Full steam ahead with November. Hopefully, everyone had a good and safe Halloween! Grab a coffee or your lunch, and let's take a look into what was happening in the Community last week-



Think Data Thursday is back this week! You won't want to miss this one - TDT:  What's a Web Data Connector? - November 5, 2015 with Robert Rouse, Craig Bloodworth, and Tamas Foldi will share some of the ins and outs of using the Web Data Connector.




We have two new "Question Slayers" to add to the ranks. Chris McClellan had 50+ of his responses marked as correct. Chris is one of our members from the southern hemisphere, and it always helping people - especially with your analytic questions.  Daniel Vincent also has helped answer more than 50 questions correctly. Also from the south (I'm talking Texas), Daniel does a great job of taking screenshots to help others find just what they're looking for to solve their questions.


We also had two people receive the "I Know Stuff!" badge - meaning at least 10 of their responses were marked as correct. The first was Robert Rouse, one of this year's Zen Masters. Robert is extremely knowledgeable and is a big proponent of the Tableau Community (check out his series of blog posts: https://www.interworks.com/blog/rrouse/2015/05/29/youve-got-questions-tableau-community-has-answers). The second recipient of this badge was Damien Lesage. Damien has been a member of the community for just under a year and is another example of how global our community is (he's located in Paris). Damien has helped several people, especially in the area of Tableau Server.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Stephen Hellyar and Derrick Austin had a pretty long thread going in Embed with API and set Dimensions with Percentages. Derrick continued to work with Stephen who seemed to be getting his viz embedded slowly but surely in the applications he wanted. Looks like there is still some trouble being had with the different browsers. Maybe Russell Christopher would be able to take a look and help out?



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Jane Crofts started What do we want to learn from the Iron Viz finalists? and what a response she got! Several contestants from both this year and previous years of Iron Viz joined in and participated, sharing their experiences with Tableau and with the event itself. It's always fun to see where people are in their Tableau journey and hear how people are using the product, especially when they are clearly very talented in sharing a Viz Story as Shine Pulikathara, Jeffrey Shaffer, Jonathan TRAJKOVIC, Ryan Sleeper, John Mathis, and Matthew Chambers obviously are.



Top Voted Idea

This week, Different Columns Width, created by Thierry Jakircevic back in 2012 received the most votes - 11 up votes for a total of 371. This would be a useful feature - and one that lots of new Tableau users are often trying to do.



In Other News



That's a just a brief glimpse into some of the awesomeness that was happening last week. Hopefully, we'll see you around this week.


As always, feel free to send any suggestions, comments, or submissions my way at tfitzgerald@tableau.com


Until next time, happy analyzing!