, who asked some clarifying questions to be able to give a simple solution. When Piotr asked for additional help, kettan stepped in with a SQL solution. This was friendly conversation between all three, and there was a lot of appreciation for the community going around



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

If you haven't seen this thread yet, I definitely recommend checking it out What do we want to learn from the Iron Viz finalists? There are responses from a bunch of Iron Viz contestants. Hear what it's like being on stage, where they started with Tableau, or ask your own question!



Top Voted Idea

This is a brand new idea - created just last Tuesday - by Timo Tautenhahn (a Tableau employee) - Search Box for SAP BW Queries and InfoProviders (Released in 10.1). It is a very simple idea, but would make the user experience using SAP BW and InfoProviders much easier. It already has 27 upvotes, and I have a feeling, it will continue to grow.



In Other News


This is just a glimpse into this week. Feel free to send any suggestions, comments, or submissions my way at trodgers@tableau.com


Until next week, happy analyzing!